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Hand’s WOODS Service Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Hand’s WOODS Service Learning

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Hand’s WOODS Service Learning
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Hand’s WOODS Service Learning

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  1. Hand’s WOODS Service Learning Millersville University Nick Dower, Phelan Piehota, Gary Weiberg, Rachel Wengert

  2. Goal Primary focus of the Hand’s WOODS Foundation support both financially and educationally facilitating and initiating relationships with volunteers who teach through using some aspect of the woods assists teachers in incorporating the woodlot into their curriculum Most of the foundation will consist of students and other members of the local community (lawyers, teachers, administrators, etc.)

  3. Mission Statement The mission statement of the Hand’s WOODS Foundation is that from K-5 to college the project will offer the opportunity for students to learn about all components of environmental awareness and action.

  4. Board Structure Proposal Executive Director- Andrew Duncan Public Relations Liason- Larry Mays, Ana Pabon, and Diane Patton Safety and Security Liason - Officer Diaz and Mike Saladik Funding Director - SchirlynKamara Education Director - SchirlynKamara Labor Planning Director - Carl Martin, Chris Hardy and Mary Gattis-Schell Program Coordinator - Paid position with assistance from Mary Gattis-Schell Secretary

  5. Background Edward Hand Middle School Opened in 1925- East Junior High School 1995-renamed Edward Hand Middle School (6, 7, 8) General Edward Hand (1744-1802) -Born in Ireland- originally studied medicine -18th Royal Irish Regiment -1767-Moved to America -Settled in Lancaster practicing medicine -Personal physician to George Washington (Revolutionary war) -A figurehead locally and nationally with political and civil affairs George Washington Elementary • Built in 1932 • ~625 students- grades K-5 • Diverse backgrounds • Full-day kindergarten • Use of Boys and Girls education model which teaches social skills • After school programs - L.I.F.E. (Learning Is For Everyone)

  6. Woodlot History Conestoga Indian Tribe Inhabited the land before white settlement in Lancaster (1718) Killed on December 27, 1763 right in the center of Lancaster City Current Woodlot Trolley tracks leading to vacation area in Sunny Side Has had numerous property owners False myth- Barney Google Town Shantytown Glue factories (1884) Phosphate works

  7. 1864

  8. 1875

  9. Utilizing the WOODS • Increase/reinforce Biological concepts by seeing actual processes in action • Enhances the classroom environment by involving the students • Increase the students’ feelings of involvement in their surrounding community, as well as school pride • A place they can call their own • Increase awareness of their environmental footprints at an early age

  10. Education Introduction material for outdoor integrative activities Sustainability and Gardening -Experiments with plants renewable/non-renewable energy 1. “Children Gardening: First Steps Toward a Sustainable Future” 2. “Long Term Plant Biodiversity Study” 3. “Primary Osmosis: Plants, Growth, and Needing Some Inspiration”

  11. Education… Earth, Soil, and Habitats Lab Experiments: Earth Grade 1 science packet: Describe the features of the earth’s surface, describe basic rocks and soil, and discuss the characteristics and uses of air. Grade 2: Appreciate the intricacy of the environment and recognize interactions in the environment. Grade 3: Describe the structure of the Earth and describe some characteristics of the crust. Grade 4: Provide evidence of the Earth’s history, describe how fossils are formed, and recognize how inferences are made.

  12. Education… Plant Dynamics Experiments with Plants: Packet 1- Grade 1: Science Plants Packet 2- Grade 2: Science Plants Packet 3- Grade 5: Science Plant Structure and Function Packet 4- Middle School Science Fair Projects, by Anne Marie Helmenstine Ph. D. Packet 5- Writing Prompt Experiment with Plants

  13. Education… Watershed Activities 1. “My Watershed” - An early elementary curriculum exploring local hydrology. 2. “Shedding Light on Watersheds” - More advanced content is covered, including basic terms and experiments. 3. “What is a Watershed?”- A simple runoff demonstration in a watershed.

  14. Education… Physical Education “Alternative Environment Activities” (packet) “Evaluation of a Ropes Course Experience for At-Risk Secondary School Students” By: Laura Conley, Paul Calderella, and Ellie Young

  15. N S

  16. Plant Maintenance • Ivy and Clamatis ground cover needs to be removed • Open canopy in this area provides good sunlight for newly planted species • Possible area to engage in forest restoration and plant native species • Possible area for experiments in planting and/or farming • Woodlot is full of the potentially invasive species: Amur Honeysuckle (Lonicera Maackii) • This species should be removed and replaced with: Northern Spicebush (Linderabenzoin). • Spicebush is a non-invasive species and will attract birds to the woodlot

  17. Security Lot aspects: surrounding community, geological formations, diverse plant life Records obtained of significant events in surrounding area Security measures should be implemented based on greatest security risk Police ‘recent incident reports’-9/9/07 to 10/22/07 Surrounding area of Hand Middle School- 200 Block of every street towards the school grounds

  18. Security… • Prominent Features • Constant presence of school and/or law enforcement personnel • -365 days a year • -summer/winter camps through the school • -scout/outdoor organizations • -random patrols by community members, police officers, or teachers • Development and maintenance of established paths • Establishing entrances and exits to the wooded lot • -natural obstacles (boulders, logs, etc.) • -allow pedestrian movement but deny the entrance of all-terrain vehicles

  19. Financial Support Melinda Gray Ardia Environmental Foundation – Grants available up to $1500 for environmental education In contact with Dan Ardia (President) who is interested in the Hands’ WOODS project and would like us to submit an application asap. Stauffers of Kissel Hill – give VERY small monetary donations, may be able to get native plant species donated (Contacted through email, have not received a response) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Grants available Applications must be submitted by 12/20 SeaWorld/Busch Gardens/Fujifilm Environmental Excellence Awards – awards $10,000 to k-12 or non-profit group for helping the environment. (Deadline has passed for 2008, will have to wait for 2009). http://www.seaworld.org/conservation-matters/eea/about.htm PA Department of environmental education – Provides grants for projects like Hands WOODS http://www.depweb.state.pa.us/enved/cwp/view.asp?a=3&q=473483

  20. Works Cited Edward Hand Middle School www.lancaster.k12.pa.us/middle_school/hand/index.htm. George Washington Elementary School www.lancaster.k12.pa.us/elementary/washington/index.htm. Lancaster School District www.lancaster.k12.pa.us/index.htm. Lancaster Police Department (717) 664-1180

  21. "Let every individual and institution now think and act as a responsible trustee of Earth, seeking choices in ecology, economics and ethics that will provide a sustainable future"-- John McConnell, founder of International Earth Day