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Sweden: a new management of protected areas, where Sami traditional knowledge is of high significance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sweden: a new management of protected areas, where Sami traditional knowledge is of high significance.

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Sweden: a new management ofprotected

areas, whereSami traditionalknowledge is ofhighsignificance

The committeeconsideredthat the site is of outstanding universal value as it contains examples ofongoinggeological, biological and ecological processes, a greatvarietyofnaturalphenomenaofexceptionalbeauty and significantbiologicaldiversityincluding a population ofbrownbear and alpine flora. It wasnotedthat the site meets all conditionsofintegrity. The site has beenoccupiedcontinuouslyby the Sami peoplesinceprehistorictimes, is oneof the last an unquestionablylargest and best preserved examples of an area oftranshumance, involving summer grazing by largereindeerherds, a practicethatwaswidespread at onetime and which dates back to an earlystage in human economic and social development.

Wilderness is a naturalenvironment on Earth that has not beensignificantlymodify by human activity. The mostintact, undisturbedwildnatural areas left on our planet – those last trulywildplacesthat humans do no controll and have not developedwith roads, pipelines ourindustrialinfrastructure. Wikpedia.

Criterion iii, (…) The site is extraordinarilyrich in bothtangible and intangibleheritage, demostrating the long-term sustainable land-useofth Same people

  • Three categoriesofcultural landscape:

  • - a landscape designed and createdintentionally by man.

  • - an organicevolved landscape whichmay be a´’relict or (fossil) landscape’ or a ’continuing landscape’

  • - an ’associative cultural landscape whichmay be valuedbecauseof the religious, artistic or cultural associations of the natural element.

    • Wikpedia.

So without Sami culture – no worldheritage

The Sami culture = Laponia worldheritage

Different themes:

- The management plan shouldhave a communvaluebase

- Information/communication/ education

- A new management plan – a new wayofthinking (human – use- nature and culture)

- Preparings for a new management organization

- An temporaireorganization

Reindeerherding andsamiculture

The naturesvalue


Holistic view

Laponiais an entirety in which the important relationship between human beings and the environment is emphasised. This entirety is an indefeasible heritage that should be passed on to coming generations. The Sami culture lives on and reindeer herding is active in the area while new Sami livelihoods are developed in harmony with the environmental and cultural values that make up the foundation for the World Heritage appointment.

The cultural landscape, national parks and nature reserves are preserved and cared for in such a way that their natural value remains, that they continue to be a positive example within cultural heritage care as well as an asset for the development of the attached municipalities. Our visitors’ experiences are enhanced through relevant information and other ventures.

5 concepts for the management

- sustainable

- wholeness

- localparticipatory – openess

- common work

- consensus

New waysofworking:

- searvelatnja

- consensus

- rádedibme

- elder’sknowledge

Management of the worldheritage

The World Heritage Laponia is administered in such a way that its natural value is secured for future generations. The World Heritage is an asset for development. The World Heritage Administration is made up of a number of parties, all involved in the care and development of the area. The parties all enjoy a mutual respect of each others’ different conditions and the administrative work is a dynamic learning process (searvelatjna) which is constantly developed but where the value-system remains a strong foundation. Laponia tjuottjudus is a role model for the administration of cultural heritage sites.


- traditionalknowledgeshould be incorporated

- local management – stateincluded - consensus

- new methodsto do the work