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AS Media Evaluation Question 7

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AS Media Evaluation Question 7 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AS Media Evaluation Question 7
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  1. AS Media Evaluation Question 7 How did you represent particular social groups?

  2. Age & Social Class The model I have used for my front cover is only 19 years old and falls under my target audience which is 16-25. She is a good example of someone who would read this magazine as you can tell my the clothing she is wearing. She is dressed casually in jeans and by her facial expression you are able to tell she has a typical ‘teenage’ look.

  3. Gender My magazine is targeted at both men and women. I have made sure when creating my front cover, contents page and double page spread that the colours I used were not biased towards a specific gender. Although my chosen genre can be slightly more biased towards males as Dj'ing is a hobby/career normally taken up by men. I wanted to aim my magazine at both genders because the magazines that are being sold that are of a dance/electronic genre, look as if they are trying to aim at males.

  4. Scenery and Photography& Stereotyping The scenery for my photographs is a urban man made background and looks very ‘rough’ and ‘run down’. This is the kind of area I would expect the audience of my magazine to come from if in the D & E category. When stereotyping teenagers/young adults we think ‘drink, parties, drugs, and trouble’ and looking at my magazine there is a lot of party related detail such as pictures of DJs and cover lines telling the reader about the latest events, shows etc. My magazine relates highly to a sterotype of a young adult.

  5. Language The language I have used in my magazine is very basic English. As my target audience is 16-25 year olds it wouldn’t be ideal for me to use words more intellectual and from an older adults vocabulary. Most 16-25 year olds are very ‘laid back’ young adults so this is the kind of language I aimed for and kept it simple.