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International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme

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International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme. 2011 - 2012. Welcome!. IEEP Induction Day 2011. Induction: Aim. Understand ethos, rationale & underpinning Appreciate your personal development needs Understand your role in the ieep journey. Your Delivery Team. HE & FE Membership

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International Entrepreneurship Educators Programme

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IEEP Induction Day 2011

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

induction aim
Induction: Aim

Understand ethos, rationale & underpinning

Appreciate your personal development needs

Understand your role in the ieep journey

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

your delivery team
Your Delivery Team

HE & FE Membership

Best Practice Series


Research Fund

NCGE’s vision

Vision: is an educational environment made up of institutions that are entrepreneurial in nature, creating a level playing field for students, academic and teaching staff, graduates and business to maximise their capacity to contribute to economic and social change

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'


NCGE outcomes framework

9 Masteries

Learning by doing: ‘experiment’

learning process
Learning process
  • Modules
  • Pledges
  • Tasks
  • Peer support & Mentoring
  • Sponsors
  • Hosts
  • Guests: Fellows / Experts / Network
  • Online

learning outcomes framework
Learning Outcomes Framework

A. Key entrepreneurial behaviours, skills and attitudes have been developed.

B. Student’s clearly empathises with, understand and ‘feel’ the life-world of the entrepreneur

C. Key entrepreneurial values have been inculcated

D. Motivation towards a career in entrepreneurship has been built and students clearly understand the comparative benefits

E. The students understand the process (stages) of going into business, the associated tasks and learning needs

F. Students have the key generic competencies associated with entrepreneurship

G. Students have a grasp of key business how to’s associated with the start up process

H. Students understand the nature of the relationships they need to develop with key stakeholders and are familiarised with them


The Nine Masteries of Entrepreneurship Educators

Mastery of Pedagogy: ability to select from a wide range of pedagogies to meet key entrepreneurship outcomes.

Mastery of Philosophy: ability to articulate the relevance of entrepreneurship education to meeting broader educational goals.

Mastery of Strategy: ability to pursue appropriate strategies for embedding entrepreneurship education in the institution.

Mastery of Operations: ability to apply strategy within the organization to move the Entrepreneurship Education agenda forward .

Mastery of Networks: ability to harness the potential of all related stakeholder networks.

Mastery of Process: ability to organise knowledge appropriately around problems and opportunities.

Mastery of the State of the Game: awareness of key national and international developments.

Mastery of Resource Acquisition: ability to identify and engage sources of support for programme development.

Mastery of Personal Entrepreneurship: ability to demonstrate personal entrepreneurial behaviour and be a role model.

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

a scholarly approach to enterprise education
A scholarly approach to enterprise education?
  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) , the work of Boyer and the international community
  • Some definitions of SoTL
  • What does this mean for enterprise education and your participation in IEEP?
  • A ‘fit’ with our underpinning and framework
  • Opportunities presented by SoTL in the enterprise education context
some definitions of sotl from illinois state university
Some definitions of SoTL(from Illinois State University)

Systematic reflection on teaching and learning made public

Problem posing about an issue of teaching or learning, study of the problem through methods appropriate to the disciplinary epistemologies, applications of results to practice, communication of results, self-reflection and peer review

Ongoing learning about teaching and the demonstration of such knowledge

sotl continued
SoTL continued....

....builds on many past traditions....

....engagement with the existing knowledge on teaching and learning, self-reflection on teaching and learning in one’s discipline, and public sharing of ideas about teaching and learning within the discipline

scholarship and ieep
Scholarship and IEEP

‘good’ teaching and learning

‘scholarly’ teaching and learning

‘scholarship of teaching and learning’


  • Systematic study
  • Public sharing and critical review
  • Disciplinary and interdisciplinary
  • Can be built upon by others
  • Involves application and use

Systematic study contextualised

Sharing and review

    • Publication
    • Conference presentation
  • Sharing across the disciplines/roles
    • Collaboration
    • Potential for project funding
  • Reward and recognition
  • Investigation, innovation, implementation
ieep delivery rationale
IEEP Delivery Rationale

Blended Learning Strategy

  • 6 Modules:
    • ‘On-Campus’ days: activities (upload)
    • Residential days: learning by doing
  • Personal Learning:
    • Pledge
    • Portfolio
  • Support: Mentor; Buddy; Network

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

ieep delivery rationale1
IEEP Delivery Rationale

Blended Learning Strategy

  • 6 Modules:
    • ‘On-Campus’ days: activities (upload)
    • Residential days: learning by doing
  • Personal Learning:
    • Pledge
    • Portfolio
  • Support: Mentor; Fellow; Network

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

ieep delivery review

IEEP DeliveryReview

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

module sessions your decision
Module Sessions: Your Decision
  • File it
    • “I knew that”/ Doing it: compare and contrast
    • “Interesting...” : Might need it later
  • Action it
  • Need to know more: Action
    • read (policy; papers) or discuss
  • Need to do more: Action
    • Pledge - activity or task

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

moodle social constructionism
Moodle: Social Constructionism

All of us are potential teachers as well as learners - in a true collaborative environment we are both.

We learn particularly well from the act of creating or expressing something for others to see (learning by doing)

We learn a lot by just observing the activity of our peers

By understanding the contexts of others, we can teach in a more transformational way (constructivism)

= A learning environment needs to be flexible and adaptable, so that it can quickly respond to the needs of the participants within it.

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

  • Review Teams
    • Introductions

SHARE: Why ieep? Challenges? Benefits? Impact?

student s worst mistakes
Student’s Worst Mistakes!
  • They never...
  • They always...

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

learning contract

Learning Contract

Confirm ours today!


IEEP team

  • Quality
  • Expertise
  • Access
  • Support


  • Engagement
  • Opportunities
  • Commitment
  • Attitude

The Entrepreneurial Concept

We can cope with, enjoy and be unafraid to create, uncertainty and complexity in our future lives in earning a living, and as consumers, family members and members of the community. We know how to design and develop entrepreneurial organisations


Educating in line with the Policy Agenda?

Working in large organisations with personal capacity to redesign the organisation and personally respond in



Personal Capacity to behave Entrepreneurially in:

Starting and developing your own organisation or self employment

lifestyle on graduation

A Globalised Life World of Greater Uncertainty and Complexity

Coping with, enjoying and creating entrepreneurial events and structures in the context of:

Working flexibly in small organisations with capacity to grow

Enjoying a personal., family and social lifestyle

Setting up own business/ organisation


Coping with a flexible labour market

9 masteries of entrepreneurship educators
9 Masteries of Entrepreneurship Educators

Mastery of PedagogyMastery of PhilosophyMastery of StrategyMastery of OperationsMastery of NetworksMastery of ProcessMastery of the State of the GameMastery of Resource AcquisitionMastery of Personal Entrepreneurship

first review self evaluation
First Review: Self Evaluation

  • 24, 000 Submission
    • Listen / Learn / Engage / Act / Explore
    • Learning by Doing
  • IEEP learning journey: reflection
  • Audit – evaluation – development
  • 6 Pledges
  • Reflective piece
ieep on line
ieep on-line

Why go ieep on-line?

Your library

Your document store

Your guide

Your resource

Your support


Dates: w/c 23rd(Mon & Wed am)

Terminology: is it important?

Philosophy: Prof Paul Hannon

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'


40 teaching methods

Techniques and Approaches

Test out style and approach

AND Test yourself: feelings & emotions

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

pedagogical guides induction
Pedagogical Guides: Induction

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

pedagogical guides induction1
Pedagogical Guides: Induction

Personal review


Small Group Working

Ice Breakers


'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

pedagogical guides 1
Pedagogical Guides: 1

2: Use of Small Group Work

4: Use of External Speakers/Presenters

6: Use of Debate

10: Use of Elevator Pitch

11: Use of Revolving Tables

13: Use of Panels

16: Use of Empathy in Communication Exercises (with entrepreneurs)

40: Use of Sales Pitch

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'


30 Second Challenge:


pre module 1
‘pre’ Module 1

Ieep on-line

  • Articles:
    • Meaning
    • Understanding
    • Impact
  • Activities:
what is it
What is it?




'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'

Residential ?

Module 2

The Entrepreneurial Mindset – University of Hertfordshire

September 2011: Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st

'Developing Leadership in Entrepreneurship Education'