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Career Studies

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Career Studies
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  1. Career Studies Work Experience Orientation 2010-2011

  2. Booth College Rules • Stairways are for emergencies only. In case of an emergency, please exit the building by the stairways. DO NOT use the elevators in an emergency. • The heat and smoke alarm systems are very sensitive there is no smoking anywhere in the building. There is no smoking in front of the building either. If you are of age and want to have a smoke you MUST have a chaperone present with you outside of the building. • Make sure blow dryers/curling irons are unplugged before you leave your room, and do not burn any substance (candles, incense) in the building. • WCBC is a drug and alcohol-free building. There is also no drug paraphernalia or pornographic material allowed.

  3. Booth College Rules • Please refrain from disorderly, immoral conduct, foul language, or any actions endangering personal safety or WCBC property. • When you are finished eating a meal or snack in the dining room, please take your tray and dishes to the cart to scrape and sort. • Before you leave, please put you linens (except blankets and bedspreads) in your pillowcase and place them outside your room door. Please empty your bedroom garbage can, and leave your room neat and tidy. • The basement is common area from all students when there is down time.

  4. You must be in your own room by 10:30 PM each night, and lights must be out by 11:00 PM. There is no wandering the halls and no noise after 11:00 PM. Noise should be kept to a minimum at all other times (no loud music, yelling, etc.) • There are no visitors allowed at William and Catherine Booth College. • Gymnasium requires non marking soled shoes. Property should remain in gymnasium and MAY NOT BE REMOVED.

  5. Meals at Booth College • Meal times are as follows: Breakfast 6:45 – 8:15 AM Supper 4:45 – 5:45 PM • Remember to take your bag lunch from the cafeteria each morning. Remember to bring your lunch bag back to the cafeteria staff at the end of the work day. • All students must wear footwear while in cafeteria. • Remember that there are other students at WCBC. Keep the noise level to a minimum. Please conduct yourself in a mature and responsible manner.

  6. Work Expectations • You must be on time • 5 consecutive days for the full hours • If you leave your work site and fail to notify the coordinator and obtain permission you will automatically fail. • If the employer allows you to leave the work site early, you must contact the work education staff or accompanying teacher @ 941-3742. You may not suggest leaving early. Only the employer can suggest that you leave early.

  7. You are required to wear the proper clothing that fits the work site. Do not wear a dress and high heels to a day-care. You may not wear caps or toques to work. NO GANG CLOTHES ALLOWED. The program will supply safety boots, coveralls, gloves, hard hats, etc. to students who require them at the Sunday night orientation. If you do not wear required safety equipment you will not be covered by Workers Compensation. • Please be courteous and polite to your employer, fellow employees and customers at all times. You must remember the employer is the boss. You are required to listen to his/her instructions and to accept feedback in a proper, polite manner. • Transportation is limited to Frontier approved vehicles. You may not accept rides from friends, family, or coworkers.

  8. Do not take anything from the work site. • Do not use power tools or equipment. • If you are unsure of a task or duty, or have completed the tasks you were assigned, ask you supervisor what you should do. Please remember that work experience is a learning experience - you are not expected to be an expert. If you encounter difficulties with the work assigned to you, ask for help from the employer or other staff. • Do not use the phone for personal calls. Do not have friends or relatives visit or call you at the work site. Cell phones are not permitted at the work site, but you may use them in the evenings.

  9. Do not chew gum at the work site. NO HICKEYS. • There will be no hair dying, tattoo's or body piercing during the week. • All evening activities are compulsory. All students must attend. • Students must complete the work experience journal and turn it in to their teacher. Students will not be assigned a grade until it is turned in. If it is not turned in by the end of the team, the student will fail the work experience session. • Failure to comply with any of the above shall lead to dismissal from the workplace and loss of credit. • If bringing cell phones they must be turned off during working hours. • If you have any questions regarding this work experience please call 775-9741 and ask for Tyson Mac Gillivray or Vern Anderson.

  10. Tips for Success • Go to bed early! You may not be used to going to bed early, but you will need your rest in order to prevent getting sick, and to do your best at work. • Get up early! Make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready, have breakfast, and travel to work. • Always plan to be at work 10 minutes before you are scheduled to start. • Make sure you are eating three meals a day. This will help you to stay healthy and give you enough energy to make it through the day. • Formally introduce yourself and shake hands with the appropriate people upon arrival.

  11. Show personal pride in your school and community by doing everything you’re asked to the best of your ability. • Always be willing to learn. Ask questions whenever possible. • Show initiative. If you have completed the tasks assigned to you, find your supervisor and ask for more to do. • Be polite and courteous to your employer, fellow employees and customers. A smile goes a long way. • Upon leaving, thank the people you were working with for their assistance and co-operation. • REMEMBER... • You are being assessed as a person in the world of work and you will need a job someday! You can call on these employers for letters of reference.

  12. Work Experience Application • Name: ___________________________________________ Male ____ Female ____ • Address: _________________________________________________________________ • School: _____________________________________ Grade: ____________________ • What are your favorite subjects in school? • _________________________________________________________________________ • What do you like to do outside of school? • _________________________________________________________________________ • What types of jobs are you interested in? (ex – secretary, veterinarian, electrician, teacher, mechanic) • First choice: __________________________ • Second choice: ________________________ • Third choice: __________________________ • What interests you about these areas? • __________________________________________________________________________ • __________________________________________________________________________ • __________________________________________________________________________ • What are your short-term employment goals? • __________________________________________________________________________ • What are your long-term employment goals? • __________________________________________________________________________ • Measurements for work clothes: Height _______ Weight _______ Shoe size _______

  13. Student Profile • The purpose of this form is to help the Work Education staff effectively place the students at work sites. It is imperative that the person filling out this form provides very open and honest comments about each student. • Candidate: • Last Name: _____________________________ First Name: ____________________ • School: ________________________________ Student Number: _________________ • Attendance: __________/__________ Days Possible Lates: ___________________ • Please rate and comment on each of the following: • Attitude 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent • Involvement in Extra-curricular activities 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent • Motivation 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent • Employability 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent • Other comments or suggestions that may help the student in the workplace ex – may need prompting, has special talents, needs to work on…

  14. Parental Consent Form • I hereby give permission for my child, ___________________________________ to participate in the school sponsored Work Experience Trip to __________________. • I understand that my child will leave on _______________ and will return on ______________. (Date) (Date) • Student Information • Treaty Number (If applicable) Date of Birth M ____ D ____ Y ____ • Name of Family Doctor ____________________ Dr.’s Phone Number ________________ • Manitoba Medical Number (9 digit personal)_________ (6 digit family) • Blue Cross or other Health Insurance Number • Medical History • Does your child have any special condition we should be aware of? • Is the student taking any medication with them on the trip? Who should administer it? Yes or No • In case of a minor illness, may our program staff administer non-prescription medication? Yes or No • (Tylenol, Advil, Pepto-Bismol, Nyquil/Dayquil, Gravol and generic versions of these)? • I give permission for the Work Education Program at Frontier School Division to use my student’s picture taken during their Work Experience Session for promotion of the Work Education program in brochures, displays, or Frontier School Division website. Yes or No • Name of parent/guardian ____________________________________________ (Please Print) • Phone number _______________________ Emergency Phone ________________________ • Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________________ Date ______________

  15. Parental Permission To Stay In Winnipeg After Work Experience • _______________________________ has indicated that he/she wishes to stay in the city after completing the work experience session. Please provide us with the following information and sign at the bottom of the page, giving your permission. • PLEASE NOTE: THE PERSON WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE STUDENT AFTER THE WORK EXPERIENCE SESSION MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OVER. THE WORK EDUCATION PROGRAM DOES NOT ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE STUDENT AFTER HE/SHE HAS BEEN PICKED UP BY OR DELIVERED TO THE PERSON THEY ARE STAYING WITH. STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO STAY IN THE CITY IF THIS FORM IS NOT COMPLETED AND TURNED IN TO THE WORK EDUCATION COORDINATOR BY THE SUNDAY OF THE GROUP’S ARRIVAL. • _______________________________ (student) will be staying with: • Name: __________________________________________ • Relation to student: ______________________ Over 18: __________ (Yes/No) • Address: ________________________________________ Phone: ______________________ _____________________________________________ Date: ________________________ • (Parent/Guardian’s signature) • Parent/Guardian’s Phone Number: _______________________

  16. Employer Evaluation • Student: ____________________________ Work Site: _____________________________ • Date: ______________________ Rated By: _____________________________________ • Please rate the student on the following scale: 5 – Excellent 4 – Very Good 3 – Satisfactory 2 – Below Expectations 1 – Unsatisfactory NE – Not Evaluated • 1. Follows directions 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 2. Asks questions 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 3. Works well with others 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 4. Completes tasks 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 5. Quality of work performed 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 6. Quantity of work performed 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 7. Learns new skills/information 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 8. Performs tasks/handles equipment safely 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 9. Attendance 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 10. Punctuality 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 11. Initiative 5 4 3 2 1 NE • 12. Dependability 5 4 3 2 1 NE • Has this report been discussed with the student? Yes ______ No ______ • Number of days late: ______ Reason: __________________________________________ • Number of days absent: ______ Reason: ________________________________________ • Comments: • _____________________________________________________________________________ • _____________________________________________________________________________

  17. Chaperone Evaluation • Student: _____________________________________________ • To be filled out by chaperone: • Punctuality 5 4 3 2 1 • Willingness to participate 5 4 3 2 1 • Respect for people 5 4 3 2 1 • Respect for property/rules 5 4 3 2 1 • Comments: • ____________________________________________________________ • ____________________________________________________________ • ____________________________________________________________ • Chaperone Total: /20 • Employer Total: /60 • Total /80 = /40

  18. Emergency Illness Procedures • If it is an extreme emergency, i.e. heavy bleeding, breathing problems, extreme pain, or loss of consciousness, CALL 911 and ask for an ambulance • Call Work Education Coordinator on the cell phone 941-3742. Coordinator will phone the employer, principal and parent/guardian. • If illness/accident is not a life-threatening emergency, take student to the emergency room at the Misericordia Urgent Care Centre. (99 Cornish, Phone 788-8188). One staff (same sex) person will accompany the student. • If illness/accident is life threatening, student should be taken to Health Sciences Emergency (820 Sherbrook, Phone 787-3167). • Coordinator will contact all supervisors and will inform with updates. • If the situation is serious: Coordinator will phone principal, letting him/her know about situation. Principal will contact parents if necessary. • When the exact medical problem is known, coordinator will call the parents and update.

  19. Missing Student Procedures • Call Coordinator on cell phone to report missing student. • The acting supervisor asks other students for information, looks for the student using any available resources (paging system, security guards, etc.). • Coordinator will call the home placement (if necessary) to notify them of the situation. • Coordinator will call work site to let them know student will be late/absent (if in the morning). • Call Coordinator on the cell phone to advise that the student has been located. • Coordinator will assess the situation. If the student intentionally separated him/herself from the group, the student will be sent home by the Coordinator.

  20. Coordinator will call Principal and parents to advise of situation, and to advise of bus arrival and departure times. • Two work education staff members will accompany the student to the home placement to collect student’s belongings, and will escort them to the bus station and monitor student until the bus leaves. • If the student is not found: • Call Coordinator to let him/her know (within 1-2 hours). Coordinator advises principal and parents. • Coordinator will call police to report student missing. Principal will call parent when student has been missing for three hours. At the discretion of the Work Education Coordinator, Principal may contact parents.

  21. Vehicle Accidents If there is an accident while transporting students: • Call ambulance if necessary. • Phone the Coordinator. • Call Fleet Vehicles Service or tow truck. • Transport students with any other available Frontier vehicle. • Coordinator contacts Principal. Principal contacts parents/guardians. • Supervisors involved are to make an accident report in their own handwriting. This report will be filed in the incident file.

  22. Procedures for Assaults • Supervisor assesses the situation. • If assault is still ongoing, local law enforcement is to be called immediately. • If student is injured during assault, student is to be taken to the appropriate health facility depending on injuries. • Phone the Coordinator. • Principal is contacted by Coordinator. Principal contact parent. • Student will be given the opportunity to press charges by making contact with local law enforcements. • Students involved will be sent home with a supervisor. • School will impose discipline. • Supervisors involved are to make a report in their own handwriting. This report will be filed in the incident file.

  23. Alcohol, Drugs and Theft Policy If a student is found in possession of alcohol, drugs or drug paraphernalia: • Coordinator calls principal. Principal will contact parents. Police will be contacted by Coordinator if drugs are found. • There will be always have 2 staff members in the presence of the student. Documentation of incident will be handwriting by each staff member involved, place in sealed envelope to go into the incident file. • Student’s belongings will be collected in the presence of two staff members. • Staff members remove the student from the work site or home placement and accompany student on the bus home to his/her community.

  24. If student is under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs • Coordinator calls principal. Principal will contact parents. • Coordinator will send student home. • Student’s belongings will be collected in the presence of two staff members. Staff members remove the student from the work site or home placement and accompany student on the bus to his/her home community.

  25. If Student is Found Stealing • Employer/houseparent will contact Work Education Coordinator to advise of situation. • Employers have the right to press charges and will contact police at their discretion. • Coordinator and employer/houseparent will discuss situation with student, with one other staff member in attendance. • If student is guilty of stealing, the student will be sent home by Coordinator after student’s belongings have been collected from the houseparent. Document in writing by each staff member involved, place in sealed envelope, to go into the incident file.

  26. Transportation Policy Transportation in work experience location: • All vehicles need to be approved by Frontier School Division as vehicles reserved for the purpose of any program within the Career Studies Department. • Students must not be transported in any other vehicle while they are on work experience, with the exception of ambulances, police cars, or parent vehicles driven by the student’s parent or guardian.

  27. Supervision Policy • Teacher/Chaperone involvement: • All teachers and supervisors are required to supervise students as directed by the Work Education Coordinator. All teachers are required to bring the following information: • Student Medical and Treaty numbers • Parent/Guardian telephone numbers • Principal’s home telephone number

  28. Chaperone Expectations • All schools that participate in the Career Studies program are expected to have school personnel accompany and assist with the supervision of the program. The chaperone will be provided with a vehicle to transport students during the week. Chaperones must have a valid Driver’s License. • Chaperones should review the expectations for chaperones and students prior to the Work Experience Session. Chaperones are responsible for ensuring that accommodation rules are respected. In the event of a serious incident involving a student, the chaperone may be called on to assist in discipline, contacting the family and /or school, and transporting the students back to the home community. • Chaperones should not consume alcohol or use drugs illegally during the Work Experience Session. When supervising students overnight, chaperones are not to leave the accommodations at any time.

  29. Evening Activities • Evening activities are arranged for each Career Studies group that attends a work experience session in Winnipeg. A similar schedule of evening events is prepared for Thompson sessions. This section contains a sample activity schedule and descriptions of some of the evening activities. • Students will have input on what they prefer to do during the evening hours Monday through Thursday. Typical activities include shopping at a local mall, going to a movie, roller skating, glow bowling, Sargent Park Recreation Centre, and Pan Am Pool. Some groups have requested specific events such as University or professional sports games. • We welcome all suggestions, but please keep in mind the costs involved and the 10:00 p.m. curfew. • The Work Education Program covers all admission costs associated with the evening activities. • All students are required to participate in the scheduled activity each night.

  30. Evening Activities Descriptions • Academy Lanes 5 pin glow or regular bowling. • Cinema City 8 Over 9 theatres, various movies to choose from. • Manitoba Moose Hockey, • Pan Am Pool Swimming pool, diving boards, viewing area, weight machine area, track, private lockers. • Polo Park Mall Two-level shopping complex, clothing, sporting goods, drug store, Zellers, Sears. • St. Vital Shopping Centre Single level shopping complex – clothing, sporting goods, drugstore, Walmart, The Bay. • Sargent Park Recreation Complex Swimming pool, diving boards, viewing area, weight machine area, track, private lockers. • University of Manitoba/ Winnipeg sports Volleyball & basketball.