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Robot vs Aliens the predators

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Robot vs Aliens the predators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Robot vs Aliens the predators. By:Brian Yi .

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Not far beyond the planet Earth there was a planet called Sylon. Sylon was a hot planet much like Mars, filled with Cybords. Their leader was Ironhide, whose army of Cybords were called Protoss. The Cybord soldiers were Klingnon, Jazz, Artek, Ripjaw, Segatron ,and Landcrusher.

There was also a planet 40 miles from Sylon. It was called Halo. Halo was a desert land where much killing happened. If a human or a spaceship landed they would blow it up with a nuclear bomb. The leader of the Halo army was called Contrakter. The names of his soldiers were Aliens 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,and 6. The aliens wanted to take over Sylon.


The war started when the Golden Book was created in Halo base. The Aliens created the Golden Book to destroy the planet Sylon where the robots came from. The Aliens were fighting for the book and landed on earth to find it. So the alien leader, Contrakter, sent his army to get the book.

“How are we going to get the book?” shouted Klingnon to Ironhead.

“We go first to get the Golden Book and then we destroy the book. Contractor will die and so we will get the victory!” said Ironhead angrily.

“This is going to be fun,” yelled Artek excitedly.

“Protoss, let’s roll out!” commanded Ironhead.


Contrakterwas the brother of Ironhide. “Boom!” the Cybords landed on Earth to find the Golden Book.

“Ow, my head,”shouted Jazz.

“That was awesome’ let’s go kill some airheads,” state Landcrusher happily.

“Soldiers, we’re going!” announced Contractor

When the attack first started, the war raged. The war raged so much in fact, that the war ended up reaching Earth. The Aliens and Cybords were enemies. Many on both sides died. “BOOM!”


Then the Halo base created more aliens so the Cybords needed to destroy the Trakter.

Eventually, the Cybords won because they found the Golden Book from the pyramid in Egypt. Only the Golden Book could kill the leader of the Aliens, Contrakter.