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Lake for Trophy Bass offers Fishing Guide Services along with instructional tips for the beginning angler, as well as tips and techniques for experienced big bass anglers. Every effort is made for a pleasant and productive day of fishing. When coming to Lake Fork, lodging and accommodations can be made upon request.

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Lake Fork Fishing Guide:

If you are looking on the internet for Lake Fork fishing guides, you have seen there are many to choose from. Some are good full time guides and some are part time guides that do not really care if you come back and fish Lake Fork or not. So just do me a favor, when you call a guide ask if they are full time Lake Fork fishing guides and if you book trip with them will you be fishing with them.

Before I get to the Lake Fork fishing report, I have been guiding on Lake Fork for 15 years and furnish everything for your trip. Just come get in my boat and go fishing. If you are bass fishing with me we will be fishing out of a Legend bass boat. If you are crappie, white bass or catfishing with me you will be fishing out of a 22 foot bay boat and have plenty of room for groups. I start fishing for crappie, sand bass and catfish in May through December.

Lake Fork Bass & Crappie Fishing:

Fall is almost here and the bass & crappie fishing on Fork will just get better as we go. Cooler weather is suppose to be here tonight which will start dropping the water temperature just in time for the Big Bass Splash which is next weekend. The bass bite has been some what slow but I expect the cooler weather to wake them up. I have been catching bass several ways. Starting with a spook early in the morning, as soon as it is light enough to see. Make sure it has a white belly.

Once the sun gets up, I am throwing a Carolina rig and keeping the spook handy incase of a blow up with in casting distance. I am fishing the Carolina rig out to about 18 ft using a watermelon red baby brush hog. I am also catching bass in the new growing grass you will find up north above the 515 bridges.

Lake Fork Seasonal Patterns:

I talk to fisherman that want to hire one of the Lake Fork bass fishing guides, and one question comes up more than any other, is ” when is the best time to come fish Lake Fork?” So as you read the patterns for the different months, think about when you might like to come fishing on Lake Fork and give me a call to set up your trip. These reports by month has the approach we are having a normal summer and winter for our region.


Probably the hardest month to catch bass of all 12. Lake Fork water temperatures will be their coldest of all months. Most bass will be deep and not very active as the water reaches low 40’s. It is like when the water temperature is below 45 very tough fishing.

Lake Fork Seasonal Patterns:


The first half of this month is usually cold and the Lake Fork water temperature will be still in the lower 40’s. But the big female bass start moving this month. So search the creeks close to spawning flats in the 8-15 ft range. Bass will start suspending around wood this month, so the baits I like to throw will the jig black/blue, the A rig on the deeper main lake points, and the suspending jerk bait.


This is the month the big females really start to move around thinking about spawn. They will be feeding as they move towards the spawning areas starting at the north end of the lake first. They will follow creek channels, road beds, ditches and fence rows as they move and feed on their way.

Lake Fork Seasonal Patterns:


The spawn starts on the north end of the lake very early in April and moves south as the month goes on. I continue using those baits I use at the end of March and if I am looking for bass on the south end of the lake (still pre spawn) the chatter bait works good along with the big spinner baits.


This is a fun month to fish and my favorite month of the entire year. You will find bass spawning on the main lake areas that are protected from the wave action of a north wind or strong south wind. Areas like Chaney will have bass on the beds in May.

Lake Fork Seasonal Patterns:


This is a month where the bass, crappie and sand bass move to deeper water. Not all the bass move as some spend most of their time in 10 foot or less. But most move to the deeper creek channels and main lake points for the summer. They feed on the many schools of bait fish moving around this time of the year.


I lump these two month together as they can be hard months to catch bass. They will be moving around a lot and can be hard to find from day to day. Spoons and swim baits along with chrome rattle traps will catch these bass. They will start schooling and so you will want to have a top bait tied on just in case.

Lake Fork Seasonal Patterns:


The shallow bass start feeding shallow on carolina rigs, crank baits, swim baits and top water baits. Deeper bass are still doing what they were for the August time frame. This is a great time for numbers and also a great time to learn to fish with plastics.


One of my favorite times to bass fish, the bite is aggressive and you can catch them deep or shallow. Also this time of the year most any bait will work. Bass are feeding up for the fall and will hit almost any thing. Same for the crappie and sand bass. Jigs for the crappie and spoons for the sand bass.

Lake Fork Seasonal Patterns:

November /December:

I also put these two months together and they will be weather driven. If we have a warm fall, the bite will be good on carolina rig, jigs, crank baits and rattle traps as well as spoons. Main lake points, creek channels is a great place to check out.

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