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Parent Guide

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Parent Guide

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  1. Parent Guide

  2. Table of Contents Logging In Ascend SMS Screen Layout Admin Home Tab Setting Up Your E-Classroom Ascend SMS User Guide

  3. From an internet browser, go to your school’s Ascend SMS website • • Log In using the credentials given to you by your school’s Ascend SMS Administrator Logging In Ascend SMS User Guide

  4. Upon first login, you will be required to change your password. Logging In Ascend SMS User Guide

  5. Logging In • Also upon first login, you will be required to update your profile. • Be sure to first select the appropriate gender tab, and fill out both tabs when applicable. • All fields listed with an * are required fields. Ascend SMS User Guide

  6. Ascend SMS Screen Layout On All Screens • This blue tabbed menu bar appears on all screens. • Each tab may have a sub menu. • The viewing area allows you to change which student you are viewing - should you have more than one child enrolled at this school. • Clicking the allows you to quickly send a message to the school’s AscendSMS administrator. Ascend SMS User Guide

  7. Ascend SMS Screen Layout On All Screens • The left hand side displays the SECURE AREA , which describes the current date, term, and user login information. • User can also select to • manage accounts, • edit profile, • change password, or to • logout • from any screen. Ascend SMS User Guide

  8. Parent HomeTab • The first screen you see after logging is the Home Screen • Your child’s most recent assignment grades are shown • Each column can be sorted by clicking the • button. Clicking the same column a second time will sort the column in opposite order • Clicking on an individual assignment pulls up performance information about that assignment (see next slide) Ascend SMS User Guide

  9. Class Performance Screen • The class performance screen for a particular assignment is shown here. • The assignment name is listed here. • Click to close the performance screen. Ascend SMS User Guide

  10. Parent Attendance Tab • The attendance tab shows all absences, tardiness, and early dismissal information Ascend SMS User Guide

  11. Parent Progress Tab • The Progress tab shows your child’s progress measured against the class average and/or the top performer. • Click here to select what term, which course, and which month to view your child’s progress. Ascend SMS User Guide

  12. Parent’s Snapshot Tab • The Snapshot tab shows your child’s grades in each subject. • Click here to look at past term snapshots Ascend SMS User Guide

  13. Parent’s Homework Tab • The Homework Tab has 2sub menu’s: • Email alert • Homework Calendar Ascend SMS User Guide

  14. Parent’s Homework Tab Email Alert • Email Alert: • Ascend SMS allows parents to be alerted often or as little as you like via: • Grade Alerts • Assignment Alerts • Email Preferences Ascend SMS User Guide

  15. Parent’s Homework Tab Email Alert • Grade Alerts: • Click which subjects for which you want to be notified, then • Select which assignment types you wish to be notified • Tests • Quizzes • Homework • Other • In this example, the parent wants to be alerted for only quizzes and tests in subjects Religion and Language Arts, but wants be alerted for all assignment types in Mathematics. Ascend SMS User Guide

  16. Parent’s Homework Tab Email Alert • Assignment Types: • Alternatively, you may wish to be notified when anassignment is scored less than or equal to a set percentage. • In this example, the parent will be alerted for all subjects where student receives a grade of less than 85%. Ascend SMS User Guide

  17. Parent’s Homework Tab Email Alert • In this example, the parent will be alerted “as it happens,” i.e., immediately after the grade is posted • Email Preferences: • You can select how often you wish to be alerted: • As it happens (immediately after grade is entered) • Summary • Daily • Weekly • Monthly • Here is where you enter your email address(es) for your computer and/or mobile phone Ascend SMS User Guide

  18. Parent’s Homework Tab Homework Calendar • The Homework Events Calendar screen shows: • The number of assignment- grades added to the system that day • The number of homework tasks assigned that day • By clicking on the number beside the category pulls up more detail (next slide) • Days your school is in session. • This example, school is not in session November 21, 22, 23(as well as November 9th) Ascend SMS User Guide

  19. Parent’s Homework Homework Calendar Tab • The Homework Listing screen shows: • homework assigned by all your student’s teachers that day • Items your student was asked to take home • Items your student was asked to bring to school the next day • Messages from the teacher to you Ascend SMS User Guide