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Professional Development Quality Standards 2010 PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Development Quality Standards 2010

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Professional Development Quality Standards 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Developer’s Program. Professional Development Quality Standards 2010. Objectives. Upon successful completion of this event, participants will be able to: Incorporate State Standards, and local policies into PD related work.

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Professional Developer’s Program

Professional Development Quality Standards



Upon successful completion of this event, participants will be able to:

  • Incorporate State Standards, and local policies into PD related work.
  • Use the PLC or CT School databases to ensure quality components in school based PD.
  • Standards and policies -30 min.
  • Tools for Quality
    • PLC and CT databases – 1 hr 30 min
  • Management System – 4 hours
florida protocol
Florida Protocol
  • 3 Levels
    • Educator Level
    • School Level
    • District Level
  • 4 Strands for each level
    • Planning
    • Learning
    • Implementing
    • Evaluating
  • Compare Levels.pdf (wiki)
protocol questions
Protocol Questions

2.1.1 Describe the ways in which this school determines the professional learning needs of the faculty.

2.2.1 Describe how your school organizes into professional learning communities.

2.3.1 Describe the support the school provides to assist educators in implementing newly learned skills and methods.

2.4.2 How does this school document that educators actually use the skills and knowledge they gained from professional learning in their classrooms?

implications for schools
Implications for Schools
  • Implementation of standards
  • Integration of Initiatives
  • Emphasis on Learning Communities
  • Evidence of teacher learning
  • Evidence of Student Outcomes
pd team role in creating school based pd
PD Team role in Creating School-based PD
  • Evaluates last year’s PD
  • Determines new needs (SIP, PGP)
  • Develops PD based on SIP
  • Works with PDS to ensure Standards
  • Ensures documentation
inservice facilitator role
Inservice Facilitator Role
  • Disseminate appropriate professional development information to all school staff
  • Act as the site-based liaison to Professional Development Support (PDS)
  • Maintain courses and file documentation for school-based professional development
  • Promote effective professional development at the school site
create plc
Create PLC
  • IF contacts your PDS Contact for assistance.
  • IF completes the course information in the DB with assistance from PDS support staff. (CAB Conference)
  • IF submit PLC Database Record # to PDS support.
  • PDS Contact contacts IF if further information is needed.
  • PDS Contact informs the IF that the Course numbers are created in SAP.
  • Participants register via ESS if start date is in the future, If start date has passed, IF must book the participants in SAP.
  • The approval process may take up to 30 days.
create ct
Create CT
  • If the PLC models DO NOT FIT your needs use the CT database
cab conference
CAB Conference
  • Need Filemaker 8.5 or higher
course type activities not eligible for inservice points
Course Type Activities NOT Eligible for Inservice Points
  • Attending meetings / informational sessions / processing registration / record-keeping
  • Attending activities designed for personal improvement
  • Administering / scoring / screening tests for students or teachers
  • Completing grants / Requests for Proposals
  • Evaluating textbooks
course type activities not eligible for inservice points1
Course Type Activities NOT Eligible for Inservice Points

6. Serving on / attending meetings, district councils, committees, or advisory boards

7. Writing curriculum guides / materials without planning, learning, & implementing

  • Activities that do not incorporate all of the professional development standards

9. College Courses, including DETA Courses

inservice criteria
Inservice Criteria
  • Time allotments
    • 3 + 1 hour of implementation per Course Type
    • Maximum 6 hours per day with 2 hours implementation
    • PLC course schedules should match a model
  • Inservice point requirements
    • Attendance at all sessions
    • Successful completion of implementation
    • 80% mastery
    • ESS Appraisal
  • Year-long PLCs - October 29
  • Courses Types for Aug - Dec. – Oct. 29
  • Courses Types for Jan. -July - March 31
  • Close School-based Courses - May 15


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