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I Nephi 18-22

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I Nephi 18-22. Probably received instructions from sailors on boats in the vicinity. The sycamore fig tree that grows in the desert produces a very hard wood, is strong, resistant to water, and almost free from knots. These trees still grow in the area of Salalah.

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I Nephi 18-22

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i nephi 18 22
I Nephi 18-22

Probably received instructions from sailors on boats in the vicinity.

The sycamore fig tree that grows in the desert produces a very hard wood, is strong, resistant to water, and almost free from knots. These trees still grow in the area of Salalah.

The distance traveled would have been around 17,000 miles with possible stops along the way. Probably landed on the west side of Guatemala or El Salvador.

Joseph Smith thought it might be Chile.

Most LDS scholars are of the opinion that current studies of Arabic geography and history are in complete harmony with Lehi’s story.

I Nephi 18:1-2 “Curious Workmanship”

2 Nephi 5:16

The implication is the differences were in quality of workmanship and some aspects of design.

Possibly as many as 40-50 people on the ship.

The ship would probably have to be at least 60 feet long to accommodate all the people and dancing.

I Nephi 18:3 Regular Temple Attendance?

I Nephi 18:6 “Much fruits and meat”

Water/wine in pottery or skin bags. It lasted a long time.

I Nephi 18:7 Jacob and Joseph are born!

I Nephi 18:8 “Driven by the wind to the promised land”

Typically, ships left the Arabian Coast between mid-March and early May (because of the wind). August or September, can’t be ruled out.

I Nephi 18:9

Warning: Parenthood Brings Grief!

The Lord wants us to know that while parenthood is expected, we will suffer much grief because of our children.

So you have now been warned!

However, remember that “Parenthood may very well be the test of Godhood!”

I Nephi 18:11

Nephi must have been acquainted with the basic skills of the craft, he did not have to ask the Lord what tools to make nor how to make a workable bellow.

I Nephi 18:25Horses?

In 1830 most experts believed their were no horses in America prior to Christopher Columbus. If Joseph Smith were writing the Book of Mormon he would have been foolish to write this. The LaBrea Tar Pits in Southern California prove that horses were indeed in the America’s prior to Columbus.


There was controversy regarding horses in the Western Hemisphere before Columbus arrived. Modern archaeological discoveries have shed new light on the subject: “’Fossil remains of true horses, differing but very slightly from the smaller and inferior breeds of those now existing, are found abundantly in deposits of the most recent geological age, in almost every part of America, from Escholz Bay in the north to Patagonia in the south. In that continent however, they became quite extinct, and no horses, either wild or domesticated, existed there at the time of the Spanish conquest, which is the most remarkable as, when introduced from Europe the horses that ran wild proved by their rapid multiplication in the plains of South America and Texas, that the climate, food, and other circumstances were highly favorable for their existence (New Americanized Encyclopedia, Vol. 5, 3197).


I Nephi 19:7-9

“The World Shall Judge Him to Be a Thing of Naught:

Elder Maxwell noted how men today often follow the same fateful thinking: “For many moderns, sad to say, the query ‘What think ye of Christ?’ (Matthew 22:42) would be answered, ‘I really don’t think of Him at all!” (C.R., Oct. 1995, 27).


On another occasion Elder Maxwell taught that regardless of what the world says, we must stand fast in our testimony of Jesus Christ, mankind’s Redeemer.

Comparatively, brothers and sisters, it matters very little what people think of us, but it matters very much what we think of Him.It matters very little, too, who others say we are; what matters is who we say Jesus is” (C.R., Apr. 1984, 27).


Why did Nephi include the writings of Isaiah throughout his record?

And now I, Nephi, write more of the words of Isaiah, for my soul delighteth in his words. For I will liken his words unto my people, and I will send them forth unto all my children, for he verily saw my Redeemer, even as I have seen him (2 Nephi 11:2-3).

Nephi and his people view Isaiah as we view Joseph Smith. Isaiah lived about 150 years before they did. The same time span is appropriate when we compare Joseph Smith to us.

I Nephi 20 Why quote Isaiah 48 and 49?

Answer: Covenants to Israel and their fulfillment!

Nephi and Jacob were especially fond of Isaiah’s writings.

Of the 62 chapters written by these great men, seventeen --- or one in four are taken from Isaiah.

I Nephi 21:25

“For the mighty God shall deliver his covenant people” (JST).

I Nephi 22:7-8

Three Aspects of the Gathering:

1. The gathering of the dispersed of Israel from the Nations to Zion.

2. Return of the Jews to Jerusalem and the ancient promised land.

3. The restoration of the lost 10 tribes of Israel to the true fold of the shepherd.


I Nephi 22:26

How will Satan be bound?

“Satan will be bound by the power of God; but he will be bound also by the determination of the people of God not to listen to him” (George Q. Cannon, C.R., Oct. 1897, 65).

An angel has the key and specific assignment to seal up Satan for 1,000 years (Revelation 20:1-3, D&C 101:28).


“We need not become paralyzed with fear of Satan’s power. He can have no power over us unless we permit it. He is really a coward, and if we stand firm, he will retreat. The Apostle James counseled: ‘Submit yourselves…to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you’ (James 4:7)” (James E. Faust, Ensign, Sep. 1995, 6).

Elder McConkie taught that Satan would be bound during the Millennium because of the righteousness of the people and they are not enticed by his evil whisperings (The Millennial Messiah [1982], 668-69).