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4a0c0062 Alice

4a0c0068 Michelle

4a0c0075 Jessica

4a0c0123 Jessy

4a0c0126 Krystal


  • Predecessor: the person who did the job before you : “I am the new manager of this department. My predecessor retired last week.”

  • Valuation : to determine how much something is worth

  • Gross : the complete amount of money taken in “Costco had gross sales of 6 billion dollars last year.”

  • Groundbreaking: A completely new development, something that has never been done before “Avatar used groundbreaking 3D technology”

  • Narrate : describe, explain, to tell a story

  • Merit:deserves a reward “Your hard work merits an increase in your salary.”

  • Badge : a small token worn on your chest which shows your job or position, e.g. a policeman’s badge

  • Kit : a small package of useful items

  • Rightfully : proper; appropriate “I don’t deserve this money. It rightfully belongs to you, so I am returning it.”

  • Fraud: an action to trick people and take their money or property


  • Bandit : a robber who stops travelers and takes their money

  • Botanist : someone who studies plants

  • Catalog: A book or list of items, especially items that are for sale from one company

  • Acquire:  to get

  • Shareholder: aperson who owns stock in a company

  • Commercially: related to sales and business

About pixar
About Pixar

  • Pixar Animation Studios is an American computer animation film studio located in Emeryville, California.

  • Graphics Group of Lucas film began in 1979. It was the predecessor of Pixar. In 1986, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs acquired Graphics Group of Lucas film, founded Pixar Animation Studios and became its majority shareholder.

  • Walt Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billion, and it became part of Disney, which made Jobs Disney's largest shareholder (that is, Steve Jobs owned more of Disney than any other person).


  • Pixar has produced fourteen animated feature films, beginning with Toy Story in 1995. All of their films got positive evaluation and financial success except Cars 2. Although Cars2 became a commercially successful film, it received less praise than Pixar's other film.

  • Their fourteen films have got at least "A-"by Cinema Score ratings, which means most of audiences loved their films. The studio has also produced several short films.


All of Pixar's films are among the 50 highest-grossing animated films. Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3 are in the top 50 of all time, and Toy Story 3 is the highest, grossing over $1 billion worldwide.

  • The studio has earned 27 Academy Awards, seven Golden Globe Awards, eleven Grammy Awards and many other awards.

Pixar animation studios pixar s studio lot in emeryville the studio opened in november 2000
Pixar Animation Studios animated films. Finding Pixar's studio lot in Emeryville. The studio opened in November 2000

The adventures of andr and wally b
The Adventures of André and Wally B animated films. Finding

  • It’s first Pixar movie.

  • The animation was groundbreaking for the time and helped spark the film industry's interest in computer animation. This film was released on July 25, 1984.

1 toy story november 22 1995
1. animated films. Finding Toy Story November 22, 1995

2 a bug s life november 25 1998
2. animated films. Finding A Bug's Life November 25, 1998

3 toy story 2 november 24 1999
3. animated films. Finding Toy Story 2 November 24, 1999

4 monsters inc november 2 2001
4. animated films. Finding Monsters, Inc. November 2, 2001

5 finding nemo may 30 2003
5. animated films. Finding Finding Nemo May 30, 2003

6 the incredibles november 5 2004
6. animated films. Finding The IncrediblesNovember 5, 2004

7 cars june 9 2006
7. animated films. Finding Cars June 9, 2006

8 ratatouille june 29 2007
8. animated films. Finding Ratatouille June 29, 2007

9 wall e june 27 2008
9. animated films. Finding WALL-E June 27, 2008

10 up may 29 2009
10. animated films. Finding Up May 29, 2009

11 toy story 3 june 18 2010
11. animated films. Finding Toy Story 3 June 18, 2010

12 cars 2 june 24 2011
12. animated films. Finding Cars 2 June 24, 2011

13 brave june 22 2012
13. animated films. Finding Brave June 22, 2012

14 monsters university june 21 2013
14. animated films. Finding Monsters University June 21, 2013

Up s introduction
Up’s introduction animated films. Finding

  • Up is about an old man called Carl Fredricksen who wants to fulfill the dream he had promised his wife --to live by Paradise Falls.

  • He turned his house into an airship, using thousands of balloons. Russell, a young boy becomes an accidental passenger in his journey to earn his final merit badge for assisting the elderly. They run into lots of crises.


  • The director of Up chose an old man for the main character because he felt their experiences and the way they affect their view of the world was a rich source of humor.

  • The film gives the message that everyone should grasp the opportunity to achieve your dream. It is also a warm movie narrating the relationship between the old man and the child.

Questions because he felt their experiences and the way they affect their view of the world was a rich source of humor.

  • 1. Do you remember the first Pixar movie you ever saw? What was it?

  • 2. Of all the Pixar movies, which one is your favorite? Why?

  • 3. Up is about achieving your biggest dream. What is your biggest dream?