how to operate ms word n.
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How to operate ms.word PowerPoint Presentation
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How to operate ms.word

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How to operate ms.word - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to operate ms.word. Preface. Preface Materials. Drill. Preface.

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How to operate ms.word

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how to operate ms word

How to operate ms.word

  • Preface





Every day we need to write our idea to share to other friends or teacher . Writing on computer needs ability to arrange space, paragraph, capital, and other kind tools on computer. There are some medias we can use for writing, one of them is microssftword.

material steps
  • Before using Ms Word, we need to know what the steps should we do.
  • The steps are:
  • First, click starter button and monitor, When the starter button and monitor are light, point your mouse to program.

After your mouse point to program, the next step is

clicking the left side of your mouse. You will see all program, then choose microsoft word.


Choose micros soft office and click

  • Then, point the cursor to micros soft word and click it
  • The word page is available
  • What is the first step of operating ms word ?
  • How to choose ms word program ?
  • What tool of computer should be moved when you want to open the program ?