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Son of Thunder

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Son of Thunder. John’s Account of Jesus. Belief vs. Freedom John 8:31-48. Core Values. Love, Unity, Faith , Commitment, Freedom, Change Taking God at his Word and trusting him for the results. Core Values. Without faith, it is impossible for a church to please God

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Son of Thunder

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    1. Son of Thunder John’s Account of Jesus Belief vs. Freedom John 8:31-48

    2. Core Values • Love, Unity, Faith, Commitment, Freedom, Change • Taking God at his Word and trusting him for the results

    3. Core Values • Without faith, it is impossible for a church to please God • Decisions born of prayer, not personality or pocketbook • Faith amazes Jesus…

    4. Core Values • “You do not have because you do not ask…”- James

    5. Freebie • “Someday I’ll vs. Life Now” • “Say it now…”

    6. Belief vs. Freedom Even as he spoke, many put their faith in him. To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free…”- John 8:30-32

    7. Belief vs. Freedom They have believed. Why are they not free?

    8. Belief vs. Freedom 2 Dentists

    9. Belief vs. Freedom “The truth will set you free…” Used: • As an excuse for harshness • For moralistic teaching • As a way of escape

    10. Belief vs. Freedom A faith that doesn’t persevere long-term isn’t real faith Disciples are marked by a commitment to Christ’s Word - (But not just knowledge of…)

    11. Belief vs. Freedom Only those who hold to Christ’s teaching are disciples Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son- 2 John 1:9

    12. Belief vs. Freedom Disciples know the truth What truth?

    13. Belief vs. Freedom The truth sets disciples (those who hold to Christ’s teaching) free Free from what?

    14. Belief vs. Freedom Could it be that many Christians don’t experience freedom because they don’t choose to find it in obedience to Christ?

    15. Belief vs. Freedom IF…THEN… • Hold to my teaching • Disciple • Know truth • Set free

    16. Belief vs. Freedom Does initial belief set us free?

    17. Belief vs. Freedom Freedom is not a one-shot deal

    18. Belief vs. Freedom They answered him, "We are Abraham's descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?”- vs. 33

    19. Belief vs. Freedom Problem # 1- Righteousness based upon heritage Righteousness apart from faith always leads to pride and blind spots

    20. Mark my words! I, Paul, tell you that if you let yourselves be circumcised, Christ will be of no value to you at all- Galatians 5:2 Righteousness apart from or in addition to Christ is always unrighteousness

    21. Belief vs. Freedom Jesus replied, "I tell you the truth, everyone who sins is a slave to sin. Now a slave has no permanent place in the family, but a son belongs to it forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed- vs. 34-36

    22. Belief vs. Freedom What is sin?

    23. Belief vs. Freedom …everyone who sins… Present tense- continual habit

    24. Belief vs. Freedom Sin is deceitful and always ends in slavery • Slaves can enter the house for a time • But the time will come when the house will be locked

    25. Belief vs. Freedom Jesus is the son, with the full rights of the Father • He alone has the right to set people free

    26. Belief vs. Freedom Why?

    27. Belief vs. Freedom …So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed Free= eleutheroo- to liberate, or to exempt from liability

    28. Belief vs. Freedom Did Jesus come to save from sins or from sin nature? Sins= actions Sin Nature- condition

    29. Belief vs. Freedom Religion= “sins” At best, it produces a moral hypocrite who feels great about his life as he heads to hell Serves from: Fear or Pride

    30. Belief vs. Freedom Problem # 2- Don’t think they have a sin problem Therefore, believe in Jesus is as a teacher and healer, not a Savior- and that never brings freedom

    31. Belief vs. Freedom The Faith= “sin condition” As designed by God, it produces transformation (buried and raised) that leads to freedom (no condemnation) Serves from: Gratitude and Humility

    32. Belief vs. Freedom Jesus: “You are slaves right now”

    33. Belief vs. Freedom I know you are Abraham's descendants. Yet you are ready to kill me, because you have no room for my word. I am telling you what I have seen in the Father's presence, and you do what you have heard from your father…”

    34. Belief vs. Freedom I will not have room for God’s Word to the degree that I’m holding on to lies

    35. Belief vs. Freedom “Believed in him…” “ready to kill me…”

    36. Belief vs. Freedom …many people saw the miraculous signs he was doing and believed in his name. But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all men- John 2:23-24

    37. Belief vs. Freedom “Abraham is our father,” they answered. “If you were Abraham's children,” said Jesus, "then you would do the things Abraham did. As it is, you are determined to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. Abraham did not do such things. You are doing the things your own father does”- vs. 39-41a

    38. Belief vs. Freedom “Your lips say ‘Abraham,’ but your actions say ‘the devil’”- Jesus Which one should be believed?

    39. Belief vs. Freedom Spiritually speaking, you can tell who the father is by attitudes and actions of the children

    40. Belief vs. Freedom Problem #1- Righteousness based on heritage Problem #2- Don’t think they have a sin problem Problem # 3- They don’t even act like the guy they claim for righteousness

    41. Belief vs. Freedom “If you’re Abraham’s children, act like it!”

    42. Belief vs. Freedom “If you’re Christian, act like it!” How?

    43. Belief vs. Freedom "We are not illegitimate children," they protested. "The only Father we have is God himself”- vs. 41b

    44. Belief vs. Freedom Oh no you di’in’t!

    45. Belief vs. Freedom Jesus said to them, "If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and now am here. I have not come on my own; but he sent me…”- vs. 42

    46. Belief vs. Freedom “It is impossible to have God as a Father without loving his Son” - Jesus

    47. Belief vs. Freedom Why is my language not clear to you? Because you are unable to hear what I say. You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desire…

    48. Belief vs. Freedom …He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies…

    49. Belief vs. Freedom …Yet because I tell the truth, you do not believe me! Can any of you prove me guilty of sin? If I am telling the truth, why don't you believe me? He who belongs to God hears what God says. The reason you do not hear is that you do not belong to God”- vs. 43-47

    50. Tests of faith: • Base life on and continue in Christ’s Word • Know the truth/set free (transformed, not moralistic striving) • Hear and understand God’s Word