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Enquete AK
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  1. Enquete AK Jordy Kooistra, Frank Bieger and Wilco Mackaay

  2. Inhoudsopgave: • 1: Immigration policy: Parents • 2: Immigration policy: Students • 3: Immigration policy: Teachers • 4: Environment policy: Parents • 5: Environment policy: Students • 6: Environment policy:Teachers • 7: Values: Parents • 8: Values: Students • 9: Values: Teachers

  3. Immigration policy: Parents • Parents: Jordy They don’t think their is a good policy in the EU. And they think that the EU is Superfluous. Because the Netherlands Society don’t get better of it. We are Spending more money than we get from the Cooperation with the other countries of the EU. Mother: Frank My mother thinks that cooperation with other Countries is good for our country. But we can cooperat better with the other countries and than we have a lot profit. And there can come new countries by the EU but the must have good Human rights. Parents: Wilco My parents think the EU don’t need new countries. Because they have enough even to much. People who don’t behave must be send out of the country.

  4. Immigration policy: Students • Student 1: Jeffrey van Nuss The EU don’t need more countries. Only Switserland maybe have a change to come. Because they have enough money. The Eu Is superfluous. Our country must get out of The EU. Student 2 : Rick Geertsma I think all the countries in Europe have to come in The EU. Cooperation is good for all the countries. And we get all better of it.

  5. Immigration policy: Teachers • Teacher 1: Luc Kepers The EU may accept Switserland, Eastern countries. People may stay in the Netherlands because it is not full. Thay may not be send back if the commited a crime. Teacher 2: Hannie de Heer all the European countries can intrude to the EU. But when they will not learn our language they will send back to their hometown. She thinks that the social live in Europe is getting better since we are working together in a European union. She thinks that we can improve our immigration/integration policy by paying more attention on high educated people and learn from them.

  6. Environment policy: Parents • Parents: jordy My parents think the environment is Important, but the economy is even so Important. They think a combination of These two thinks is the best way to a get a better life for us all. Mother: Frank The environment is the most important thing in the World, because when the world is going to hell. We don’t have a economy left. For example we have to cut Less wood. Parents: Wilco My parents think that then economy is even so important as the environment. Because with out the environment there is non economy. But the ecnomy is now more important for a good future of our society.

  7. Environment policy : Students • Student 1: Jeffrey van Nuss We have to give more respect to the environment, But the economy is way more important because other wise you don’t are a repected country in the world. • Student 2: Rick Geertsma The milieu is important. About 10 years we Can’t breath any more. So we have to do our best To make the environment better than it is now.

  8. Environment policy: Teachers Teacher 1: Luc Kepers There must be a balance between Economy and environment. Where should we be without a environment. But with money we can enjoy this environment. Teacher 2: Hannie de Heer She think milieu is much more important then economy. Because milieu is the basic of the future. She thinks that the EU don’t give enough money for the milieu, and she wants that every country of the Eu have to decide with each other where they spend there money at.

  9. Values: Parents • Parents: Jordy The immigrants have to keep our Values all the time and when the not Appriciate our rules they have to go back to their Own country. But they not suppose the To be here. mother: Frank The immigrants have to keep our rules in there Mind. So they not do things that are not polite here Parents: Wilco The immigrants have to hold on our values. And they must show respect for our values. But if they don’t show that kind of respect then they have to go back to their own counrties.

  10. Values: Students • Student 1: Jeffrey van Nuss Everybody in our country must show respect for our values. If they don’t they may go away. But if they do their own thing and get a job then they may stay. Student 2: Rick Geerstma I think our values are good. But nobody hold our values in there mind. The have follow our values and rules so we can live better.

  11. Values: Teachers • Teacher 1: Luc Kepers The Dutch values are good. But there not the same in the EU. We have to hold on our values. And we don’t have the same values in all countries, so we have to make them on our one. Teacher 2: Hannie de Heer She thinks that the Netherlands have good values. And if people want to immigrate the must learn the language to get well in our society. She also thinks that the countries in Europe has different values.

  12. End • That was our Presentation.