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By: Drew Heffner & Brandon Ward. Dog Escape. Problem.

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By drew heffner brandon ward

By: Drew Heffner


Brandon Ward

Dog Escape


  • Many people deal with the hassle of keeping their dogs in the backyard. Dogs are known to dig out and run away and owners are tired of this. We need to find a way that is somewhat easy to do and affordable for pet owners to prevent their dogs from digging out.


  • The product must be affordable to most customers.

  • Must be reliable to handle the job and prevent it from happening again.

  • Must be able to have somewhat of an easy installation and not require too much labor.

  • Must not harm the dog in any kind of way. Be healthy for the dog.

  • Needs to be appealing to the eye if visible. Unless object is put in the ground.

Brainstorming Ideas

  • Electric Fence or Shock Collar

  • Chicken Wire Under Fence

  • Dig Fence into ground.

Concrete Wall

  • The concrete wall will be buried directly underneath the existing fence. The wall is two feet wide and three feet deep. This way will keep the dog in because if he digs he will just hit concrete and give up on his escape. Its expensive but the best choice. The fence is concreted into the wall so there will never be a gap between the two.

CAD Model

  • We choose the concrete wall under the fence.


  • We choose the concrete wall under the fence because we thought that it would be the most reliable and efficient choice out of the four that we debated on. It was the most expensive choice but it works the best in the long run. It wont need any repair and it isn't visible so you don’t have to worry about it being in the way. Now unless your dog can dig far into the ground, you wont have to worry about that mutt digging out anymore!