Ms. Smith's 3rd Grade Class - Where learning goes to new depths!
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Ms. Smith's 3rd Grade Class - Where learning goes to new depths!. Music On/Off. E-Mail Teacher. Our Seven Classroom Rules. School Dress Code. School Rules. School Bus Rules. Playground Rules. Lunchroom Rules. Consequences for Misbehavior. Hillsborough County Student Handbook.

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Our Seven Classroom Rules depths!

School Dress Code

School Rules

School Bus Rules

Playground Rules

Lunchroom Rules

Consequences for Misbehavior

Hillsborough County Student Handbook

Classroom Main


Our seven classroom rules

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


  • Follow directions. (The first time they are given!)

  • Keep hands, feet, and negative comments to yourself.

  • Be kind to other children and adults in the classroom. Show respect.

  • Take good care of class materials and clean up things when you are finished with them.

  • Always walk in the hallways and classroom.

  • Raise your hand when you need to share something with the class.

  • Use a soft voice in the classroom, save your big voice for outside.

School dress code

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


  • All shirts and blouses must cover midriff, back, sides and all undergarments at all times. All shirts, tops, and blouses shall have sleeves and cover the shoulders.

  • Shorts, skirts, divided skirts, and culottes are allowed. They must be hemmed and be mid-thigh length or longer.

  • All trousers, pants, or shorts must totally cover undergarments, including boxer shorts.

  • All clothing shall be free of the following: profanity, violent images, sexually suggestive phrases or images, gang related symbols, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or advertisements for such products.

  • Safe and appropriate footwear must be worn. Inappropriate footwear includes, but is not limited to, skates, shoe skates, and bedroom slippers.

School rules

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


Respect must be shown toward students and adults at all times.

  • Fighting (including play fighting) or dangerous behaviors, such as, kicking, hitting, pushing, wrestling, and throwing objects are not permitted.

  • Running and playing in the hallways is not permitted.

  • Only materials, supplies, and items directly related to units of study may be brought to school.

  • School property, facilities, and equipment must be used properly and safely.

  • All state and federal laws must be followed at all times.

School bus rules

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


Bus drivers are required to maintain a safe and quiet environment on their buses. In order to accomplish this, students must obey the following rules:

  • Wait in line at the bus stop and follow all school rules while waiting.

  • All students must obey the bus driver and follow his or her directions.

  • All students must remain seated, facing the front of the bus at all times with hands, keeping feet and objects inside the bus at all times.

  • All students must speak quietly and not make loud noises on the bus.

  • The center aisle must be kept clear of books, lunch pails, and musical instruments at all times.

  • Students must keep their feet and hands to themselves.

  • Students may not throw any item in or out of the bus.

  • No food, candy, or drinks may be eaten on the bus.

Playground rules

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


  • School rules must be followed at all times.

  • Students must stay within boundaries of the playground.

  • Eating and drinking are only permitted in designated areas.

  • Students should not walk through a game in progress or disrupt games.

  • Playing in or around restrooms is not permitted.

  • Any behavior resembling fighting or wrestling is forbidden.

  • When the freeze bell rings, students must immediately freeze until whistle blows.

  • Drinking fountains and restrooms are to be used BEFORE the bell rings.

  • Play equipment for use on school grounds must be provided by the school.

Lunchroom rules

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


  • Students will line up single file in the cafeteria area in front of the serving counter.

  • Students are expect to eat in a polite, quiet and acceptable manner at assigned tables.

  • No throwing of food, yelling, running, selling, or trading of food is permitted.

  • Students are to follow the instructions of all adults on duty.

  • Each student is responsible for the disposal of his/her trash in an appropriate receptacle.

  • Students are not allowed to leave school during lunch or recess unless authorized through the office.

  • At the conclusion of the lunch period, all students are to line up in an orderly manner and quietly await their teacher’s prompt arrival.

Consequences for misbehavior

Rules Main depths!

Classroom Main


Failure to follow school rules may result in the following action or actions (not necessarily in this order):

  • Warning or Reprimand

  • Parent Notification

  • Loss Of Privileges or Activities

  • Detention or Suspension

  • Damage or Replacement Fees

  • Referral For Expulsion

  • Police Action


Arrival Procedure depths!

Lunch Line Up Procedure

Line Movement Procedure

Dismissal Procedure

Fire Drill Procedure

Severe Weather Information

Classroom Main


Arrival procedure

Classroom Main depths!

Procedures Main

Arrival Procedure

  • Enter Quietly.

  • Put away your belongings.

  • Be seated and begin bell work.

  • Listen to the A.M. television announcements.

  • Continue to work until teacher provides further instructions.

Lining up for lunch procedure

Procedures Main depths!

Classroom Main

Lining Up for Lunch Procedure

  • Listen for the first letter of your last name to be called.

  • Push in your chair.

  • Walk over to the line.

  • Remember to use your inside voice so others can hear.

Line movement procedure

Procedures Main depths!

Classroom Main

Line Movement Procedure

  • Stand directly behind the person in front of you.

  • Your hands are by your sides.

  • Your feet are on the sidewalk.

  • You are silent.

  • If you pass someone you know, flash them a bright smile.

Dismissal procedure

Procedures Main depths!

Classroom Main

Dismissal Procedure

  • Pack up to go home.

  • Stack chairs on top of desk.

  • Sit on rug for daily review.

  • Line up quietly in designated area when you hear your name.

Fire drill procedure

Procedures Main depths!

Classroom Main

Fire Drill Procedure

  • Leave all belongings at your desk.

  • Walk quickly & quietly to the door when the alarm sounds.

  • Follow the teacher to the designated area.

  • Stay with your group.

  • Remain quiet & listen for directions.

Severe weather information

Hillsborough County School Frequently Asked Questions depths!

Hillsborough County School Hurricane Shelter Link

Bay News 9 – Weather on the Nines Forecast

970 WFLA – Operation Storm Watch

Procedures Main

Classroom Main

Severe Weather Information

3 rd grade curriculum overview

3 depths!rd Grade Curriculum Overview


Visual Arts

Language Arts

Social Studies



Classroom Main

3 rd grade music
3 depths!rd Grade Music

Curriculum Main

Classroom Main

Skills and Techniques

  • The student sings, reads and notates a varied repertoire of music.

  • The student performs on instruments, a varied repertoire of music.

    Creation and Communication

  • The student improvises melodies, variations, and accompaniments.

  • The student composes and arranges music within specific guidelines.

    Cultural and Historical Connections

  • The student understands music in relation to culture and history.

    Applications to Life

  • The student understands the relationship between music, the other arts, disciplines outside the arts and beyond the school setting.

    Aesthetic and Critical Analysis

  • The student listens to, analyzes, evaluates and describes music & music performance.

3 rd grade visual arts
3 depths!rd Grade Visual Arts

Curriculum Main

Classroom Main

Skills and Techniques

  • The student understands and applies media, techniques, and processes.

    Creation and Communication

  • The student creates and communicates a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas using knowledge of structures and functions of visual arts.

    Cultural and Historical Connections

  • The student understands the visual arts in relation to history and culture.

    Aesthetic and Critical Analysis

  • The student assesses, evaluates, and responds to the characteristics of works of art.

    Applications to Life

  • The student makes connections between the visual arts, other disciplines, and the real world.

3 rd grade language arts
3 depths!rd Grade Language Arts

Curriculum Main

Classroom Main


  • The student uses the reading process effectively and constructs meaning from a wide range of texts.


  • The student uses writing processes effectively and writes to communicate ideas and information effectively.

    Listening, Viewing, and Speaking

  • The student uses listening, viewing & speaking strategies effectively.


  • The student understands the nature & power of language.


  • The student understands the common features of a variety of literary forms & responds critically to fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and drama.

3 rd grade mathematics
3 depths!rd Grade Mathematics

Curriculum Main

Classroom Main

Number Sense, Concepts, and Operations

  • The student understands number systems, the effects of operations on numbers and the relationships among these operations, selects appropriate operations, computes for problem solving, can estimate, and applies theories related to numbers.


  • The student measures quantities in the real world and uses the measures to solve problems, compare, contrast, estimate, and convert within the appropriate systems of measurement.

    Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • The student describes, draws, identifies, and analyzes two- and three-dimensional shapes as well as visualizes and illustrates ways in which shapes can be combined, subdivided, and changed.

    Algebraic Thinking

  • The student describes, analyzes, and generalizes a wide variety of patterns, relations, and functions.

    Data Analysis and Probability

  • The student understands & uses the tools of data analysis for managing information and uses statistical methods to make inferences about real-world situations.

3 rd grade science
3 depths!rd Grade Science

Curriculum Main

Classroom Main

The Nature of Matter

  • The student understands that all matter has observable, measurable properties.


  • The student recognizes that energy may be changed in form with varying efficiency.

    Force and Motion

  • The student understands the concepts of motion and force.

    Processes that Shape the Earth

  • The student recognizes that processes in the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere interact to shape the Earth and understands the need for protection of the natural systems .

    Earth and Space

  • The student understands the interaction and organization in the Solar System and the universe and how this affects life on Earth.

    Processes of Life

  • The student describes patterns of structure and function in living things.

    How Living Things Interact with Their Environment

  • The student understands the cyclic nature of living things & the issue of using limited resources.

    The Nature of Science

  • The student uses the scientific processes and habits of mind to solve problems.

3rd grade social studies
3rd Grade Social Studies depths!

Curriculum Main

Classroom Main

Time, Continuity, and Change

  • The student understands historical chronology and the historical perspective.

  • The student understands the world from its beginnings to the time of the Renaissance as well as Western and Eastern civilization since the Renaissance.

  • The student understands U.S. history from 1880 to present.

  • The student understands the history of Florida and its people.

    People, Places, and Environments [Geography]

  • The student understands the world in spatial terms.

    Government and the Citizen [Civics and Government]

  • The student understands the structure, functions, and purposes of government and how the principles and values of American democracy are reflected in American constitutional government.


  • The student understands how scarcity requires individuals and institutions to make choices about how to use resources.

Homework routines expectations

Homework Routines & Expectations depths!


Math problems from our Math workbook will be assigned to complete each evening (Monday through Friday) at home. These are due the next day and often require adult assistance. Basic facts should be practiced in order to master 30 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in 1½, 2, and 3 minutes by May of this year.


Daily reading is expected throughout the school year with the “Third Grade Wild about Reading” and “Reading Keys” incentive programs. We will send home more information about these programs in September. Both of these programs are REQUIRED in third grade. Students are expected to be reading at least 10 minutes each evening (either independently or with an adult).


A list of spelling words will be pre-tested and sent home the first day of the week. Please help your child review these words at home. We will be reinforcing the lists each day with various activities and games. The final test will be given on the last day of the week.

Science/Social Studies:

At-home projects will be assigned a few times this year. Look for more information later in the school year. There may also be times when larger in-class projects will need to be finished with help at home.

Round Trip Folder:

Completed assignments, notes to be returned, and pertinent school information will be sent home in the first section of your child’s accordion folder. This will go home every night and the first section should be emptied and sent back to school each morning. Please help your child get used to this routine.

Homework Main

Classroom Main

Welcome to ms smith s class

Classroom Main depths!

Welcome to Ms. Smith’s Class

  • Welcome Letter

  • Video Message from Ms. Smith

Welcome to third grade
Welcome to Third Grade depths!

Welcome Main

Supply List

Classroom Main

Dear Parents,

Welcome to third grade at Excellent Elementary. I am very happy to be your child’s third grade teacher! This will be an exciting year for all of us. I am full of anticipation and deeply grateful to have the opportunity to work with all of you and your new third graders. Third grade is an important and exciting time in your child’s life.

As you may know, your child will begin FCAT testing this year. More details will come later about this. Please remember that attendance and prompt arrival to school are critical to your child’s success. We have so much to do each day that not a moment of precious , instructional time can be wasted. I have many exciting learning opportunities and field trips planned for this year. We will be compiling a class book, going on a Webquest to find out about people from other countries, and communicating with students from other countries via email. A trip to the Museum of Science and Industry is planned for the spring.

I will update this site monthly so that you can stay in touch with what your third grader is doing in class. Of course, this will not be my only means of communication. I will be sending notes, letters and reminders home periodically, as well as contacting you by phone. Please feel free to email me anytime. You will find the “Email Us” button on the Home Page of this site. I can also be reached by phone at the school. Please leave a voicemail if it is during school hours, and I will respond after dismissal time.

Your child will need to bring some supplies to school. If you would like to get an early start, please check the Supply List on this site.

Warmest Regards,

Mrs. Smith

Supply list
Supply List depths!

Welcome Letter

Classroom Main

10 “Number 2” pencils

1 Large Eraser

Plastic pencil box

Washable markers

2 composition notebooks (not spiral notebooks)

½” white 3 ring binder

Small Scissors

A b c s of parenting author unknown
A depths!BC’s of Parenting(Author Unknown)

Classroom Main

Ask your child about the school day.

Begin your child’s day with a nourishing breakfast.

Congratulate your child for doing well.

Discuss homework with your child.

Encourage your child to read.

Find a quiet place for your child to study.

Give your child responsibilities.

Hug your child to build self-worth.

Include your child in making simple family decisions.

Join a library with your child.

Keep your child on a schedule that includes exercise and sleep.

Limit TV viewing by selecting programs with your child.

Make the time you spend with your child special.

Notice and discuss changes in your child’s behavior.

Offer to help your child organize school papers.

Provide your child with good role models.

Question the activities your child shares with friends.

Respect your child’s right to have opinions different from yours.

Share an interest or a hobby with your child.

Take time to listen to your child.

Urge your child to say “NO!” to unwanted touching.

Visit places of interest with your child.

Work with your child to set up rules of behavior.

Xerox and save records or articles that benefit your child.

Yield results by encouraging your child to do better.

Zoom through these ABC’s again and again.

Parent’s Corner

Parent Tidbits

Haracter ducation

Classroom Main

Success Main


Because it’s not only aptitude, it’s also attitude which determines where we go in life.


Each month Mrs. Smith’s third grade class will focus on a character trait.


We will read stories which illustrate the trait we are working on and learn about important people, past and present, who exemplify positive character traits.


September (Responsibility) February (Friendship)

October (Courage) March (Honesty)

November (Citizenship) April (Fairness)

December (Caring) May (Perseverance)

January (Self-discipline) June (Respect)

Student success

Newsletter depths!

Character Education

Classroom Main

Student Success


Success Main depths!

Classroom Main


Look here every month for updates on what we’re doing in our classroom, what we’ve learn, high achievers, upcoming events & field trips, and how you can help.

Classroom wish list

Kleenex depths!



Washable Markers

Glitter Glue


Hand Sanitizer

Ziploc Bags

Paper Cups

Paper Towels

Construction Paper

Computer Paper


Age Appropriate Books


Parent’s Corner

Classroom Main

Classroom Wish List

Contact information

Ms. Smith depths!

(813) 555-1234 (W)

(813) 555-1235 (C)


Absentee Hotline:

(813) OUT-SICK or

(813) 555-5050

Excellent Elementary

One Happy Drive

Pleasantville, FL 01234


Dr. Doolittle

(813) 555-4321 x.12

(813) 555-5321 (F)

Classroom Main

Contact Information

Parent s corner

Lunch Info depths!

Cool Websites

Parent Tidbits


Classroom Main

Parent’s Corner

Parent tidbits

Hillsborough County Parent Guide depths!

ABC’s of Parenting

Parent’s Corner

Classroom Main

Parent Tidbits


Routines & Expectations depths!

Current Assignments

Spelling Words

Classroom Main


Current assignments

Homework Main depths!

Classroom Main

Current Assignments

  • Homework – Week of September 8th – 13th

    • Review classroom procedures with parents and have them sign and return it to class

    • Review spelling words nightly with your Parents.

Spelling words

Homework Main depths!

Classroom Main

Spelling Words

  • Week of September 8th – 13th

  • Week of September 16th – 20th

Spelling list 9 8 9 13

act depths!















Homework Main

Classroom Main

Spelling List9/8 - 9/13

Spelling list 9 16 9 20

drop depths!















Homework Main

Classroom Main

Spelling List9/16 –9/20

Important dates

Classroom Main depths!

Important Dates

Hillsborough County School District 2007/2008 Calendar

FCAT Calendar


Classroom Main depths!


FCAT Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

FCAT Calendar

FCAT ExplorerHelps students learn about & practice the skills tested on the FCAT’s.

FCAT Parent NetworkThis site allows you to access your student's Sunshine State Standards (SSS) FCAT Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Writing+ results as soon as they are available. The information provided here, as well as additional details on, can be used to help guide your student's education.

Cool websites for kids

Parent’s Corner depths!

Classroom Main

Cool Websites for Kids

  • Book Adventure

  • Ask Jeeves for Kids

  • The Virtual Vine

  • Kaboose Funschool

Lunch information

Parent’s Corner depths!

Classroom Main

Lunch Information

  • Lunch Calendar

  • Nutrition Information

  • Food Pricing

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Free/Reduced Lunch Information


Parent’s Corner depths!

Classroom Main


Your involvement in not only your child’s life, but the life of others is strongly encouraged. Any form of involvement will be appreciated. Involvement can range from mentoring to reading a book weekly to the class. Your time will be a gift to us all.

  • Volunteer & Mentor Applications

  • Wish List

    If you are not able to give of your time, please consider assisting us in other ways. Here is a wish list of items that are needed in the class. Please feel free to donate these items at any point throughout the school year.