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NIH RESEARCH CONTRACTS. Erin Flynn Pacifico Division of Acquisition Policy & Evaluation OAMP/NIH. NIH Research Contracts. What are they? How do you find out about them? How are successful offerors selected? Should you try to get a contract?.

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Erin Flynn Pacifico

Division of Acquisition Policy & Evaluation OAMP/NIH

nih research contracts
NIH Research Contracts
  • What are they?
  • How do you find out about them?
  • How are successful offerors selected?
  • Should you try to get a contract?
research project grants and r d contracts at the nih
Research Project Grants and R&D Contracts at the NIH

FY 2012 NIH Spending in Billions of Dollars

nih fy 2012 acquisitions 4 67 b

Shows dollars in millions and percentages of total dollars.

nih fy 2011 acquisitions 5 17 b

Shows dollars in millions and percentages of total dollars.

nih fy 2011 acquisitions 2 52 b r d contracts

Shows dollars in millions and percentages of total dollars.

nih fy 2012 acquisitions 1 7 b r d contracts

Shows Dollars in Millions and percentages of total dollars.

contracts what are they
Contracts: What Are They?
  • Contracts are mutually binding legal relationships obligating the seller to furnish supplies or services and the buyer to pay for them.
  • Contracts are subject to protests, claims, and terminations for default or convenience.
contracts what are they1
Contracts: What Are They?
  • Not a grant or a cooperative agreement.
  • Used when the primary purpose is to acquire goods or services for the direct use or benefit of the Government.
  • Greater Government control/direction of project.
contracts what are they2
Contracts: What Are They?
  • Usually result from the Government’s acceptance of a solicited offer. Can be competitive or sole source.
  • Government-initiated Statement of Work.
what else
What Else?
  • Contracting Processes

1. Sealed bidding – involves competitive bids, public opening of bids, and award

2. Contracting by negotiation

      • Most R&D projects will be negotiated
what else1
What Else?
  • Types of Contracts

1. Fixed-price- agreement to deliver supplies/services at the time specified for a price that cannot be changed

2. Cost-reimbursement- used when uncertainties exist such that cost of performance cannot be estimated with sufficient reasonableness to use a fixed-price contract

      • Most R&D projects are cost-reimbursement
similarities to grants
Similarities to Grants
  • Peer review of concepts and proposals including use of Scientific Review Officers
  • Team Approach to Contract Management
    • Contracting Officer/Contract Specialist and Project Officer (PO/COTR)
similarities to grants1
Similarities to Grants
  • Required compliance with regulations and policies, such as animal welfare, human subjects protection, fiscal management and administrative compliance
  • Submission of invoices and technical progress reports
differences between contracts and grants
Differences between Contracts and Grants
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation, Health and Human Services Acquisition Regulation, NIH acquisition policies
  • Subject to public policy initiatives and social and economic programs
differences between contracts and grants1
Differences between Contracts and Grants
  • Will likely involve negotiations and opportunity to submit revised proposals after negotiations are concluded
  • Proposals are evaluated against technical evaluation criteria created for that project
sample technical evaluation criteria
Sample Technical Evaluation Criteria

1. Technical Approach - 35 Points

Methods and procedures for executing the requirements

2. Feasibility of Accomplishing the Requirements- 30 Points

Includes recommended approach for resolution of major difficulties and problem areas

sample technical evaluation criteria1
Sample Technical Evaluation Criteria

3. Qualifications and Availability of Proposed Scientific and Management Staff - 25 Points

Leadership and Management Structure; Scientific and Technical Staff; Subcontractors

sample technical evaluation criteria2
Sample Technical Evaluation Criteria

4. Facilities and Resources - 10 Points

Documented availability and adequacy of facilities, equipment, and resources

r d examples
R&D Examples
  • NINDS-RFI-NS-13-001 (RFI): Drug Manufacturing and Formulation Services for Neurotherapeutics
  • HHSN-271-2009-00020-C (sources sought): Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode
r d examples1
R&D Examples
  • NIH-NICHD-CDBPM-2013-11 (presol): Newborn Screening Translational Research Network
  • HHS-NIH-NIDA(AG)-RFP-12-169 (solicitation): Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging (BLSA) Home Visits Program
how do i find out about contracts
How Do I Find Out About Contracts?
  • Proposed contract actions exceeding $25,000 are published in the Federal Business Opportunities
how do i find out about contracts1
How Do I Find Out About Contracts?
  • NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts
  • Electronic Guide to NIH Acquisition

should you try to get an nih contract
Should You Try to Get an NIH Contract?
  • Preparing a proposal requires individual and institutional resources.
  • You must realistically assess your chances of winning a contract.
should you try to get an nih contract1
Should You Try to Get an NIH Contract?
  • Carefully read the Request for Proposal that interests you. It contains all the information needed to prepare a proposal.
  • Will you be able to convince peer reviewers that you understand the problem and have a sound approach?
should you try to get an nih contract2
Should You Try to Get an NIH Contract?
  • How would your personnel, especially key personnel, rate in an evaluation?
  • How would your facilities score?
  • If you are not successful, request a debriefing from the CO to find out why you were not selected for award and to get information that will help you compete in the future.
additional information
Additional Information
  • The NIH Contracts Page contains a link to “A Guide to the NIH Acquisition Process” and other information.
  • A link to the FAR