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Welcome to Y2

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Welcome to Y2

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Welcome to Y2

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  1. Welcome to Y2 A guide to the curriculum, routines and expectations Mrs Rigby

  2. ‘It is fun, but it is also hard being the oldest in the Infants’ -Jessica ‘We are kind in Year 2’ -Miah ‘It is full of really fun learning.’ -Scout ‘It is GREAT being in Y2’ -Lucy What is it really like in Year 2? ‘It is super AWESOME!’ -Erik ‘It is really comfortable’ -Saud ‘I like Y2’ -Fabienne ‘I think it’s really fun!’ -Abigail ‘We are happy’ -Dylan ‘It is AMAZING!’ -Richard ‘It is fun and cool, but with laughter’ -Zara ‘It is good and active’ -Scarlett ‘I’ve enjoyed art because it is fun’ -Archie

  3. Mastery curriculum • Teachers reinforce an expectation that all pupils are capable of achieving high standards. • Differentiation is achieved by emphasising deep knowledge and through individual support and intervention. • Teaching is underpinned by carefully crafted lessons and use of resources to foster deep conceptual knowledge. • Teachers use precise questioning in class to test knowledge and understanding and assess pupils regularly to identify those requiring intervention so that all pupils make progress.

  4. Mastery Curriculum • Cross curricular learning- independent /group/ whole class • A for L -learningcomments/dialogue with teacher/partner marking • Targets given – whole class and personal targets • Mixture of practical/recorded/white board learning in most lesson ( use of outdoor environment) • Term one – Where in the world do tigers live? • Term two – Why was the Great Fire of London so GREAT? • Term three - Into the Unknown • Term four -How does your garden grow? • Terms five and six – What lurks beneath?

  5. English • Develop stamina for writing • Joined handwriting • Interim framework (assessment) • ‘ARE’ expectations for reading and writing on web site-(punctuation/noun phrases, adverbs /conjunctions/statements/ questions/ commands/ exclamations) • Range of genres • Story writing/report writing- extended writing sessions • Spellings- segment, key words (common exception) spelt correctly • Daily phonics/spelling rules in school • Reading – understanding is very important

  6. Maths • Place value- single, two and three digit numbers • Four number operations: +, -, x and ÷ • Measures- time/ weight/capacity/length • Shape and space (geometry) • Problem solving • Times tables to learn 2,5,10,3 • Fractions (fractions of quantities) • Telling the time: nearest 15 minute intervals • Data handling (statistics)

  7. Topic learning • History/Geography/Art/DT/Music/Science and Computing • RE-Rules/Special books/Milestone in life • Drama based where possible- interactive/hot seating/decision alley/freeze framing • English/writing skills used across curriculum • Book corner

  8. Routines • Maths starter /spelling group- focus group • Daily Maths and English- cross curricular • Topic learning • RE /Science/Computing • Art/DT/PSHCE /Music • P.E • Target setting, spelling test, SPAG and handwriting • Weekly Maths and English • School councillors • Worry box / Reflection area • Star of the Day: Show and tell: Children will receive a sticker the day before. They may bring in a toy to share.

  9. Expectations • A ‘step up’ from Y1 • Learning is fun – expectation to work hard ( across the school) • Reward system in Y2 – positive praise, special stickers! • Arrive at school on time( maths starter/spelling group) • Encourage independence

  10. Year 2 SATs Take place in May Tests: reading(2)/maths(2)/spelling/SPAG Tasks: writing • Parent meeting in February/March • Also, any child who did not pass the PHONICS screening check will resit this in Year 2. (June)

  11. Library • Y2 Library day is Tuesday • Please encourage children to use library • Certificates issued

  12. This is set weekly. The children also have a HOME LEARNING BOOK. This needs to come into school every Friday, so they can complete spellings in them.

  13. Staff • Mrs Rigby. • Mrs Bradley and Mrs Reiach. • Weekly sports coach (Tyler)

  14. Extra activities • Guild Hall Literature Festival • Advent carol service at Abbey • Walk to centre of Bath ( compare city with coast) • Summer picnic and concert – new Reception children

  15. Communication between parents and myself • Open door policy- if you have any concerns then please do pop and see me – two way communication is vital • Start of day (Who is taking your child home?) • End of day ( meetings) always best to make an appointment to see me if a lot of discussion needed • Verbal through your child • I may give you a call

  16. How can parents help? • Spellings • Reading • Times tables • Research around topics • Have fun and enjoy Y2

  17. Thank you ! Children will do their very best when school and home work together . I am very much looking forward to forming a positive relationship with both your child and yourselves. Have a great summer break!