top 10 android game releases this week n.
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Android Game Development, Hire Android Games Developers PowerPoint Presentation
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Android Game Development, Hire Android Games Developers

Android Game Development, Hire Android Games Developers

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Android Game Development, Hire Android Games Developers

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  1. Top 10 Android Game Releases This Week

  2. Android game development is gaining popularity with more entertaining features being released regularly. Users are opting for Android as it is offering games apps to the tech savvy generation. The recent time is seeing Android release new game apps and which has made it all the more popular.

  3. Here are the top 10 Android games released this week: Iron Man 3: This one is the official game of a movie. Tony has become a pacemaker after the events of Iron Man 3. It also features Crimson Dynamo and the mighty M.O.D.O.K, the 4 epic villains from the Iron Man comics.

  4. Field runners 2 This one introduces a bunch of tricks and soldiers, who are ready for conquering the globe. There is a complete group of weapons that try and stop the invaders. You have to defend the world in this game.

  5. Cut the Rope: Time Travel This is an adventure filled game involving candy crunching and some more action. You would enjoy it to the most at each level and join Om Nom travelling for feeding candy to his ancestors.

  6. Anthill This game has an outstanding interface that lets you work with units instead of individuals. All you have to do is protect the hill as you are targeted with enemy bugs. There are four types of ants – the workers, spitters, drones and soldiers.

  7. They Need To Be Fed 2: This is the sequel of They Need to Be Fed, and demands you to run and jump in the 360 degree gravity plat former. The game is not easy as you need to prevent yourself from falling off.

  8. Boulder Dash XL: This one involves graphics and 80’s action puzzler. Numerous monsters would choke your delight and you have to make up to the exit faster than the robots – Rockford and Crystal dig.

  9. Zombie HQ: Re-Volt Classic: With its control methods and retina visuals, Re-Volt Classic is fast paced and offers exciting driving. It brings back the original PC back to life and delivers true to life racing experience. This one would you get you playing it for your city. You need to reclaim your property and scour the streets for getting bigger explosives and guns along with weapons that kill the zombies. You win if you rescue the survivors and airlift them to safety.

  10. Thor: Lord of Storms: This game is a unique and greatly structured interpretation of the Norse Myth. Just choose your hero and fight against the evil forces, using the power of Thunder God and Thor. Win by fighting over the demons, monsters and giants.

  11. Planets Defense: Create, develop and command your space fleet in this 3D space game. Acquire new resources and deploy ne planets. You have to fight for building defensive structures and protecting humans from invasion.

  12. These are the top releases by Android that saw their way in the market this week. Such games are becoming increasingly popular and are being played by more and more Android users. Even the children are enjoying these games to their fullest and are getting an entertainment option for their free time. For customizing your entertainment according to your needs hire android games developers who will make your imagination a reality.