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Android Game Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Android Game Development

Android Game Development

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Android Game Development

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  1. The NineHertz Pvt. Ltd. The NineHertz Pvt. Ltd. Mobile Game Development Company Mobile Game Development Company Game Design Development Solutions Game Design Development Solutions

  2. Guidelines to build a Million Dollar Game App Empire for iPhone usersGuidelines to build a Million Dollar Game App Empire for iPhone users The mobile app market is a billion-dollar business. But it is only a certain kind of apps that makes most of this money. Some of the top grossing apps in the world are the game app. If you want to build a multimillion-dollar game app empire for the iPhone, any competent and Mobile Game Development Company guide you with industry insider information crucial for success. This article will provide insight into how your game app will help you generate millions of dollar in profit. ● experienced should The mobile app market at the whole has grown substantially over the years and industry experts suggest continued growth. In 2018, mobile traffic accounted for 52.2% of the total website traffic Worldwide. With such number, It's no wonder that people are looking at the game app as a modern day Gold Rush. ●

  3. Choosing the Right Mobile Game Development Company ● Many industry experts claim the game app market revenue to surpass $180 billion by 2021. There is immense business potential, yet there are only a few mobile games that are successful in recovering their development expenditure. ● With plenty of mobile game development company around, it has become easier to get the mobile game app developed for iPhone. However, it has become increasingly difficult to create a profitable game app that can generate millions in revenue. ● It takes a lot of things to create a profitable game app. You need to study the target market, come up with the concept for the engaging game and have a strategic plan to monetize it. ● This article breaks down the mobile game app development process into 6 simple steps to help you understand the process. If you follow them closely, you will have an increased chance of making your mark in the mobile gaming industry.

  4. Mobile Game App Development Process Develop original idea - Ideation is the most complex and a very crucial step forward to create a successful mobile game app for iPhone. For a mobile game to be successful, it is important that your idea should be original and better than average. The best way to find a great idea is to come up with something innovative and engaging. Moreover, the idea should be such that appeals to the mass audience to ensure a profit. ● Have a Story - For your game app to be highly successful, you should also come up with the story that will go along with your game app. Stories give players a purpose to finish the game. It does not matter how simple or complex the story is. But there should be a story for your game app. If building a story doesn't come easily to you, here is a set of questions to help you out. By simply answering the following questions about the character, you can craft a great story for your game app ● Make your game app addictive and easy to use - If your game app is easy, players will stick around to fiddle with various components and play the game. But if your game app has a steep learning curve, not many players will have the patience to spend time learning the app game. Besides the ease of use, the game should also have some kind of hook to create an addiction. A little addiction contributes significantly in retaining users to your game. ● Video game development with Unity - Unity game developmentis the fastest way of making game apps. It uses the Unity engine which is powerful and free. It significantly cuts down the development time into a few days or month.Unity game development makes it easy to build level by adding 3D objects of all shapes like cube, spheres, and cylinder. The game development tool comes with different lightning effect and cameras to make your game app look fantastic. The tool also incorporates physics and materials property to make the components in your game app to behave like in the real world. ● The need for stunning design - Creating a design for the mobile game app is much more complicated than creating a design for the normal mobile app. A good design for a mobile game takes into consideration an array of factors such as the story, characters, and the final appearance. The design of the game plays a significant role in differentiating between your game app and your competitor’s. The possibilities are endless with regard to the game app. ●

  5.  Monetization Strategy for your Game App In-app purchase- This is also called a freemium model. The players don't have to pay any upfront fee to download or start playing the game. It is the most common method for mobile game monetization. Since it involves no upfront investment, more and more people are encouraged to download and play the game. However, only about 2% of the download leads to purchase. Yet it is one of the most effective ways to earn income from the player. ● Ads within the app- This is another effective monetization strategy for your game app. The app players don't have to purchase anything, instead, they are shown ads before or after or in between the game. The most game app combines both the strategy i.e. ads with in-app purchases. However, if you choose to show ad within the app, you have to be careful about ad content. Since unrelated or annoying ads can prove counterproductive. ● Premium version- These Mobile Game Development charge users to download and play the game. The premium version is either offered for a free trial or demo, whereby players are asked to pay for further use. Some game app asks for payment straight away, but this significantly reduces the number of purchases. ●

  6. Game Design Development Solutions 2D and 3D Game Development ➢ ckeck Core and Casual Game Designing ➢ ckeck Mobile Game Design and Development ➢ ckeck Game Engine Design and Development ➢ ckeck Social Media Game Development ➢ ckeck Game Testing And Analysis ➢

  7. Mobile Game Development Services HTML5 Mobile Game App Development Window Game Development Android Game Development 2D and 3D Games Development Facebook Game Development iOS Game Development

  8. Technologies to work with Smart Fox Server Unity Unreal Engine Photon HTML 5 Cocos2Dx

  9. Takeaway ● The success of your mobile game app depends on many factors. But the most important one is choosing the right mobile game development company for your mobile game app. That ’s because they should not only be competent in developing your app but should also be able to help you in-game ideation process. This is something that comes only with experience. ● Mobile game app development company that has worked with multiple clients already will bring you gems of experience along with them. A competent Mobile Game Development Company with few years of experience under their belt are well positioned to transform your Idea into a lucrative business. Besides they can also help you with insider knowledge essential for developing a profitable game app for iPhone users.

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