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Drosophila Jeopardy

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Drosophila Jeopardy. Developmental Stages for 100. The Drosophila life cycle consists of ___ stages. What is 4 (egg, larva, pupa, adult)?. Home. Heredity for 100. How many pairs of chromosomes do Drosophila have? What are four pairs?. Home. Mutations for 100.

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developmental stages for 100
Developmental Stages for 100

The Drosophila life cycle consists of ___ stages.

What is 4 (egg, larva, pupa, adult)?


heredity for 100
Heredity for 100

How many pairs of chromosomes do Drosophila have?

What are four pairs?


mutations for 100
Mutations for 100

.Flies with this type of mutation require only one copy of the gene to exhibit the mutation in the phenotype.

What is a Dominant gene?


experiments for 100
Experiments for 100

The reason a fly media is used in genetic crosses of Drosophila.

What is a food/water source?


general characteristics for 100
General Characteristics for 100

How large is the average specimen of Drosophila?

What is 2-4 mm?


developmental stages for 200
Developmental Stages for 200

The pupal stage consists of ___ days.

What is 4 days?


heredity for 200
Heredity for 200

Based on the assumption that a Drosophila has the normal number of autosomes, what would be the sex of a Drosophila having XXY sex chromosomes?

What is female?


mutations for 200
Mutations for 200

Flies that exhibit a “normal” phenotype, the one most common in their population, are said to have this type of phenotype.

What is a wild-type (gene,allele,phenotype)?


experiments for 200
Experiments for 200

Genetic crosses involving Drosophila mutants is generally associated with this type of genetics.

What is forward genetics?


general characteristics for 200
General Characteristics for 200

What is the common term for an instar larva?

What is a caterpillar?


developmental stages for 300
Developmental Stages for 300

The average generation time of Drosophila is ___ to ___ days.

What is 9 to 10?


heredity for 300
Heredity for 300

In Drosophila, eye color follows what pattern or inheritance?

What is X-linked inheritance?


mutations for 300
Mutations for 300

Flies with this mutation produce no red pigment in their eye.

What is the White-eyed mutation?


experiments for 300
Experiments for 300

Overanesthetizing a fruit fly can cause _____ or _____.

What is sterility or death?


general characteristics for 300
General Characteristics for 300

What was the major discovery by Thomas Hunt Morgan using Drosophila?

What is X-linked inheritance?


developmental stages for 400
Name 3 physical differences between male and female Drosophila.

What is body size, wing size, genitalia color, presence/absence of sex combs on forelimbs, or abdomen shape (any 3).

Developmental Stages for 400


heredity for 400
Heredity for 400

Why must virgin females be used in genetic crosses of Drosophila?

What is that females are capable of storing sperm from multiple partners and using it to fertilize eggs at a later time, which could skew results.


mutations for 400
Mutations for 400

There is a form of color mutation in flies that is responsible for building up tan-colored pigments in normal fruit flies. A mutation that produces a deficiency in the production of the mentioned gene will produce this abnormal color body.

What is Ebony(black) or what is the ebony gene?


experiments for 400
Experiments for 400

The phenotypic and genotypic ratios of resulting progeny from a cross between a white-eyed female Drosophila and a red-eyed male.

What is ½ Xw+Xw, red-eyed females and ½ XwY, white-eyed males?


general characteristics for 400
General Characteristics for 400

What year was the Drosophila genome sequenced?

What is 2000?


daily double

___ to ___ hours after emergence, female Drosophila can begin to mate.

What is 8-12 hours?


heredity for 500
Heredity for 500

In Drosophila, sex is determined by the ratio of _________ to _________.

What is the number of X chromosomes to the number of haploid sets of autosomes?


mutations for 500
Mutations for 500

Flies with this recessive mutation have a defect in the second chromosome in their “vestigial gene” that inhibits their ability to fly.

What is the short-winged mutation?


experiments for 500
Experiments for 500

Five reasons Drosophila make a good model organism.

What is they produce many progeny, they are small in size, have a short generation time, are inexpensive, easy to culture/maintain in a lab, have large chromosomes, have many mutations available, a small genome (any 5)?


general characteristics for 500
General Characteristics for 500

What percentage of genes do Drosophila have in common with humans?

What is about 50%?



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