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There are presently nearly two hundred accredited occupational therapy schools

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OTA Schools

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ota schools published by http

OTA Schools

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becoming an occupational therapy assistant

Becoming an occupational therapy assistant can be a great career idea for anyone interested in a job where they will work directly with patients in various rehabilitation settings. Helping those with physical and developmental disabilities, age related needs and even as mental health support staff can be a very diverse, rewarding career, both personally and financially. In order to get the best jobs however, prospective students need to attend the best occupational therapy assistant schools possible, since there will be lots of competition for available jobs after graduation.occupational therapy assistance is an excellent resource for this.

Requirements to Become an Occupational Therapy Assistant

Depending on country and region, requirements in becoming an occupational therapy assistant can differ. In the US, most states dictate that in order to become employed as an OTA, candidates must graduate an accredited learning program, take a national exam to become certified and then take a state exam to obtain a license to practice.


accreditation of qualified schools

Accreditation of Qualified Schools

Due to the very hands on nature of the occupational therapy field, and how demanding the training and educational programs can be, it is recommended that all prospective students attend only accredited occupational therapy assistant schools, or schools which are recognized by their country's OT professional organization.department of occupational therapy is one of the authority sites on this topic.

This usually involves 2 years of general and specialized education and many weeks of clinical experience education, which will prepare students for their upcoming career and help them get the best job possible. By attending an accredited or recommended OTA program, students are assured of having access to the very education they will need to succeed in what is a highly competitive job field, with more graduates seeking employment every year

the job outlook the good news is that according

The Job Outlook

The good news is that according to labor statistics, not only is the medical field in general growing at a faster rate than other industries, but jobs for assistants are as well. especially considering the fact that assistants earn a competitive median salary of $55,000 annually and higher, up to as much as $76,000 annually, depending on their actual position, and the type of practice they work for.If you're looking for more tips, occupational therapist assistant schools online has it for you.

The key to finding this success however, is in attending the best schools. In doing so, students will be prepared for the challenges ahead, as well as find the most job offerings in a variety of different settings and not just hospitals, enabling them to apply to the jobs that suit them best.

summary there are presently nearly two hundred


There are presently nearly two hundred accredited occupational therapy schools in the United States and Puerto Rico and almost all of the schools accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) offer Occupational Therapist Assistant degrees and Master’s Degrees, with many also offering Doctoral degrees.

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