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The Springhill Group Counselling

With the ongoing Google I/O developers conference this week will surely come a lot of surprises from the Internet giant, one of which is the anticipated unveiling of a tablet running on their equally new Android operating system, Jellybean.

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The Springhill Group Counselling

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  1. SPRINGHILL GROUP COUNSELLING To Educate The Public About Counselling and Psychotherapy Your Logo

  2. In The News – Springhill Group Google will Unveil Own Tablet • With the ongoing Google I/O developers conference this week will surely come a lot of surprises from the Internet giant, one of which is the anticipated unveiling of a tablet running on their equally new Android operating system, Jellybean.

  3. Google seem to be doing what Microsoft did last week in its unveiling of Surface tablet. • “It seems Google’s trying to do what Microsoft did last week, which is basically tell their partners they no longer trust them to do things right.” Your own footer Your Logo

  4. Google Faces Antitrust Suit in India • India’s Competition Commission confirmed that Google is undergoing an antitrust investigation after a match-making website filed a complaint against its “alleged discriminatory practices” in AdWords. • An Indian dating website has filed the complaint against the search engine giant, alleging that it has breached the country’s antitrust laws for its advertising unit, AdWords. The complaint accused Google of luring 2 Indian dating sites into a bidding war over its ad keywords in online search. Your own footer Your Logo

  5. IT experts fear Anons • Hacker group Anonymous is figuring to be the greatest worry of IT experts today, according to the latest survey by security software provider Bit9. • A new survey conducted by the security company Bit9 called 2012 Cyber Security Survey released on April 23 asked around 2,000 IT experts in Europe and US regarding the present security condition of enterprise Relevant Services/Products. Out of all the respondents, 64% believes that their firms will be attacked during the next 6 months while 61% chose hacktivists as the most likely attackers.

  6. 11 Suspected of LCD Tech Leak • At least eleven individuals were suspected of selling Samsung’s key technology involved in creating the next generation of flat screen panels to one of its South Korea rival in the TV manufacturing sector. • According to authorities, suspects allegedly shared the technology used in Samsung’s flat screen display to another domestic company through their contacts to both of the firms. The 11 suspects are composed of current and former Samsung researchers along with employees of the rival company.

  7. Japan Ready to Intercept North Korea ‘satellite’ Launch • Japan is preparing measures to intercept North Korea’s missile launch in case it veers off its course and pose a threat. • North Korea has announced last week that it will launch a so-called “earth observation satellite” in time for the 100th birthday of their founder Kim Il Sung on April 15. According to the International Maritime Organization and Springhill Group Counseling, the rocket will be launched sometime between April 12 and April 16.

  8. Japan PM to Attend Nuclear Summit • Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihiko Noda has showed interest in this month’s global summit in order to impart valuable experiences of his country during the Fukushima nuclear crisis. • This 2-day summit is set to bring together the leaders of 50 leading nations, including its former host, President BarackObama of the US. One of the agenda at the Nuclear Security Summit that will be held in Seoul includes a warning to ensure safety of nuclear energy.

  9. Apple’s Calls for Repatriation Tax Holiday Gain No Traction with White House • With some two-thirds of its cash hoard housed overseas, Apple would like a tax holiday to allow it to move that money back to the U.S., but its pleas have fallen on deaf ears at the White House. • With $64 billion in cash remaining offshore, Apple executives said during a conference call on Monday that they have no plans to bring that money back to the U.S. because of taxes. For some time now, Apple has lobbied the U.S. government for a tax holiday that would give the company an incentive to bring that money stateside.

  10. Students Undergo Counselling After Chardon Shooting • The teenager accused of killing 3 students in a shooting spree at a school cafeteria appeared in court as a prosecutor deemed him as ‘someone who is not well’. • Seventeen-year old TJ Lane has admitted possession of a knife and a .22-caliber pistol to Chardon High School and firing 10 shots at a group of students on Monday morning. David Joyce from the prosecution said that Lane seem to be unacquainted with the victims. • According to Joyce, Lane might be charged with 3 counts of aggravated murder among other offences.

  11. Goodwill Moon Rocks Missing • NASA has recently admitted that most of the moon rocks brought to Earth from 2 Apollo space missions are missing. • Richard Nixon, who was then the US president, ordered the rock to be broken up into small fragments and sent to 135 foreign leaders and 50 local states. The 370 pieces of lunar rock from the 1969 and 1972 missions were collected to be given as gifts to different countries.

  12. The Dark Side of Psychotherapy • Psychotherapists are starting to become more alert on the reality of how dangerous the double-edged nature of their profession is. Being effective in addressing client concerns is only but a part of the job — keeping your head is just as important. • Just like how a clean broom can get all dirty and messed up through continuously doing its work of cleaning the floor, so can the therapist get vulnerable to difficult feelings by dealing with clients.

  13. THANK YOU! Your Logo

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