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Chapter 6: Work Motivation

Reesene Choy Alex Pearsall. Chapter 6: Work Motivation. Motivation.

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Chapter 6: Work Motivation

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  1. Reesene Choy Alex Pearsall Chapter 6: Work Motivation

  2. Motivation “Forces coming from within a person that account for the willful direction, intensity, and persistence of the person’s efforts toward achieving specific goals, where achievement is not due solely to ability or to environmental factors”

  3. “6 Ways To Motivate Yourself At Work”

  4. Step 1: Create Early Momentum • Start with a “bang!” • Mentally prepare for the day

  5. Step 2: Think About your Salary • Money is a great motivator. • You are working for money to help achieve things that are important to you in life.

  6. Step 3: Focus on Long-Term Growth • Always another position you can work towards. • Higher positions open up – room for advancement.

  7. Step 4: Only Positive Talk • Keep negative thoughts out of the workplace. • Focus on the positive. • Surround yourself around people that enjoy their work.

  8. Step 5: Compete With Your Peers • Strive to perform better than everyone else around. • Competition can lead to great accomplishments.

  9. Step 6: Personal Pride & Accomplishments • Treat your job with pride. • There is a reason for doing the job you are doing. Focus on that reason.

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