chapter 5 work n.
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Chapter 5: Work

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Chapter 5: Work - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chapter 5: Work. The Language of Composition Thursday, Nov. 17 – Tuesday, Nov. 29 th. Ethos (Ethics). An appeal to a character or person to demonstrate that they are credible and trustworthy Ex: psychologists specializing in adolescent behavior

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Chapter 5: Work

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chapter 5 work

Chapter 5: Work

The Language of Composition

Thursday, Nov. 17 – Tuesday, Nov. 29th

ethos ethics
Ethos (Ethics)
  • An appeal to a character or person to demonstrate that they are credible and trustworthy
    • Ex: psychologists specializing in adolescent behavior
  • Emphasizes shared values between the speaker and the audience
    • Ex: a parent speaks to another parent showing concern
  • A speaker’s reputation immediately causes the audience to listen
    • Ex: “the dog whisperer”
  • The speaker’s expertise, knowledge, experience, training, sincerity, or a combination of these can give the audience a reason for listening
logos reason
Logos (Reason)
  • Writers offer clear, rational ideas that are logical
  • Use of facts, statistical data, or expert testimony as support
  • Can acknowledge a counterarguments (which will strengthen your argument if you refute the validity of the counterargument
pathos emotion
Pathos (Emotion)
  • Difficult to write effectively using only emotional appeals
  • Can use language within the work which does tap into emotions (figurative language, personal anecdotes)
  • Use of visual elements usually evoke a greater emotional appeal
what is work ethic
What is work ethic?
  • Does our society lack work ethics or has our society become workaholics? Why?
  • How does the notion of the American Dream fit into our current society?
  • What types of workers exist in our society?
  • Do you want a job or a career? What’s the difference?
serving in florida barbara ehrenreich
“Serving in Florida”Barbara Ehrenreich
  • Who is Ehrenreich’s audience?
  • How does Ehrenreich establish her ethos in this selection? What part does her relationship with George play in her appeal to ethos?
  • Ehrenreich is both the observer and the writer.
    • How does she make this narrative stance work?
    • Does she shift abruptly between describing what is going on and commenting about it, or does she move smoothly between the two?
    • Provide specific passages.
the atlanta exposition address booker t washington
The Atlanta Exposition AddressBooker T. Washington
  • What appeals to ethos does Washington make in the opening paragraphs? What additional appeals to ethos does he make as the speech proceeds?
  • Identify appeals to both logos and pathos in this speech. Which one is more prevalent? Why do you think Washington emphasized that appeal?
  • What is the prevailing imagery of the final paragraph? Why do you think Washington chose to end this way?
the traveling bra salesman s lesson claudia o keefe
The Traveling Bra Salesman’s LessonClaudia O’Keefe
  • Where in the essay does O’Keefe begin appealing to logos?
  • How does O’Keefe establish her ethos within the first several paragraphs? How would you describe the ethos?
  • Where does O’Keefe address counterarguments? Does she concede or refute them?
  • What is the lesson O’Keefe wants us to learn?
we can do it poster j howard miller
We Can Do It! PosterJ. Howard Miller
  • What characteristics do you associate with the woman depicted in the poster?
  • How does the poster appeal to logos and pathos? How is this poster an argument for women working outside the home?
  • How effective is this appeal on you? Would you be willing to work outside the home?
compare contrast
Compare & Contrast

How are these two images similar and/or different?

the great gapsby society jeff parker
The Great GAPsby SocietyJeff Parker
  • Is the allusion to the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald appropriate? Why?
  • What is the purpose of the expression “old sport”? How does it contribute to the characterization of the man in the suit?
  • How do you think Ehrenreich would respond to this cartoon? Would the cartoon effectively illustrate her work? Why?
  • Complete journal entry #1
  • Read for class on Friday, the 18th(see packet for specific concepts to focus on)

1. Thomas Carlyle from Labour pg. 209-211

2. Tillie Olsen I Stand Here Ironing pg. 224-230

3. Amelia Warren Tyagi “Why Women Have to Work” pg. 238-240

4. Richard SelzerThe Surgeon as Priest pg. 197-204

chapter 5 work1

Chapter 5: Work

Friday, Nov. 18th

  • Complete Journal Entry #2
  • Read for class on Monday, Nov. 21st
    • The Case for Staying Home pg. 240-242
    • Sick Parents Go to Work, Stay Home When Kids Are Ill pg. 242-243
    • My Mother, Myself, Her Career, My Questions pg. 243-245
    • Don’t Call Me Mr. Mom pg. 246-247
    • “Working Parents Play ‘Beat the Clock’” pg. 235-238