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CHE 448 – Chemical Engineering Design PowerPoint Presentation
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CHE 448 – Chemical Engineering Design

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CHE 448 – Chemical Engineering Design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CHE 448 – Chemical Engineering Design. Spring 2006 . Class Nr. 3 Tuesday January 17. Sunrise at Death Sea by Mrs B. Sorin. The Six Official Steps In A Project. 1. Enthusiasm 2. Disillusionment 3. Panic 4. Search for the guilty 5. Blame the innocent 6. Reward the uninvolved.

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CHE 448 – Chemical Engineering Design

Spring 2006

Class Nr. 3


January 17

Sunrise at Death Sea

by Mrs B. Sorin

the six official steps in a project
The Six Official Steps In A Project

1. Enthusiasm2. Disillusionment3. Panic4. Search for the guilty5. Blame the innocent6. Reward the uninvolved

Always acknowledge a fault frankly. This will throw those in authority off their guard and give you the opportunity to commit more. -- Mark Twain

stages of a project
Stages of a Project

Feasibility Study

Basic Engineering

Detail Engineering

Building & Construction


chemical reaction path and molecular structure design
Chemical Reaction Path and Molecular Structure Design
  • Chemical Reaction Path: Find the optimum chemical reaction path to make a given molecule.
  • Molecular Structure Design: Design a molecule with prescribed properties.
chemical reaction path
Chemical Reaction Path
  • How can we produce a given Molecule?
    • Derive all alternative reaction paths,
      • Using available raw materials
      • Using feasible reaction mechanisms
what do we look for
What do we look for?
  • What are the products and yields from a given chemical reaction?
  • What are the reaction mechanisms?
  • Do we need catalysts? Patents, Royalties?
  • Do we require pressure and temperature excursions? Hazards (toxic, irritant)?
  • Are there any difficult separation problems?
  • Are all raw materials available at reasonable price?
  • Are there any undesirable by-products?
decision model for reaction path analysis i
Decision Model for Reaction Path Analysis: I
  • Cost of raw materials
    • Stoichiometry
    • Yield
  • Cost of Utilities
    • Thermochemistry
    • Reaction Conditions (T, P)
    • Separations
      • Property differences
      • Concentrations
      • Percentage recovery
      • Separation conditions (P, T)
decision model for reaction path analysis ii
Decision model for reaction path analysis II
  • Safety- Hazards and Operability Report
    • Properties of reactants and products
    • Reaction and separation conditions
    • Side reactions
  • Reliability
    • Knowledge about reaction and separations
  • Flexibility-Sensitivity
    • Range of conditions/yields

To: Chief Process Engineer

From: J. Dilbert, Plant Manager

Explore the possibility of making Benzene out of our excess Toluene production in our Baton-Rouge, LA, site.

We are selling Benzene at $ 1.17/gal (fob) and we sell Toluene at $ 0.80 /gal. Price per gallon is 46% higher!

Currently we produce and sell about 60 106 gal/year of each (B & T) (~ 200,000 tons/year of each).

We may be able to get additional profits of 22 M$/yr!!