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Unit Four PowerPoint Presentation
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Unit Four

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Unit Four - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit Four. Adjő. What kind of person is a true or reliable friend ?. A friend in need. is a friend in deed. Background. Carrie Allen McCray — a source of southern literature. she was born on October 4,1913. She was an African- American writer. She lived a life devoted to

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Unit Four

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What kind of person is a true or reliable friend ?

A friend in need

is a friend in deed.



Carrie Allen McCray

— a source of southern literature

she was born on October 4,1913. She was an African-

American writer.


She lived a life devoted to

gaining full freedom for blacks in the late 19th and early 20th century.


The writer’s words:

I woke up one morning,

thinking about a lost friend.

It all happened 40 years ago

when I was only 10. I decided

to write a story about it, and

when I did, tears were falling

down on the paper all the time.

a1 put them in right order
A1. Put them in right order:

1. took to each other

2.Stopped speaking to each other

3. Went to Marget’s house uninvited

4. Had a birthday party

5. Stopped going to the writer’s house

6. Met at an American school

7. Had lost of fun

8. Knowing confirmed

9. Was not allowed to enter

10.exchanged autograph books and wrote“Adjo”


a2 skim the text and answer the following questions
A2. Skim the text and answer the following questions:
  • 1. How many parts can the text de divided into ? What is the focus of each part?

Part I (Paragraph 1)----- Describe the writer’s present

Part II (The rest) -----A flashback, taking the readers to what happened years ago

2 how many sections does the flashback consist of
2. How many sections does the flashback consist of?
  • Paragraph 2-5
  • the happy days
  • Paragraph 6- 13
  • the turning point in their relationship
  • Paragraph 14-19
  • tragic ending of a beautiful friendship
3. What does the title mean?
  • Goodbye.
  • 4. Is this a happy or a sad story? How do you know?
  • A sad story, judging from the tragic ending
a3 true or false
A3. True or false:


  • 1.Adjo means friend in Swedish.
  • 2.Marget had once been the good friend of the writer.
  • 3.They began to know each other when the writer was in seventh grade.
  • 4.Marget could speak English well.
  • 5.The two friends had little fun when they stayed together.







  • 6.  The writer arrived at the party early because she wanted to help Marget.
  • 7.Nobody came because Marget was a bad-tempered girl so nobody liked her.
  • 8.Mrs. Swenson asked Marget never to play with the writer because of her skin color.
  • 9.The two friends never spoke to each other since last meeting.




  • She ____________ a tall dark figure watching
  • her.
  • 2. Recently he ___________ wearing a hat.
  • 3. He mentioned her __________ but I didn’t
  • think anything of it at the time.
  • 4. He came to like the painting _______________.
  • 5. Tom __________________ the content and
  • got a rough idea of the book.

was aware of

has taken to

in passing

at the first instant

cast a quick glance at


6. After the snow, the road was so slippery

that the car _______ out of the way.

7. Hearing the news, all the people present

stood there ________.

8. “Yes!” All the children shouted


9. After putting the _______________ on the

painting, he felt very tired but satisfied.


in shock

in a happy voice

finishing touches

summary of the text 1 encounter
Summary of the text:1. encounter

Took to each other at the first instant

I (the author)


Marget (fresh from Sweden)

2 happy time together
2. happy time together

We had so much fun together.

3 birthday party
3. Birthday party

Only Mary came.


Their friends were not coming and the reason was me.

Mrs. Swenson called Marget inside and told something to her.

4 knowing confirmed
4. Knowing confirmed
  • Marget decided to stay away from me. After that , we didn’t speak to each other any more.
5 adjo min van
5. Adjo min van
  • We exchanged our autograph books and I wrote Adjo min van- Goodbye, my friend. I no longer needed her.
  • 1. Listen to the tape, read the text and underline the key points and mark where the students have problems.
  • 2. Learn the new words and phrases by heart.
  • 3. Ex C1 and C2 on page 46.