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Unit Four

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Unit Four

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  1. Unit 1 Unit 6 Unit Four Unit 2 Unit 7 Unit 3 Unit 8 Customs Clearance and Documents Unit 4 Unit 9 Unit 5 Unit 10

  2. Negotiation With the development of each country’s external economy and trade as well as their further opening to the outside world, different states set up more and more customs establishments at ports opening to foreign countries and at places which call for concentrated customs operation. In China, besides the Customs General Administration, there are many customs offices throughout the country. The main task of the Customs General Administration is to lead and organize customs offices to deal with import and export complying with the Customs Law and related state policies and regulations in order to prevent illegal import and export. Lead-in Text A Text B Real Life Practice Practical Writing

  3. Lead-in Listening Spot Dictation 1. Listening Listen to the following passage and choose the best answer to each question. • On whom is the simplified customs declaration system effecfive? • A. Consignors and consignees. • B. Travelers. • C. Customs declaration enterprises. • D. Carriers. • What is the purpose of the reform? • A. To attract more travelers. • B. To improve the investment environment in China. • C. To improve the efficiency of the customs declaration. • D. To absorb more overseas capital. ( ) B ( ) C

  4. Lead-in • 3. According to the passage, which of the following statements is right? A. Any traveler who comes to China for the Olympic Games or Shanghai World Expo needn’t submit a customs declaration card. B. Travelers without anything to be declared will fill out a new version of declaration card. C. Travelers who fail to declare their goods will be exempted from the punishment of the customs. D. Travelers with or without anything to be declared will enjoy this preferential treatment. D ( )

  5. Listening Listen to the following passage and choose the best answer to each question. China has simplified its customs declaration system to facilitate inbound and outbound travel. The new system makes sure that travelers who don't have anything to declare will have a quick access to a green passage through the customs without submitting a customs declaration card. The reform aims to better serve the Olympic Games and also the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Travelers who do have anything to declare will be required to fill in a new simplified version of declaration card. Customs officials say those who fail to declare their goods will still be subject to punishment under relevant regulations.

  6. Spot Dictation 2. Spot Dictation Part 1 Listen to the dialogues again and fill in the blanks with the missing information. All the 1____________________ should be cleared through the customs before release. For the customs clearance, 2_________________________ may declare to the customs by themselves or entrust 3_________________________ on their behalf. Filling in 4____________________ for import and export goods is necessary, which should follow 5____________________. And both 6____________________ and 7____________________ can be used in the declaration procedures and both are legally effective. ( ) import and export goods ( ) the consignor and consignee ( ) customs declaration enterprises ( ) the declaration form ( ) the customs regulations ( ) electronic declaration form ( ) paper declaration form

  7. Spot Dictation Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks with the missing information. All the import and export goods should be cleared through the customs before release. For the customs clearance, the consignor and consignee may declare to the customs by themselves or entrust customs declaration enterprises on their behalf. Filling in the declaration form for import and export goods is necessary, which should follow the customs regulations. And both electronic declaration form and paper declaration form can be used in the declaration procedures and both are legally effective.

  8. Text A New Words and Expressions Reading Comprehension Vocabulary Translation

  9. New Words and Expressions • declaration n. 书面通知 territory n. 领土(的范围) • formality n. 传统上或法律上的手续 • cargo n. (用船或飞行器运载的)货物 • conveyance n. 运送;传送 • supervision n. 监督; 管理 • discharge v. 卸下(船上的货物) • undertake v. 负起(某事物)的责任 • combat v. 跟……作斗争 • smuggling n. 走私活动 • exempt v. (~from)豁免, 免除 • quarantine n. (对可能患传染病的人或动物的)隔离(期间) • mortgage v. 抵押 • specification n. [pl.] 规格;规格说明 • irregularity n. 不规则;不合常规 • waiver n. 弃权(书)

  10. Reading Read the passage and answer the following questions. • Why do all the import and export cargoes need declaring to the customs? • What’s the function of China Customs? • What should customs officers do before releasing import or export cargoes? ( ) In order to be released by the customs. ( ) To control inward and outward means of transportation, goods and articles; to collect customs duties, taxes and related charges; to combat smuggling; to compile customs statistics and handle other customs matters. ( ) Examine the cargoes to be declared.

  11. Reading • Could you list a few documents of import declaration different from export? • 5. What does the cargo-owner or agent do when the cargo is under the customs inspection? ( ) Declaration of nonwood package and documents on the basis of which tax reduction or waiver of inspection is claimed. ( ) Perform their responsibilities upon the customs officers’ demand.

  12. Reading Declaration • Import & Export • 1 Before released by the customs, all arrivals in and departures from the customs of a country must go through the customs of that country. In international trade, that is to say, all the for import and export by means of , such as vessels, trains, vehicles and civil aircraft must be declared to the customs first before passing through the customs. • For the customs declaration, the relevant documents of declarations must be submitted to the customs. Meanwhile the cargoes must be under the supervision and inspection by the customs officers. With the permission of the customs officers, the cargoes may be or loaded and the conveyance continues on its way. territory formalities cargoes conveyance _________ discharged n. a means of transport 运送,传送  We are forwarding the goods by conveyance of train to your address.  The cargo agent is responsible for arranging the conveyance to deliver the goods. conveyancer n. 运输者,传达者 conveyance losses 运输损失 n. management by overseeing the performance or operation of a person or group 监督;管理  The import and export of cargo should be under the supervision of the customs. supervision in advance 事前监督 supervision of freight traffic revenues 货运收入的监督 n. goods carried by a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle 货物  A cargo of steel was lost at sea.  The ship arrived in Hong Kong with a cargo of electrical goods. cargoboat n. 货船 cargo boat note 卸货记录 cargo agent 货运代理人 n. a region marked off for administrative or other purposes 领土;版图;领地  The sales vary from territory to territory. territory rights clause 销售地区权利条款 territory of use 使用地区 n. the act of declaring 书面通知  From April 2000, submission of trade declarations by electronic means becomes compulsory in Hong Kong. declaration form 报关单 ① vt. to remove (the cargo) from (a boat, etc); unload 卸货  The workers discharged the containers at the port. ② n. discharging or being discharged 卸货 discharger n. 卸货人 n. action required by convention or law 例行手续,正式手续  One should go through the customs formalities first when arriving or leaving a country. export/import formality 进出口手续 customs formality 海关手续 进出口报关 海关放行前,所有出入某国关境的货物或人都必须办理该国的验关手续。国际贸易实务中,也就是说,所有通过船只,火车,汽车或飞机等运输工具运输的进出口货物在通关前必须报关。 报关就必须向海关提交报关所需的单证。同时货物必须接受海关官员的管理和查验。只有在海关官员批准后,才能装卸货,运输工具才能离开海关现场。

  13. Reading 2 The customs represents the State in both domestic and foreign affairs, and executes administrative power legally and independently. Furthermore, it is also the entry/exit supervision and administration organ of the State. China Customs is one of the administrative bodies of China belonging to the national administrative system, under the direct administration of the State Council. According to the Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, China Customs mainly four essential tasks: 1. To control inward and outward means of transportation, goods and articles; 2. To collect customs duties, taxes and related charges; 3. To ; 4. To compile customs statistics and handle other customs matters. undertakes combat smuggling ① n. a fight, conflict, or struggle 斗争;战斗;争斗 ② vt. to struggle or strive (against); be in conflict (with) 跟……作斗争;反对  In the long run, we should combat extravagance and waste.  In order to maintain a normal and sound economic order, we should combat speculation. combatant a. 好斗的,参加战斗的 combative a. 好战的,斗志旺盛的 vt. to contract to or commit oneself to (sth) or (to do sth) 承担;接受;保证;从事;进行  I agree to undertake the agent of northern district.  I can’t undertake that you will receive your orders on time. undertaker n. 承办者,承担者 1.监管进出境运输工具、货物; 2.征收关税和其他税; 3.查缉走私; 4.编制海关统计和办理其他海关业务。 海关对内对外代表国家,依法独立行使行政管理权。另外,海关是国家进出境监督管理机关。中国海关是国家行政管理部门,属于国家行政管理系统的一部分,并且直接隶属国务院。根据中华人民共和国海关法和其他相关法律法规,中国海关主要承担四项基本任务: n. secretly importing prohibited goods or goods on which duty is due 走私活动  Smuggling between Hong Kong and Mainland is still serious, particularly smuggling by sea.  For protecting intellectual property rights, cracking down on smuggling of pirated compact discs is advocated. smuggle vt. 走私

  14. Reading • 3 In a word, the mission of China Customs is to guard the national gateway and provide service. • In order to receive the customs’ permission to import or export, the cargoes, except for those specially by having the shipper/receiver application and approval from the Customs General Administration, must be subject to commodity inspection besides animal or plant , medical tests, or other state restrictions. • The cargo-owner or agent is required to be present when the cargo to be cleared is examined by customs officers and also has the responsibility to move, open or restore the packing upon the customs’ demand. Without the customs’ approval, no one shall open, pick up, deliver, forward, change, repack, or transfer the cargo supervised by the customs, or change the identification marks of such cargo. exempted quarantine mortgage ① vt. to pledge (a house or other property) as security for the repayment of a loan 抵押 A lot of young people mortgage a house nowadays. ② n. an agreement under which a person borrows money to buy property 抵押 The house is a mortgage. mortgager n. 抵押人 mortgagee n. 承受抵押者 mortgage assets 抵押资产 mortgage company 抵押放款公司 vt. to release from an obligation, liability, tax, etc 豁免,免除(from)  Food is exempt from sale tax.  Nonprofit — made organization is exempt from tax. exemptible a. 可享豁免权的 exemption n. 免除, 豁免 ① n. a period of isolation or detention, esp of persons or animals arriving from abroad (在港口或边境为避免疾病传染对人畜等的)拘留, 隔离措施  A ship in quarantine shows a yellow flag called the quarantine flag. ② vt. to isolate in or as if in quarantine 对……进行检疫;隔离  Export animals and plants shall be quarantined by the port animal and plant quarantine office. quarantine authority 检疫机构 quarantine certificate 检疫证书 quarantine fee 检疫费 海关官员查验报关的货物时,货主或代理人要求到场,并有责任按照海关要求搬动,拆封或恢复包装。没有海关允许的情况下,任何人都不得开拆,提取,交付,发运,调换,改装,抵押或者转让海关监管的货物,也不得更改该货物的识别标志。 总之,中国海关的主要任务就是守卫国家大门和提供海关服务。 进出口过程中为了顺利通关,除了经由发货人或收货人申请特批并获得海关总署同意外,所有的货物除了动植物检验检疫,药检,和其他国家进出口限制外,都要接受商检。

  15. Reading 5 The checking aspects of the cargo going through the customs are all-round in the course of the examination, including inspection of the shipping marks, number of packages, weight, of the cargo, and checking to see whether the trading countries correspond with those on the licences, whether the cargo accords with relevant regulations on foreign trade, whether there is damage to or loss of cargo, whether the quality and packing of export goods are up to requirements, and whether there is in loading, discharging or storing. The examination of the customs is a necessary measure for fighting smuggling and revenue collection. specifications irregularity n. a detailed description of the criteria for the constituents, construction, appearance, performance, etc 详细说明,规范,规格,技术说明  All these parts were machined strictly to specification.  The specifications of the goods are required when filling the customs declaration. specification manual 规格手册(说明书) specification cost 特定成本,规定成本 specifications standard 规格标准 n. the state or quality of being irregular 不规则;不合常规  China Securities Regulatory Commission(CSRC)has conducted an investigation into irregularity in share dealings. regular a. 规则的, 有规律的; 固定的 irregular a. 不规则的; 无规律的; 不合常规的 通关中海关的查验是多方面的,包括唛头,包装数量,重量,货物的规格,交易国是否和许可证上的一致,货物是否符合外贸相关规定,货物是否有折损,出口货物的包装是否符合规定,货物的装卸,存放是否规范。海关的查验是查缉走私和关税征收的必要手段。

  16. Reading 6 The relevant documents required for declaration can be classified into three categories: banking and financial documents, commercial documents, and documents for government regulation. For import clearance, the documents include import licence, import cargo declaration form, bill of lading or airway bill, commercial invoice, declaration of non-wood package, packing list and documents on the basis of which tax reduction or waiver of inspection is claimed. While the documents required for export clearance are export cargo declaration, shipping order, commercial invoice, bill of lading or airway bill, certificate of origin, export cargo inspection form, foreign exchange settlement certificate and packing list. 7 Here are three basic steps for import or export declaration in China: 1. Application for declaration; 2. Inspection of the goods and the accompanying documents by customs officials; 3. Release/Clearance from customs. _____ n. the voluntary relinquishment, expressly or by implication, of some claim or right 放弃,弃权(书)  You could always plea for a waiver of the penalty if it was your first time to commit this mistake.  If you want to work without a permit, you will have to apply for a waiver. waiver of obligation 债务免除 waiver of the right of indemnity 放弃索赔权 报关所需的单证可以分为三类:金融单证,商业单证和用于政府管制的单证。对于进口通关来说,主要包括进口许可证,货物进口报关单,航运提单或空运提单,商业发票,非木质包装证明,装箱单以及减免税收的证明或者查验放弃声明。而出口报关所要求的单证包括出口报关单,装货单,商业发票,航运提单或空运提单,原产地证明,出口货物检验单,结汇证明和装箱单。 在中国,进出口报关主要有三大步骤: 1. 申报 2. 进出口货物及相关单证的查验 3. 放行

  17. Comprehension Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Complete the following table of the text structure. All the cargoes for import and export must be declared to the customs before released by the customs. ( ) ( ) Para.2&3 ( ) ( ) The inspection and documents requirements of the customs declaration. Para.4Para.6

  18. Comprehension Part 2 Classify the following documents properly. • Documents for import clearance: _______________________ • Documents for export clearance: ______________________ 1.Foreign exchange settlement certificate 7.airway bill 2.Import licence 8.import cargo declaration form 3.Commercial invoice 9.export cargo declaration 4.Bill of lading 10.export cargo inspection form 5.Declaration of non-wood packing 11.packing list 6.Shipping order 12.certificate of origin 13.Documents on the basis of which tax reduction or waiver of inspection is claimed ( ) 4, 7, 3, 5, 11, 2, 8, 13 ( ) 1, 4, 7, 3, 6, 11, 12, 9, 10

  19. Vocabulary Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 • 1. The consignee should be informed of the ____________ (arrival) date of the shipment. • 2. The imports have to apply for a(n) _________ (export) licence for each specific purchase. • 3. After the inspection of the customs officers, the cargo?鄄owner or agent is responsible for _________ (store) the packing of the cargoes. Part 1 Fil in the blanks with the antonyms or synonyms of the words given in the brackets. Change the form where necessary. ( ) departure import ( ) ( ) restoring

  20. Vocabulary ( ) discharged • 4. After it ____________ (load) its cargo of coal, the ship left for Hong Kong. • 5. The ship is _________ (inward) bound. • 6. The _________ (receiver) accepts liability for any loss of or damage to the package after delivery. • 7. To _________ (pack) the cargo will postpone the shipment. • 8. In examination, the customs officers will inspect if there is any _________________(regular) in cargo-handling. ( ) outward ( ) shipper ( ) repack ( ) irregularity

  21. Vocabulary ( ) identification • 9. Singapore Customs will place ______________(identify) marks on the goods at the point of entry or verify serial numbers against the relevant documents before release. • 10. The customs ______________(declare) form must be filled out before going through the customs. declaration ( )

  22. Vocabulary Part 2 Match the expressions on the left with the explanations on the right. B D F H J I G E C A

  23. Vocabulary Part 3 Complete the sentences with the following expressions. Change the form where necessary. by means of pass through instead of be subject to in the course ofaccord with be up to classify into ( ) are subject to • Tariffs imposed on import cargoes ____________________ the customs regulations. • ____________________ cash payment, payment on the Web in the paperless customs declaration is preferred. • It involves many documents ____________________ customs clearance. • 4. In order to ____________________ the customs, one should prepare all the required documents well and go through the customs formalities. Instead of ( ) ( ) in the course of ( ) pass through

  24. Vocabulary by means of pass through instead of be subject to in the course ofaccord with be up to classify into • Procedures for the submission of import and export declarations are simplified ____________________ EDI (电子数据交换). • The cargo-owner or agent must ____________________ the detailed arrangement of the customs officers. • Based upon different modes of trade, customs clearance can be ____________________ different types. • 8. Whether the cargo will be declared ____________________ the customs standards which determine whether it will be released or not. ( ) by means of ( ) accord with ( ) classified into ( ) is up to

  25. Vocabulary Part 4 Complete the following passage with proper expressions in the text. ( ) cargoes In order to clear their import or export 1____________, according to the requirements of Customs Law and relevant laws and 2____________, the shipper/receiver or the customs clearance agents can choose to adopt electronic declaration bills or paper declaration bills to 3____________ the cargoes to the customs at the entry/exit ports or borders within a regulated period of time (within 14 days from the date of entry for 4____________ goods, or 24 hours before goods loading in customs 5____________ zone for export goods) and they must 6____________ the required materials, such as invoices, packing lists, and other relevant 7____________ for the customs officers to 8____________. If there is any delay because of failure of declaration to the customs within the regulated time, the customs shall impose the delay penalty on them 9____________________ regulations. After the customs accepts the declaration of import/export cargoes, the electronic or paper declaration bills cannot be modified or cancelled, unless there are sound reasons with the 10____________ of the customs. ( ) regulations ( ) declare ( ) import ( ) supervision ( ) submit ( ) documents ( ) examine ( ) corresponding with approval ( )

  26. Translation Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 1 Translate the following terms into Chinese. • import & export declaration 6. customs territory • customs officer 7. the administrative body • the State Council 8. domestic and foreign affairs • the General Administration of Customs 9. animal or plant quarantine • 5. identification mark 10. revenue collection ( ) 进出口报关 ( ) 关境 ( ) ( ) 海关官员 ( ) 政体 ( ) ( ) 国内外事务 国务院 ( ) 动植物检疫 海关总署 ( ) ( ) 识别标志 ( ) 征税

  27. Translation Part 2 Translate the following sentences into English. • 所有进出口货物必须先通关。 • 通关过程一般包括申报、查验和放行三个环节。 • 物通关时要提交必要的单证并接受海关官员的检查。 ( ) All the import and export cargoes must be declared to the customs. In the procedure of customs declaration, there are usually three steps: application for declaration, inspection of the goods and release from the customs. ( ) Going through the customs, the necessary documents must be submitted and the cargoes must be under the inspection of the customs. ( )

  28. Translation • 进出口业务涉及的单证包括三大类:金融单证、商业单证和用于政府管制的单证。 • 海关的主要职责有四项:进出境监管、征收关税和其他税、缉查走私以及编制海关统计。 Documents involved in the import and export business include banking and financial documents, commercial documents, and documents for government regulation. ( ) ( ) The main tasks of the customs are the entry and exit supervision, revenue collection, antismuggling combat and customs statistics compilation.

  29. Translation Part 3 Translate the following passage into Chinese. • Electronic Declaration(ED) refers to the way in which the consignor and consignee of export and import goods or the agent declaration enterprises transmit to the customs the electronic data of customs declaration and the relevant attached documents via the computer system — Electronic Declaration System(EDS) — an automatic information management system. ( ) 电子报关是指发货人和收货人或者报关代理公司通过电子报关系统这种自动化信息管理系统将报关所需的电子数据和相关单证传送至海关。

  30. Text B New Words and Expressions Reading Comprehension Vocabulary

  31. New Words and Expressions • consistency n. 一贯性;一致性 • unify v. 使成一体;使统一;使一致 • detach v. 分开;拆开 • vacant a. 空的;未占满的;未占用的 • duplicate n. 相似物;复制品 • in duplicate (指文件等)一式两份

  32. Reading New Regulations on Customs Clearance Between Mainland and HK 1 It is reported from Customs General Administration, from January 1, 2005, China Customs adopts the new regulations of Declaration Form for the Import/Export Goods between Mainland China Customs and Hong Kong Customs. This declaration form is “filled up at one time, used by all”. 中国大陆与香港通关新规定 从海关总署获悉,2005年1月起,中国大陆海关及香港海关陆路进出境载货清单将投入使用,这种载货清单实现了“一次填报,共同使用”。

  33. Reading The transportation enterprise may fill up the form at one time, which saves the transportation enterprise and carrier much time and lower the cost when they go through the formalities of customs clearance, at the same time, it helps to enhance the accuracy and of the trade statistics of the mainland and Hong Kong, improve the trade business and efficiency of customs clearance between the mainland and Hong Kong, and lay good foundation for the share of customs statistics between the two places. It is a pioneering action for the declaration form between Mainland China Customs and the Customs of other regions. consistency unifying vt. to make or become one; unite 使成一体, 统一; 使一致  The cooperation unified these small companies into a group. unified a. 统一的,一元化的 unified management 统一经营 unified model 统一模式 unification n. 联合, 统一, 一致; 标准化 运输企业一次完成清单填制,节省了运输企业及承运人办理通关手续的时间和通关成本,同时也有助于提高两地贸易数据统计的准确性和一致性,提高了两地间贸易和通关效率,为两地海关将来进行通关数据共享打下了良好的基础, 开创了内地海关和不同关境地区海关统一业务单证的先河。 n. agreement or harmony between parts of something complex 连贯性;一致性  What he claimed in the arbitration court lacked consistency. consist vi. (与……)一致; 并存, 并立(with)

  34. Reading • When the Declaration Form for the Import/Export Goods between Mainland China Customs and Hong Kong Customs is adopted, the customs can conduct efficient supervision by checking the declaration form for the imported and exported goods; the tow truck, the carriage and the container of the carriers can be freely combined or when entering or leaving the territory, which helps the carriers to make rational arrangements for the vehicles and containers, thus lowering the operational cost. • From January 1, 2005, the two places’ vehicles, which enter or leave the mainland or Hong Kong, will make the declaration by filling up the same special form particularly prepared for vacant vehicles. detached vacant in duplicate ① n. an exact copy; double 两个相同的东西;一式两份,第一副本  Please sign the receipt in duplicate. ② a. copied exactly from an original 双重的;两个一样的  The buyer kept the duplicate documents of the original. 3)vt. to make a replica of 复写, 复制, 使加倍, 使成双  For it sold well,the manager duplicated the order. in duplicate 一式两份 duplicate copy (第一)副本 duplicate invoice 发票副本 vt. to disengage and separate or remove分开, 解开, 分离  Do not detach the coach from the train.  Mr. Brett detached a check from the checkbook. detachable a. 可分开的,可分离的 detachment n. 脱离, 分离, 拆开 a. without any contents; empty空的; 空缺的; 空白的  They compete with each other for the vacant leadership.  The hotel is full, and no vacant room is left. vacant room 空房 vacant state 未满状态 中国大陆海关及香港海关陆路进出境载货清单使用后,海关通过核对进出境载货清单有关内容便可进行有效监管,运输企业车辆的拖头,拖架和货柜可自由组合,分开进出境,方便了承运人合理调度安排车辆和货柜,降低了企业的营运成本。为降低使用成本, 从2005年1月起,两地空车进出境使用一式两联的空车专用中国海关及香港海关陆路进出境载货清单申报。

  35. Comprehension Complete the following sentences according to the text. • 1. The new regulations act on • The benefits brought by the new regulation are • he new regulations help the carriers ( ) the Declaration Form for the Import/Export Goods between Mainland China Customs and Hong Kong Customs. ① saving time and lowering the cost ② helping enhance the accuracy and consistency of the trade statistics ③ improving the trade business and efficiency of customs clearance ④ laying good foundation for the share of customs statistics ( ) ( ) make rational arrangements for the vehicles and containers

  36. Vocabulary Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 Fill in the blanks with appropriate words to complete the summary of the text. The newly 1_________ regulations that 2_________ the declaration form between the mainland and Hong Kong save the time and cost of the customers. In addition, they help the customs of the two places to compile and share customs 3_________. The optimized customs operation makes the 4_________ arrangement more convenient for the carriers and also increases the 5_________ of the customs clearance. adopted ( ) ( ) unify ( ) statistics ( ) rational efficiency ( )

  37. Vocabulary Part 2 Complete the sentences with the following expressions. Change the form where necessary. regulate accurate administrate pioneer consist operation efficient supervise ( ) administration • The customs ______________ of the late Qing Dynasty in China changed greatly because of the introduction of the modern customs ____________ system from the West. • Non-declaring or unauthentic declaring of the goods conveyed across the customs border is the violation of customs ______________. • 3. The ____________ statistics collection from the customs can be used for various purposes. ( ) administration ( ) regulations ( ) accurate

  38. Vocabulary regulate accurate administrate pioneer consist operation efficient supervise ( ) consistency • The _______________ of goods traffic would save the transportation cost. • Tianjin Customs District took the ____________ step to create the regional customs declaration. • Reform of the customs service must be deepened to make customs clearance more _________. • New measures should be taken to further facilitate customs clearance and to improve customs _______________. • 8. Optimizing customs’ ______________ environment will help the cultivation of a sound investment environment. ( ) pioneering ( ) ( ) efficient ( ) supervision operational ( )

  39. Real Life Practice Role-play Mr. Li, the first time to do export business, asks a customs officer where and how to declare his goods in the customs declaration hall. The customs officer tells him the declaration counter and procedure of declaring goods as well as the documents needed. Make a dialogue with your partner using the information in the text.

  40. Practical Writing • Completing a Customs Declaration Form The following is a part of the customs form used by vessel carriers to list all inward cargoes on board and for the clearance of all cargoes on board with commercial forms in the USA. Relevant Information

  41. Practical Writing 3 3

  42. Practical Writing Finish the following customs declaration form with the relevant information in page 50. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) DANU BHUM/S009 CHINA 9422574 5H-978 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) HONG KONG NEW YORK JUNE, 2008 JIM 15:00 P.M.