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sap ps online training in usa,uk

<br>SPECTO IT TRAINING offers corporate training on advanced SAP with certification and we also providing training on all standard courses they are more than 180 <br><br>courses are available in our training centre.<br>Some of them are like PS,SRM,MDG,GRC,EHS,SECURITY,APO,SRM,HR US AND UK AND AUSTRALIA PAYROLL,HCM,HANA,TESTING ...........etc.All our traininers are real time <br><br>experts and have excellent teaching skills.<br>SPECTO we focus directly on main points and delivering the right skills,SAP PS Online Training provides facilities like study at home & flexible time table.<br><br>www.spectoittraining.com is providing sap PS online training.<br>By Real Time Experts in USA,uk,australia,singapore,canada,india,south africa,malaysia.<br>SAP PS online training. full courses details please visit our<br>website:www.saponlinetraining.in,For any further details please <br>contact India 91-9533456356,USA : 1-847-787-7647.<br>http://spectoittraining.com/<br>http://spectoittraining.com/sap-ps-online-training/

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sap ps online training in usa,uk

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  1. Sap PS(Project System) Online Training in Singapore CONTACT US: SPECTO IT TRAINING INDIA +91-9533456356 USA :+1-847-787-7647 info@spectoittraining.com www.spectoittraining.com www.saponlinetraining.in https://www.facebook.com/spectoittraining/ http://www.saponlinetraining.in/sap-ps-online-training/

  2. ABOUT OUR SPECTO IT COMPANEY • Specto technology is a leading training institute in the online world • We provide work based training, according to your specific educational and technical needs • We have one excellent centre fully operational training • We provide 24/7 access server to help our trainees practice exercises • Specto IT name :SAP PS(PROJECT SYSTEM)24*7 technical support • Faculty : real time experience • Specto trainings : it is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide • We are providing best online training forSAP PS(PROJECT SYSTEM)We offer investment options to our students, if necessary www.spectoittraining.com

  3. SAP PS(PROJECT SYSTEM) Training in Australia SAP PS OVERVIEW:- SAP Project Systems (PS): • This SAP Module is where you can manage your projects, large and small, including Make to order, Plant shut downs (as a project), Third party billing (on the back of a project) • Project System provides tools to track project milestone, costs and resources. SAP's Project System module contains tight integration to the Controlling, Human Resources, and Logistics modules. It utilizes personnel records from HR, rolls costs into Controlling and links to materials or customers in the Logistics modules. www.spectoittraining.com

  4. Sap PS(Project System) online training SAP PS Online Training Course Content Introduction •  Project Management / Project System •  Project types & PS •  Planning Types •  Project Vs Project System •  Integration with Other modules Structures •  Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) •  Network •  Activities •  Relationships •  Sub networks •  Milestones •  Standard structures

  5. Sap PS(Project System) online training Dates • Types of Dates • Settings for Scheduling Parameters • Presentation of Dates in the Graphics • Scheduling Functions • Dates in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) • Scheduling the Work Breakdown Structure • Network Scheduling • Scheduling the Overall Network • Overall Network Scheduling with Selection Option • Scheduling with Service/Maintenance Orders

  6. Sap PS(Project System) online training Costs • Cost Planning • Orders for Projects • Project Cost Forecast • Budget Management for Projects • Availability Control • Commitments Management (CO) • Funds Commitment (Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Projects) • Automatic and Periodic Allocations Revenues and Earnings • Billing Plans in WBS Elements • Project-Related Incoming Orders • Transfer Prices for Projects • Sales Pricing and Quotation Creation

  7. Sap PS(Project System) online training • Payments • Project Cash Management • Manual Payment Planning • Calculating the Payment Flow Automatically • Recording Actual and Commitment Payment Data • Resources • Capacity Leveling in the Project System • Executing Capacity Leveling (PS) • Workforce Planning

  8. Sap PS(Project System) online training Material • Procurement Management • Material Assignment to Networks • Activating Requirements • Material Availability Check • Activating Requirements • Material Assignment to Standard Networks • Project stock • Grouping for Individual Project Planning • Bill of Material Transfer • Delivery from Projects • Monitoring Dates • Assembly Processing in the Project System • Project-Oriented Procurement (ProMan)

  9. Sap PS(Project System) online training Production Resources/Tools (PRT) • PRT – Detail Study • Production Resource/Tool (PRT) Availability Check • Confirmation • Confirmation Directly in the Project System • PS-CON • PDC Simulation • Creating Simulation Versions • Transfer of Operative Data and Simulation Data • Evaluating Simulation Versions Versions • Project Version – detail study • Project Versions in the Information System

  10. Sap PS(Project System) online training Project Progress • Progress Analysis Process • Milestone Trend Analysis (MTA) • Progress Tracking Workflow • Preparation and Customizing • Standard Tasks in the Project System • User-Defined Standard Tasks and Workflow Tasks in Milestones • Purchase Order Change • Configuration Change Management (PS) Project Information System • Working with the Information System • Technical Project Reports • Commercial Project Reports • Project  Summarization

  11. Sap PS(Project System) online training Budget: • Original budget • Budget release • Budget supplement • Budget return • Budget carry forward • Period end closing: • Project settlement • Profitability analysis • Result analysis

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