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SAP grc online training | Online SAP grc Training in usa, uk PowerPoint Presentation
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SAP grc online training | Online SAP grc Training in usa, uk

SAP grc online training | Online SAP grc Training in usa, uk

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SAP grc online training | Online SAP grc Training in usa, uk

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  1. SAP HR online training

  2. About us: • Smart Mind Online Training following a succeeding career in IT sector.  Smart Mind Online is a global leading IT Training provider. We specialized in providing Online Training services on hadoop, java, oracle and sap all modules. We teach students and train them for IT profession. Also, we will provide job support by  IT professionals for job. • Smart Mind Online Training offers Virtual room coaching as a accomplished and efficient to site-based and sophistication Online Training. Virtual class room could be a web-based setting that enables you to participate in live coaching events while not the necessity to travel. Our Passion is to teach every student in real time. • Smart Mind Online Training is an IT Solutions company specializing in custom software development, IT Training and development courses. Smart Mind Online Training provides best Training including web application development, and software development Training. We work to conceptualize and realize, Sap application development. Our Online web services include custom development, We offer Corporate and Individual Trainings on the following skills like hadoop, Java, Oracle, Dotnet, Data warehouse, Sap Modules, etc.

  3. Enterprise Structure • Personnel Structure • Organizational Management

  4. Overview of GRC • Access Control 10.0: Introduction • Access Control 10.0: Landscape • segregation of duties • SOD Risk Management Process Overview • Risk Remediation Overview • The GRC Architecture • GRC Components • GRC 10.0 Post-Installation

  5. ARA (Access Risk Analysis) • Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set • Analyze and Manage Risk • Maintain a Critical Access Rule • Role Level Simulation • User Level Simulation • Perform Ad Hoc Risk Analysis • Mitigating Risks

  6. EAM (Emergency Access Management) • Emergency Access Management Configuration • Maintain Owners and Controllers in Central Owner Maintenance • Assign Owners to Firefighter IDs • Assign Controllers to Firefighter IDs • Assign Firefighter Users to Firefighter IDs • Maintain Reason Codes • Monitoring Emergency Access • Review a Log Report

  7. ARM (Access Request Management) • Business Rules Framework • Maintaining MSMP Workflow • Customize Workflow • Settings Specific to Provisioning and Managing   Users • End User Personalization Forms • Create an Access Request • BRM (Business Role Management) • Configuring Role Management • Roles-Specific Configuration Options • Configuring Role Methodology • Settings for Condition Groups • Maintain Owners for Role Management • Create a Single Role • Mass Managing Roles

  8. Smart mind online training providing • Online Training supported specific desires of the learners particularly we arae going to offer innovative one to at least one category that hs nice opportunities within the present IT market. We provide corporate course to challenge today’s competitive IT world. Learners will grasp the technology-subject from our extremely skilled & certified trainers which is able to be serving to the Students to figure in real time projects. Learners will select either regular course or weekend coaching categories. We are the one in the entire highest leading SAP grc provider from India

  9. Contact us: • Contact us: • India:+91 9949599844 • USA:+1-347-606-2716 •

  10. Thank you