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many ways to make money online

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review various business model to make money online

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many ways to make money online

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many ways to make money online

Many Ways to Make Money Online

  • There are many ways to make money online. Each will have its own characteristics and challenges. Depending on your plan, I thing it is best way is to begin it as a hobby or part time  job. This is because, like most business, the income is uncertain. If you can afford the period without any reasonable income, then you can pursue it on full time.
social network
Social Network
  • Social networks are mainly used to keep touch with your family or closed ones. It had been used as an effective marketing tools. There are companies that pay people to insert pages and profile. There are of course the business model behind it, as the company will have the right to insert advertisements to generate revenue.
  • There are number of ways to earn money. Blogs can be viewed as the advertising channels, a place to promote goods and services. Many people insert the revenue per click advertisements such as adsense. You can also use it to sell affiliate products such as products from clickbanks.
create message board
Create Message Board
  • Message board is a way to promote your products. They normally focus on a small niche market and get paid through the posting fees.
  • Similarly advertisement sites can charge for each entry for a specific length of time.
selling your photographs
Selling Your Photographs
  • If you like photography then you may want sell your photos.  The likes of iStockPhoto and Fotolia are some of the sites that offer opportunities for photographers to put their photos for sale. The photographer will get certain % earned as the photos are downloaded.
online surveys
Online Surveys
  • There are many sites that offer free paid surveys. My personal opinion is not very positive, as it is not that easy to earn money. The survey will not come easily. Of course the registration is free. The site that sell the list of companies are making money from innocent customers, as the list of survey companies can be obtained free from the internet. I had included some of the companies in this website.
affiliate programs
Affiliate Programs
  • Selling other peoples products can be the best way to make big money. There are many companies that offer products for sale. Normally a digital products will generate higher income, as creating an additional quantity does not require much efforts. The names of affiliate companies can be easily obtained on search
  • This is selling your services through the internet. If you like writing and have a flair for writing, then you can be  a ghost writer. If you can build websites, then you can help others to build up their websites at a fee.
  • Depending on your skills and and your efforts, you can make a lot of money.
your own online shop
Your Own Online Shop
  •  Set up your own shop and sell your products
  • This is the ultimate, but not the easiest. Obviously You need to know how to build your products and secondly you have to sell it. It make sense to start something easier and move on as your gather more knowledge and skills.
work from home
Work From Home
  • There are companies that outsource their work, work such as typing from audio tapes, mailing list and research.
  • Companies are looking for assistance in specific areas of expertise
the author
The Author
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  • The author had work with an international airline for more than 35 years, the last 10 years in Training and
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