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For excellent acoustical control in huge, open places, clouds offer outstanding manage across all frequencies as well as dazzling design suppleness.\n

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Acoustic Clouds

Welcome to SoundHush

SoundHush is the pioneer manufacturer of sound absorbing products. SoundHush provide acoustic solutions for areas where there is an echo and reverberation problem. Our solutions consist of acoustic products for walls and ceilings.

With over 20 years of experience, SoundHush provides acoustic solutions for offices, schools, restaurants, hospitals, community halls, church halls and other open plan areas.

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustics in Cinemas, Theatres

On a film set or in a sound studio you need to stop noise coming in and travelling out. The same is true for cinemas or any auditorium used to screen films: including the home and office. To guarantee the best possible quality surround sound you need to eliminate reverberation. You also need to stop cross-noise leaking into other auditoriums (in multi-screen cinemas for example) or indeed into your neighbour’s house if you have a home cinema.

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustics In Lecture Halls

There are many issues regarding acoustics when it comes to lecture halls.If the space is utilised effectively then many acoustic problems will need addressing.

Firstly, the lecturers sound should be clear without any obstruction by echo and many lecture halls are commonly large, and as sound waves scatter across the room, speech fluency may be reduced.

Furthermore disruptive noise from areas close by can cause a distraction on the lecturer and listeners, so having

acoustics in all the right areas is paramount. Using the correct acoustic material for walls, ceilings and openings such as doorways with acoustic seals, will have a huge impact on both speakers and listeners.

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustics in Restaurants

Restaurants and bars usually suffer with poor acoustic issues, leading to low customer satisfaction. A grating echo can make it very displeasing and discomforting for customers whether the area they are in is full or empty.Research shows that poor acoustics have led to customers leaving earlier and sometimes even not returning to the same place.

Restaurants have two main issues with regards to acoustics, the first being the design of the place, having brick walls, bare tables, metal counters are hard surfaces which noise reflects and bounce off from. The second issue being the many different noise sources that increase and build up,such as people using their phones, walking, open kitchen areas,

loud music being played or busy bars. Restaurant noise can reach up to 85 decibels or above, which is even to eating next to a vacuum cleaner.

For an example of our acoustic panels in a restaurant please view our London Restaurant Project.

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustics In Schools

Both teaching and learning are highly demanding in acoustics. Poor acoustics in schools, lecture halls and classrooms may lead to having a negative impact on many students learning ability. Students who are reduced to learning in these types of environment struggle to understand what is being spoken. Extreme cases show that up to 70% of words spoken by teachers and lecturers cannot be heard by students, which makes concentration and understanding very difficult in learning.

Classroom Acoustic Solutions

sounds often interfere with speech clarity. When sound levels are reduced unwanted low frequency sounds are filtered out which allow listeners to hear the speech clearly.

Sound levels being reduced is significant. Low frequency sounds around 125Hz are important to reduce as this enhances student’s ability to listen making listening comfortable for them. Low frequency

Acoustic Clouds

Acoustic Clouds

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Acoustic Clouds