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Team Skin Drawing

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Team Skin Drawing. Instructions. Team Member # 1 You will draw the epidermis . .

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team skin drawing

Team Skin Drawing


team member 1 you will draw the epidermis
Team Member # 1 You will draw the epidermis.

There are 5 layers to the epidermis & you will represent each layer within your drawing. Add each of the following epidermal layers and color each as indicated below. Be sure to make the thickness of each layer proportional to what it is in real life.

stratum basale(dark purple) stratum spinosum(orange)

stratum granulosum(pink) stratum corneum (white w/ black dashes)

Black stars* will represent Melanocytes which produce pigment. Add stars to the Stratum basale, spinosum and granulosum.

Green plus signs (+) will represent Keratinocytes which water repel the skin. Add + to 4 layers.

Red dollar signs ($) will represent Langerhans cells which defend against pathogens. Add $ to Stratum spinosum

Color each of the following nerve endings as directed below.

free dendrite nerve endings (gray) Merkel discs “light touch” receptor (red)

Write the function of the epidermis, dermis & hypodermis.

Make sure to leave room in your epidermis for the hair root to pass through & outside of the epidermis. Label the hair shaft.

Label all structures with their scientific names & functional name

team member 2 you will draw the dermis
Team Member # 2 You will draw the dermis.

Each of the following structures is found within the dermis.

Nerves (gray) Meissner's Corpuscles (light brown)

Pacinian'sCorpusles (light pink) Sebaceous glands (dark pink)

Arrectorpili muscles (red) Sudoriferous glands (dark green)

Krause's end bulbs (light blue) Ruffini's Corpuscles (orange)

Arteries - left (red) Veins -right (blue)

Capillaries(left½ red; right½ blue) Areolar Connective tissue(papillary layer) (light green)

Hair Root (dark brown) Dense Connective tissue(reticulary layer) (light purple)

Write the function of the dermis, epidermis & hypodermis.

Tape the epidermis above the dermis.

Label all structures with their scientific names & functional name. (i.e. write oil gland /sebaceous gland)

team member 3 you will draw the hypodermis
Team Member # 3 You will draw the Hypodermis.

Each of the following structures is found within the hypodermis.

Adipose tissue (yellow) Areolar tissue (light green)

Arteries - superior (red) Veins - inferior (blue)

Capillaries (left½ red; right½ blue) Sudoriferous gland (dark green)

Nerves gray

Tape the hypodermis below the dermis.

Write the function of the hypodermis, dermis, & epidermis.

Label all structures with their scientific names & functional name.