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MHS Faculty Senate Working Group PowerPoint Presentation
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MHS Faculty Senate Working Group

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MHS Faculty Senate Working Group
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MHS Faculty Senate Working Group

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  1. MHS Faculty SenateWorking Group Highlights, Bylaws and YOU!

  2. What we did… • Members met twice, once before school and once after school, to discuss three questions: • We then had two meetings to discuss the bylaws and two weeks to offer suggestions/improvements. More on this later • What kinds of issues would a faculty senate address? • Is there a need for the creation of a faculty senate? • What should it look like? Victoria Alex, Steph Gates, Jim Drier, Corey Knigge, Michele Bonadies, Jed Doyle, Mary Jane Chiado, Jane Siegal, Jeff Harding, Jed Doyle, Mike Hicky, Dianna Parro-Napolski, Jerri Craven, Nancy Toland, Nancy Cope, Joseph Maxwell, RahulSethna, Randy Lerner, Dennis Szymkowiak, AnatasiaValassis, Catherine White, Melissa Sethna, SerryPollock, Todd Skelton

  3. What types of issues would a Faculty Senate address? • Creating more social opportunities for faculty members to interact with each other • Data-walks • Attempt to discuss new initiatives with administration before implementation to improve “buy-in“ and ownership among faculty • Data Warehouse and Partners for Results • Improve relationships between faculty and with administration • Rebuild trust within school • Plans to include student performance as part of evaluation process

  4. Is there a need for a Faculty Senate? • YES, It will take hard work but we have to do something • Yes - help teachers get to know each other better • Need to get to know other teachers as people NOT just as "teachers" or "curriculum developers“ • Could formulate positions and then "push information out" to faculty • Can start by simply addressing little things • Needed to address serious disconnect growing between departments • Need to bring back interdepartmental discussion groups within school day

  5. What should the Faculty Senate look like? • Whatever it is it needs to be focused on involving new members/teachers • If any department is not represented by initial quintile strategy, that department would elect their own "rep" to join faculty senate so all ages and departments are represented • Close partnership with the union…not a competing organization • Age-based quintile system based on Oak Park model - would produce 10 senate members • What about leadership of meetings/minutes/etc. • Let’s not rush…rather take our time and be careful – measure twice, cut once…

  6. So…what we came up with • Bylaws: Gives the group a structure and helps eliminate any conflict/controversy before it begins • A draft version was made and then we held two meetings to discuss suggestions/improvements. Members also made electronic suggestions as we do have other things to do! • Highlights: • Quintile system • Special, departmental elections if no representation • Leadership flexibility…only mandated position is secretary • Committees and leadership structure based on majority vote of elected representatives • Allows for maximum flexibility to deal with important issues that might arise each year • MEA Vice-President as member of Faculty Senate representatives Full Text of Bylaws at MEA website: