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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

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Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step

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  1. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Sherril McLeod, CPA Microsoft Dynamics US Partner Team

  2. AGENDA • What is Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step? • Benefits to Stakeholders and Customers • A Preview of Sure Step • Microsoft Dynamics: Business Solutions Overview • Next Steps • Q & A

  3. Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step A comprehensive brand representing: • A repeatable, consistent, *scalable* implementation methodology. • An end-to-end business process that guides both consulting teams and customers through all of the phases and tasks involved in an implementation of Microsoft Dynamics (regardless of the specific solution). • A flexible, customizable framework with project AND product-specific components and tools. • A competitive pre-sales tool that differentiates us in the ERP space because it integrates project management principles into the implementation phases of the project life cycle.

  4. Sure Step Methodology Model The Sure Step Application includes: Sure Step Methodology Model MS Excel, Visio and Word Templates/ Source Code and Editor

  5. Sure Step Value for Stakeholders • Improve implementation times and success rates • Costs • Risk • Productivity and profitability • Customer confidence • Facilitate Stakeholder collaboration through common implementation framework

  6. Sure Step Value for Customers • More visibility into the implementation process • Increased collaboration with Stakeholder Project Teams • More predictability during the implementation process • Better project documentation, estimates and timelines • Faster return on their IT investment • Customer satisfaction

  7. Sure Step Methodology Model Analysis Diagnostic Offerings (aka Types of Projects) • Consist of the activities from one or more of the implementation phases • Support different implementation scenarios • Let you combine selected phases from the Sure Step Methodology to best meet customer needs Implementation Full Implementation Diagnostic Analysis Optimization Upgrade Optimization Upgrade Rapid Implementation

  8. Sure Step Methodology Model Offerings (aka Types of Projects)

  9. Sure Step Methodology Model Project Roles

  10. Sure Step Methodology Model Project Management

  11. Sure Step Methodology Model Project Flow and Project Deliverables by Phase

  12. Project Management Processes Diagnostic Analysis Design Development Deployment Operation • Project management processes: • Organize project management tasks into three groups based on the implementation project lifecycle • Provide task-based guidance for starting, executing, and closing a project • Align with the phases of the methodology • Consist of tasks from each project management discipline

  13. Project Management Components Solution: Project management components integrated—broadly and deeply—throughout the Sure Step Methodology • Tasks are integrated in each phase • Disciplines organize tasks into specific knowledge areas • Processes drive a systematic approach to planning, executing, and closing implementation projects • Cross-phase processes provide project-wide views of key implementation tasks • Project management deliverables are integrated throughout the methodology • Additional resources support project management tasks Operation Analysis Design Diagnostic Development Deployment Project Management

  14. Project Management Disciplines

  15. PM Tools and Templates (1)

  16. PM Tools and Templates (2)

  17. Project Management Deliverables

  18. Diagnostic Phase: Key Deliverables

  19. Diagnostic Phase: Best Practices • Ensure that the handoff from Sales to Implementation includes all the information gathered during the sales process • Understand the customer’s motivation for undertaking the implementation project • Show the customer the type of deliverables created during the Diagnostic phase • Use a WBS from a previous project as a template for new projects • Determine level of infrastructure analysis based on implementation type • Present the Diagnostic results and proposal in person to the customer

  20. Analysis Phase: Key Deliverables

  21. Analysis Phase: Best Practices • Determine the level for detailed business processes analysis and then identify an analysis strategy • Decide quickly if system enhancements will be added to the current project scope or deferred to a future project • Include visual diagrams to depict business processes in the Functional Requirements document to show how the solution will enhance processes • Do not underestimate the importance of the project scope statement • Maintain a list of ISV solutions that your organization has approved and implemented • Communicate the purpose of business process analysis to customer employees • Do not judge the customer’s current business processes or make comments to the customer about them

  22. Design Phase: Key Deliverables

  23. Development Phase: Key Deliverables

  24. Deployment Phase: Key Deliverables

  25. Operation Phase: Deliverables

  26. Sure Step Demo

  27. Project Repository • Make project documentation available to project team • Folder structure aligns with implementation phases and project management disciplines • Copy or extract the structure to local or shared network resources

  28. What is Microsoft Dynamics?

  29. Microsoft Dynamics Premises • Give your people the information they need • Use familiar and effective tools • Business is Dynamic – everything done in today’s world is not 100% structured.

  30. Supplier Buyer ERP Discuss requirements Initiate project Create PO Send PO Approve with comments Discuss comments Update PO Send changes Confirm PO Approve Status? Ship notice Close project Receive Receive Close PO Invoice One of Many Business Processes

  31. Business Management Solutions * * These are guidelines, not rules – many successful client solutions & implementations fall outside of the ones listed here.

  32. Key Strengths Industries • Highly scalable and customizable to meet changing business requirements and processes • Make sophisticated changes and extend functionality with built-in customization tools • End-to-end industry specific functionality to meet industry and business needs • Visibility and business insight across locations and countries for global companies • Built-in support for 36 countries, and 40 language versions • Real-time visibility across locations and countries with role-based information and processes via the Web • Two or more companies can use the same system while maintaining separate financial records • Core solution functionality: • Financial Management • Supply Chain Management • CRM • Human Resources and Payroll • Industry Enabling: • Supply Chain Execution • Demand Planning • Fund Accounting • Quality Management • Vertical Solutions: • High Tech, Aerospace,Metals, IEM, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, CPG, Food & Bev, Industrial, Hospitality, Apparel, Food & Bev, Auto Dealer, Specialty Store, Healthcare, Works, Fin and Admin, Utilities, Transport, NFP, Construction, Arch & Engineer, IT Services, Legal Services, Advertising Competition • SAP All-in-One and mySAP • Oracle • Local market competitors

  33. Finance, Insurance • Real Estate • Transportation • Communications and Utilities • Professional Services:Medical/Dental, Law Firms, Engineeringand Architecture Key Strengths Industries • Out-of-the-box functionality;companies get up and running quickly • “Scalable functionality w/flexibility” adapts easily to the changing needs of the business • Extensive integration with Microsoft desktop applications used by everyone. Decreases ‘fear of change’ and productivity ramp time. • Long-term system stability and ROI companies require now. GP will support business-critical needs: today and in the future. • Manufacturing • (discrete) • Wholesale Distribution • Retail • Public Sector • NonProfits Competition • Oracle/PeopleSoft • Lawson • Epicor • SAP Business One • Sage – MAS 90/200/500 • Intuit

  34. Key Strengths Industries • Regionally relevant and industry-specific functionality with multi-language and multi-site capabilities • Enables partners around the world to build vertical and industry-specific solutions • Designed to work like other Microsoft solutions employees are familiar with • Quick and cost-effective installation using Rapid Implementation Methodology in Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step • C/SIDE development environment which enables customizations with a minimal disruption to business processes • Wholesale Distribution • Manufacturing • Retail • Professional Services Competition • Local competitors in local markets • SAP Business One • Sage • Exact • Oracle Special Edition

  35. Key Strengths Industries • Project driven: professional services, operations, field services and construction management. • Integrates with MS Project Server. • Works like other Microsoft solutions employees are familiar with. • Automate operational processes to increase efficiency and focus on services that contribute to the bottom line. • More complete insight across organizations for timely and informed decisions with increased confidence. • Business Services • Consulting • Advertising • Research • Other Professional Services • Construction • General Contractor • Residential Homebuilder • Specialty Contractor • Wholesale Distribution • Project-based Manufacturing • Financial Services • Not-For-Profit • Government Contractors in any Industry Competition • Deltek • Timberline • Profit 21 • Epicor • Sage (MAS 90/200/500)

  36. Microsoft CRM Works the Way You Do Native Microsoft Outlook Folders & Command Bar Automatic calendar, contact, task and email synchronization Quick viewsof relevant information

  37. Microsoft’s Vision of Business Intelligence Improving organizationsby providing business insights to all employees leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions Complete and integrated BI offering Widespread delivery of intelligence through Microsoft Office Enterprise-grade and affordable

  38. Delivering the Best Solutions Close to Customers Business Understanding Changing Customer Needs Business Solutions Need Local SupportThe Solution? Dynamics GP Business Partners 4

  39. Discussion/Q&A

  40. Thank You for Attending!