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Joint Organizational Query (JOQ) System Update

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Joint Organizational Query (JOQ) System Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joint Organizational Query (JOQ) System Update. Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy. Background.

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joint organizational query joq system update
Joint Organizational Query (JOQ)System Update

Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy

  • Historically, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the greater defense community have utilized numerous methods to identify organizations and determine authorities designated to those organizations. These include, among others, the Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC), the Unit Identification Code (UIC), Tax Identification Number (TIN), and Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number. Over time, numerous system and department changes have caused several misalignments of data.
  • Introduction of the Organizational Unique Identifiers creates additional challenges
organizational identifiers
Organizational Identifiers







  • Issuance of contracts with destination acceptance assigned to places that can’t do it
    • Contractors
    • Remote deployed units
  • Inaccurate aggregation of procurement reporting by middle tiers, e.g. Army Materiel Command
  • Inaccurate traceability of funding authority by organization
  • A better process for maintaining hierarchy of organizations with procurement authority
  • Ability to identify whether an organization can issue MIPRs
  • A funding hierarchy to be able to track funding organizations
    • Required for small business reporting to Congress and for internal controls
  • Ability to identify whether a location can perform acceptance
way ahead
Way Ahead
  • Developing proposals to add parent DODAAC and specific roles to DODAAD data
  • Seeking advice on best approach
  • The Joint Organizational Query (JOQ) system was created to capture the authoritative hierarchical command structures
    • JOQ will support the business processes of the Department by enabling access, translation, mapping, and storage of authority hierarchical data.
    • This process will enable a common reference for reporting by procurement pre-award, post-award, dispersing, and funding.
  • By utilizing the already existing organizational hierarchies, JOQ strives to reduce conflicts occurring due to the multiple purposes served by particular organization identifiers and hierarchies and support management of the Total Force and Operational Contract Support (OCS)
    • Command (OUID)
    • Procurement
    • Financial (Funding and Pay)
joq capabilities
JOQ Capabilities
  • The Joint Organization Query (JOQ) capability will provide a common cross reference, mapping, and management tool for procurement reporting by DoDAAC and other organization identifiers, including OUID.
  • By enabling roll-up reporting across authority levels and by procurement, funding, payment, and other hierarchies, JOQ will facilitate functional audits and business requirements and provide a family tree structure for identified organizations.
  • As an example, JOQ will enable greater visibility and reporting of procurement via the Government Purchase Card, connecting the procurement authority (down to the cardholder) to the organizational command structure.