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Movie trailer

Movie trailer

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Movie trailer

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  1. Movie trailer By: Natercia Faria

  2. ‘What if ghosts behaved like jealous human beings?’

  3. Storyline • Name of characters: • Little girl– Lisa • Spirit of little girl- Cassandra • Little girl’s sister- Sofia • A little girl called Lisa is playing at the park and finds a box. • This mysterious box contains a picture of a little girl called Cassandra and a necklace, the same necklace as the one Lisa is wearing. • Cassandra, the mysterious spirit begins to follow Lisa everywhere after that day. As she is eager to become Lisa’s best friend and her love and care turns into hatred and obsession as Lisa tries her best to avoid her. • The last scene of my movie trailer is the older sister, Sofia seeing Cassandra for the first time. Will she be the second victim of the tragedy or will Cassandra disappear as she reached her aim?

  4. Genre/target audience • The potential audience for my movie trailer will be aimed at teenagers of 15+. This is because the people who are 15 and over are more interested in the this type of genre. Also the fact that people under the age of 15 may be effected negatively by the movie. • The genre of the movie trailer I will be making is horror of demonic as the main character is being haunted by a demonic spirit.

  5. synopsis • A young girl and her little sister are being haunted by a spirit due to opening a mysterious box. LENGTH • The length of my movie trailer will be short around 1 minute as this way it will be more effective, I won’t have to show the whole story but simply give a taste of what the movie is about. This will create curiosity in the audience.

  6. Narrative theory • Barthes- as two of his five codes of intelligibility are ‘enigma’. These elements relate to my trailer as the scenes shown will make the audience curious and make them want to know what is going to happen next, they will be responding to the enigma code. For example the last scene of my trailer is the older sister, Sofia seeing the spirit Cassandra for the first time. • Todorov- the structure of disequilibrium also relates to my trailer, as the beginning is peaceful then turns to the complete opposite as soon the little girl, Lisa meets the spirit. The peaceful time being the first scene of my trailer where Lisa finds the box with a lullaby song in the background.

  7. Cards throughout the trailer • ‘When the innocent meets the evil’ • ‘How do you avoid the unknown?’ • ‘When friendship turns into obsession…hatred… and malice’’ • ‘When your future is your biggest enemy’ • ‘How can you escape the tormented?’

  8. Name ideas • The unknown • Insanity • The lost soul • Wild fear • Curse of the box • Undead • Deadly obsession

  9. Song ideas • Music box - • Swing scene, creepy music box - • Bedroom/corridor scene - • Door scene and whispering - • Twinkle twinkle song - • Heartbeat -

  10. Location The scenes will be shot in Hertfordshire in the following places • Garden • Park • House I chose these places due to the fact that in most horror movies the scenes are shot in similar places. Possibly because it is easier to create a frightening and haunted atmosphere.

  11. Similar media products The exorcist Insidious The last exorcism part 2

  12. What to expect! • Suspense moments • Mysterious setting • Unexpected/strange events • Frightening/jumpy music • Leaving the audience curious