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Casino Trailer

Casino Trailer. Introduces the main production company. Reasons for this could be to advertise the company if the audience member enjoys the trailer. Another could be to gain the interest of the audience due to other films they may have seen by the same company.

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Casino Trailer

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  1. Casino Trailer

  2. Introduces the main production company. Reasons for this could be to advertise the company if the audience member enjoys the trailer. Another could be to gain the interest of the audience due to other films they may have seen by the same company.

  3. Introduces the theme of “Living in paradise” which the voiceover states. All 7’s on a slot machine pays out a lot of money which goes with the theme of luxury. Establishes the main character of the film who is also doing the voiceover at the time, implying that he’s talking. Also establishes the setting of the film. Las Vegas is a well known cultural reference as the biggest gambling location in the whole world.

  4. Music changes as the voiceover introduces the name of the casino, “The Tangiers”. The music changes to slick rock music which fits with the film of gambling. There are a few more shots to reference gambling also. E.g. shuffling cards and exchanging chips. First intertitle used to show the audience a main them of the film. The font is in a serif style giving off the formal, professional atmosphere that is often incorporated with gambling films. The black and white colour scheme makes the text stand out more, making the intertitles more effective at drawing the attention of the audience Second intertitle to show the second main theme. The order is used to show the importance of each, money being most important. The repetition is used to drum in the message.

  5. A tracking low angle shot focusing on the main character shows that he is in dominant at this part of the narrative. This is especially true because this shot follows the “POWER” intertitle. Following Todorov’s theory this shows that the narrative is in equilibrium at this point. Another shot establishing the setting of the film. Shows that the city is busy, big and flashy. The voiceover says “look at this place it’s made of money” whilst this scene is playing. Which gives the flashy look of the buildings is expensive literally making the town money.

  6. The voice over says “you’ve gotto keep a low profile” and the scene ironically shows him beating people up and ruining a car. Give’s the impression he’s dominant and doesn’t take orders. The last intertitle of themes of the film, perhaps showing that this is the end of the introduction to the film and the trailer will start developing the narrative more.

  7. The trailer starts showing different themes of the trailer now. It starts by showing the lady in the picture creating chaos by knocking chips up out of the mans hands causing other people to dive and try to get them. The first sign of disequilibrium in the narrative Establishes that there will be a theme of romance within the film. Voice over says “They had it all… and it was good while it lasted” implying that the story starts to change into disequilibrium now.

  8. More disequilibrium, this time more direct as it is in the form of violence directed towards one of the main characters. More violence directed towards a main character. This time it’s more extreme again. Gives the impression that the disequilibrium of the narrative is growing. Also the low angle shot looking up at the attacker gives the impression that the mains have lost their dominance.

  9. Music changes now to a country western song. Implying that the film has elements of a modern western too. New establishing shot. Has elements of a western being set in a desert. Also a tracking shot moving very fast forward giving the impression they’re far away from where they started.

  10. Violence becoming more extreme again with gun violence. Implying that the narrative is going further into disequilibrium. The intertitle here is to interest people who may have seen or liked another of Martin Scorsese’s films. If they have then they are more likely to give it a chance and watch Casino. The intertitle being this late could be so that the audiences interest in the film has already been piqued to have a greater effect on whether they watch it or not.

  11. Introduces the two main characters in the order of their importance. People who like the actors are more likely to watch the movie. It gives a close up of each of the characters first in order to allow the audience to see the main characters on a more personal level. The shots are still at eye level implying he lost some dominance. When Sharon Stone is introduced, the main says “Can I trust you” non diegetic so that we can observe Sharon’s characters reaction. The complicated look on Sharon’s face shows the drama element of the film.

  12. The violence is still building more extreme. This time with an explosion. Joe Pesci is introduced after this violence which implies that he is the main antagonist in the film.

  13. Name of the film is introduced at the end of the film. This makes it stick into peoples heads more because they have been more active watching the trailer. For the same reason, the small amount of credits is also at the end of the trailer so that they are remembered better. The final part of the trailer. “Coming soon” is vague and may cause people who are interested to look for the release date on their website, where they will be advertised the film again. “to a theatre near you” implies that it’s going to be accessible and not hard to go watch like some low budget films.

  14. The trailer shows the start of equilibrium constantly building more chaos and disequilibrium but never returns to the equilibrium, leaving the audience wondering how it eventually does. If it does. The music changes at the mark where the narrative turns to disequilibrium giving it a different theme from the equilibrium. There is almost a constant voice over or non diegetic voices from conversation with the main character to keep the audience engaged in the trailer, it uses vague quotes from the film itself which can be taken many ways in order to get the audience interested e.g. “I can’t make it any clearer. Just get out.”

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