marketing plan for the museum of natural history n.
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Marketing Plan for the Museum of Natural History PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Plan for the Museum of Natural History

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Marketing Plan for the Museum of Natural History - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Plan for the Museum of Natural History. Events Leading to the Civil War. Challenge: .

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Presentation Transcript
  • To create a marketing campaign of a selected event showing why it is the most important event leading up to the Civil War. The National Museum of History will be selecting a campaign to display at their annual showcase. An entire floor has been dedicated to the exhibit, but the center of the floor will be for the marketing campaign that is selected as the winner.
  • Your marketing team will need to convince (Sell!) a panel of judges that the event you selected had the most significant impact on contributing to the beginning of the Civil War. Your team will develop, complete, and present your marketing campaign for the panel’s consideration.
data research
Data Research:
  • This is the foundation of your marketing campaign.
    • Research the event!
      • Use the 5 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, How, & Why)
        • Write this information on paper.
        • Everyone in the group should have a working knowledge of the event. (Become an expert)
        • Use the research data to complete the next step in your marketing campaign.
using your research data
Using your Research Data:
  • Create a Postcard:
    • Use Microsoft Office Publisher to create a summary postcard. This should be a “short and sweet” synopsis of your research.
      • 2-4 sentences telling the panel about your event
  • Create a Newsletter:
    • Use Microsoft Office Publisher to create a newsletter with detailed information about your selected event.
      • Contain at least three articles!
      • Article 1 will cover the people in your event.
      • Article 2 will cover the details of the event.
      • Article 3 will cover importance or impact of the event leading the U.S. to Civil War.
sales presentation
Sales Presentation:
  • This contains your format & plan for convincing your audience:
    • You need to come up with the following to help sell your event:
      • Campaign slogans
      • Catch Phrases
      • Jingles
Advertisement :
  • Use your research, slogans and phrases to develop a hard copy sale of your event.
    • Using Microsoft Office Publisher, select and create one of the following mediums by which to sell your event:
      • Advertisement
      • Brochure
      • Flyer
marketing campaign
Marketing Campaign :
  • Put it all together to present to the panel!
    • In a folder, place each of the following:
      • All research data
      • Samples:
        • Postcard
        • Newsletter
        • Sales presentation information (phrases/slogan)
        • Sales Medium
        • Handout packet of your Power Point/Photo Story
marketing campaign1
Marketing Campaign :
  • Put it all together to present to the panel!
    • Use Microsoft Office PowerPoint or Photo Story to present the following:
      • Slide #1: Introduction (Event Marketing Campaign Title & Team Members)
      • Slide #2: Sample of Postcard
      • Slide #3: Sample of Newsletter
      • Slide #4: Details of your sales presentation
      • Slide #5: Sample of Advertisement/Brochure/Flyer
      • Slide #6: Closing Sales Pitch – why your campaign should be selected
      • Slide #7: Credits (where you obtained research data from)
due dates grading dates
Due Dates/Grading Dates:
  • Wednesday, April 1st- Introduce Project, Pick partners, and select topics.
  • Thursday, April 2nd – Data Research (In class and homework, advisory)
  • Friday, April 3rd – GRADE CHECK-Research, Create your postcard and newsletters.
  • Monday, April 6th- Create your postcard and newsletters.
  • Tuesday, April 7th- TAKS DAY
  • Wednesday, April 8th– Complete your sales presentation:
due dates grading dates1
Due Dates/Grading Dates:
  • Wednesday, April 8th , Thursday, April 9th and Wednesday, April 15th
  • Complete your sales presentation:
    • Wednesday, April 8th– GRADE CHECK-Postcard and Newsletter
    • Create the Advertisement, Brochure or Flyer
    • Create a PowerPoint Presentation
    • Compile all papers for your presentation folder
  • Thursday, April 16th – GRADE CHECK-Everything is DUE!
  • Friday, April 17th- Your Project will be late and I will deduct 30 points.