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Literacy Council of Highlands-Board PowerPoint Presentation
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Literacy Council of Highlands-Board

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Literacy Council of Highlands-Board - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Literacy Council of Highlands-Board. Mission: Enriching Lives through Literacy on the Highlands Plateau. April 5, 2008. Software Lexia(L) : Reading software supports reading skills development in students at all levels of ability, Pre-K

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Literacy Council of Highlands-Board

Mission: Enriching Lives through Literacy on the Highlands Plateau

April 5, 2008


Lexia(L): Reading software supports reading skills development in students at all levels of ability, Pre-K

through Adult, building skills with explicit practice in phonemic awareness and phonics while

promoting gains in fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. REF:

My Reading Coach(M): The My Reading Coach provides a structured, integrated approach to teach

phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension. Federal research points

out that all 5 of these skills are required for an effective reading program. REF:

Rosetta Stone(R): Contains everything needed to start learning a language. Built around the award-winning

Rosetta Stone curriculum, which has been adopted by organizations around the world including the

U.S. Army, NASA, Deutsche Telecom, IKE, & 10,000 schools worldwide REF:

The Hot Box

Apr -22 - Report on Internet Based Academy of Reading (Susan)

April 22 – Lock in Spring Mailing Input

April 22 – Plan for Gala & sponsors (Clair)

May 1 - Dine Out List of Participates (Breta)

April 22 - Direct Mail list from Linda, Jerri, and Chris Hayes (Breta)


Funding Fundraising, Grants (restricted &

unrestricted) and Individual Contributions


Spring Newsletter – May

Fall Gala with the Community Theater - August

Fall/Winter Newsletter – October-November

Grants: Restricted:

Hayes: Staff $27,000 (DONE)

Hayes. Director $5,000 (DONE)

Hack Family Com Lab $3,000 (DONE)

CWO Computer Lab $5,000

CF: Opportunity Grant $7,000

Grants: Unrestricted

Hix-Green Computer Lab $3,000

Macon County Funding: $2,500

Help: $800,.

Individual (received year round)