touching spirit bear n.
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Touching spirit bear

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Touching spirit bear. James Oldham 5-7-14 6 th hour. Don’t mess with something you cant take.

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touching spirit bear

Touching spirit bear

James Oldham


6th hour

don t mess with something you cant take
Don’t mess with something you cant take

Cole was trying to take on the spirit bear that was bigger then him and he could never beat it. Coles dad took Cole on cause he new that Cole was to weak to do anything and his dad new that he was bigger then him.

never give up
Never give up

Cole never gave up when he was on the island. The spirit bear was attacking Cole and the seagulls were eating his flesh so he didn’t give up at anytime.

always look at the brightside
Always look at the Brightside

Edwin told Cole to always look at the Brightside. The way Edwin said it to Cole was telling him to keep his chin up and it will all get better.

coles lesson from the whales
Coles lesson from the whales

He learned that he's like the whales and doesn’t have a real home.

my life lesson
My life lesson

My life lesson is that if you try at life you will succeed. If you keep trying you will eventually succeed. Just do your best.