touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen l.
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Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen PowerPoint Presentation
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Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen

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Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen. Power Point By: Yesenia Gaviria and Lisa Smith. Table of contents:. Slides 1 : Introduction Slide 2 : Table of Contents Slide 3 & 4 : Author information Slide 5 : Vocabulary activity Slide 6 : Predicting activity Slide 7 : What is circle justice?

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Touching Spirit Bear By: Ben Mikaelsen

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touching spirit bear by ben mikaelsen

Touching Spirit BearBy: Ben Mikaelsen

Power Point By:

Yesenia Gaviria and Lisa Smith

table of contents
Table of contents:

Slides 1: Introduction

Slide 2: Table of Contents

Slide 3 & 4: Author information

Slide 5: Vocabulary activity

Slide 6: Predicting activity

Slide 7: What is circle justice?

Slide 8: Spirit bear information

Slide 9: About the novel

Slide 10: Student web activities

Slide 11: Activities to do while we read

Slide 12: Activities to do after reading

Slide 13: Assessment

introduction to the author
Ben Mikaelsen is a writer of children’s literature. He was born in Bolivia in 1952. His parents were Danish but immigrated to the Andes mountains of Bolivia. He did not attend school until the fourth grade and at time her was constantly bullied. When he was in seventh grade he and his parents moved to the United States. He started writing in 1984. He currently lives in Montana with his pet bear, Buffy, who is a 750 pound Black bear. Mikaelsen saved him from execution, and personally does not believe that it is right to take an animal out of its natural environment. The bear had his claws removed and is very friendly. Introduction to the author:
lets get to know the author better
Lets get to know the author better:

  • On your own you are to visit the website above and summarize two of the stories about Buffy. How did they make you feel? What did they make you think about? On that same paper please list five facts about bears that are listed on that page.
  • List the title of three more novels by the author.
  • What is one piece of advice Ben Mikaelsen gives young writers?
vocabulary for touching spirit bear
Vocabulary for Touching Spirit Bear
  • Defiantly
  • Banishment
  • Spewed
  • Stifling
  • Barrage
  • Engulfed
  • Gluttonous
  • Mauled
  • Fatigue
  • Treacherous

With your partner you

are to look up these

words. For each word

you must write the

definition, a synonym,

an antonym, and a

creative sentence using

the word.

Once everyone is done we

will go over these words as

a class.


Abused child

Spirit Bear


Circle of life

Now that we have discussed these words lets make a prediction on what you think this book will be about.

PredictingThink about the ideas below and free write on each of the ideas. Be prepared to discuss your thoughts with other students and the class.

circle justice
Circle Justice

Circle Justice is a Native American form of justice that seeks healing in contrary to the regular punishment. With the cooperation of traditional criminal courts, criminals who plead guilty to certain types of crimes are allowed by the court to sign an agreement accepting responsibility for their wrongdoing. They commit themselves to working through a spiritually based process to change their behavior and make restitution to the victims and their community. It is mostly practiced in Minnesota and some other Midwestern states. Volunteers help sentence offenders and then help them lead better lives.

so what is a spirit bear does it really exist
So what is a Spirit Bear? Does it really exist?

Yes, Spirit Bears are real! They are found in the central and north coast of British Columbia and Canada. Spirit Bears are black bears that have a rare genetic trait that causes their fur to be white. Spirit Bears are much like the typical black bear. They weigh about half a pound when they are born and when they are fully grown they weigh anywhere from 150-300 pounds. They are omnivores, which means that they eat berries, nuts, fruit, plants, deer, and salmon. In the wild they can live to be more that 25 years old.

*****It is ILLEGAL to hunt Spirit Bears!******

about the novel
About the novel

Touching Spirit Bear is a story about survival. It shows the reader the destruction of anger in the human soul. In the novel we meet 15 year old Cole Matthews who is a very angry young man. His behavior become more and more violent until they finally land him in jail. He decides to use the circle justice system to help get him out of jail. He is banished to an island in Alaska for a year. While he is there he must struggle with his personal demons. He must get over his anger in order to survive not only in this desolate area but also in the world. This novel is about physical survival and survival of the soul.


Assessment:There will be many different assignments to do for this book. All of the assignments are listed below with the value of the assignment next to it. There will not be a test when we are done with the novel because your essay will prove to me that you have been keeping up with your work and that you have put thought into the themes. This does not mean that there will be no quizzes. As always please make sure you keep up with the readings because you never know when a pop quiz will be administered.