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April 2014 Monthly Training PowerPoint Presentation
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April 2014 Monthly Training

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April 2014 Monthly Training
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April 2014 Monthly Training

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  1. April 2014 Monthly Training • Trainings once a month • 3rd Monday of each month • 8:30-10:30 a.m. • Calls will cover logistics but also professional development topics. All will be recorded. • Looking into putting them on a password protected part of the site.

  2. Homeless Program • McKinney Vento • We want to help the districts track who is eligible. • I will be sending materials for all to review. • We will be making a supplemental COE form and the criteria will be on there. • We will also be training on a new temporary worker section on this form.

  3. Leadership Institute • ETSU- We will be holding the program the last week in July. We will post a list today as well as the application. I will have Melissa make copies and mail some out to you. We need to start signing all HS students 8 through 11th graders no. We can also take 12 graders. • List will be posted on the server. • We will mail a letter to all HS students also.

  4. Hot Spots for Instructors • We are looking into getting Verizon hot spots for our in home instructors for videos for the lessons. We are using Ipads now with many of our instructors. Stephanie will be working to help staff know how to utilize those well with students, the lessons, and planning. More to come soon.

  5. West TN Recruiter Blitz • This Friday we have our recruiter blitz on West TN. Plan to meet on Friday at 12 in Jackson. We have a training Friday. We will have everyone out recruiting for 4 days. All will work with partners. I will be sending out and email with the resources we will use by tomorrow. I will bring materials out there to use for recruiting and will conduct the training on Friday.

  6. Middle TN Recruiter Blitz • We are wanting to do a Middle TN recruiter blitz in June. Let us know if you want to be involved.

  7. Business Cards • Does anyone need business cards? We will be putting in an order. • We need exactly what you need on your cards. Name, title, phone, etc.

  8. Hilary and Stephanie are working on some brochure updates. We want to be promoting the hotline number. Make sure to put fliers up. Brochure updates • Hilary and Stephanie are working on some brochure updates. If you have suggestions email me today or anything you think would be helpful to include. • Hotline number: We want to be promoting the hotline number. Make sure to put fliers up.

  9. PAC meetings • PAC meetings. We have a focus to do more of them. Have them on-going. We want to do library programs. We want to do them in all counties where we have families. Also want to do a summer reading program with in-home instructors. Stephanie is heading up these efforts.

  10. PAC details Upcoming PAC Meetings Hamblen Mother’s day celebration Jefferson Library Night Unicoi belated Mother’s day celebration

  11. Hamblen • This will be on Saturday May 10th from 12pm-2pm at Hillcrest elementary in Morristown. • Set up will start at 11 am • This will be focused on activities related to gifts for Mother’s and parental involvement • Need to get fliers out and start promoting the event right away.

  12. Jefferson This will be at the Jefferson City Library at 1427 Russell Ave. This will be a library night in which families can get a tour of the library and get a library card. This will be from 5pm - 6:30pm This will be on Friday May 16th Also need to get fliers out and start promoting ASAP.

  13. Unicoi • This will be at Unicoi Elementary in the cafeteria. • On Friday May 23rd from 5-7pm • Set up will be at 4pm. • This will also be a parental involvement night that has activities for kids to give as gifts to their parents.

  14. Parent Involvement Lessons • Our program focuses on parent involvement in their children’s education, and we want to increase their participation in the program. • During a parent meeting last fall we gathered ideas from a group of parents for what areas they wanted help in. • Our lessons are designed to facilitate the parent involvement that is so vital to student success and give parents tools and activities that can be used to bring about success. • We will be like coaches that will help parents implement new skills with their children to address any areas of interest.

  15. Structure • Contact the parent to set up the initial meeting. • Lesson 1- A Parent’s Important Role • Lesson 2- Lesson of their choice from the list

  16. Initial Set Up Meeting: • Present the Introduction Lesson • Explain importance of the classes • Assess what is already being done in the home with the checklist provided in lesson. • Present the different lessons we offer • Set up a time to have a parent lesson