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Unit 3 重点难点

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Unit 3 重点难点 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 3 重点难点. Vocabulary

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unit 3
Unit 3 重点难点
  • Vocabulary
  • Ring a bell; spot; pimple; utterance; nutrient; contribute to; break down; Margarine; infection; calcium; phosphorus; fortify; pea; bean; bacteria; virus; vice versa; flatly; ketchup; appeal to sb.; a sweet tooth; fancy; a salad dressing; nibble at; pureed soup; grind; grow out of; smother; put…off; appetite; keep one’s fingers crossed; staple; make one’s way; gastronomy; as to; profusion;
lay out; scant; indulgence; all the rage; trendy; yuppy; catch on to; counterpart; sensible; win over; blanch at; attach sth. to; treat sb. to sth.; sumptuous; innovative contraption; chafing dish; accolade; cuisine; Cape Town; Salt Lake City; palate; affluence; a few chapters off; recipe; ingredient; dice; stock; sprinkle; scoop out; stuff; shell; conch; mould; aroma; embed; a cloth-lined container
  • 1.      Individual work: Describe foods and food value.
  • Task 1
  • Model 1:
  • 1) Vitamin D and calcium may contribute to healthy teeth.
  • 2) Fish is full of Vitamin A, Vitamin B and calcium.
  • Describe food and food value by using the following words or phrases.
  • 1)      contribute to… 2) be rich in 3) contain 4) be good for
  • 5) have
6) be essential for 7) help to fight 8) be full of
  • 9) prevent …doing… 10) be high in 11) provide…with…
  • 12) to have a regular supply of sth. 13) be found in 14)need… to do sth.
  • 15) reduce the risk of doing sth.
Task 2
  • Express your attitude to one unfamiliar food and describe the nutritional value.
  • Model 2
  • I like to eat broccoli though it is very expensive. It is a dark green vegetable. Broccoli contains Vitamin A. Calcium and iron can be found in it too. Vitamin A can help us fight infections because it prevents bacteria and viruses entering the body by keeping the cell walls strong. It is also good for the skin. Calcium can contribute to our healthy bones and teeth, and it is vital for us to have a regular supply of it. Iron can help the formation of red blood cells which help to transport oxygen round the body.
2. Pair work
  • You will be talking with your classmate. Oen is giving dietary advice, the other is responding to the advice. The following models might be useful.
  • Model 1
  • A: You could try offering…, you can make…
  • B: I could try that. I suppose…
Model 2
  • A: I always recommend…All you need to do is…
  • B: That sounds a good idea…
  • Model 3
  • A: What about…?
  • B: Yes, I think that would work…
Model 4
  • A: Another thing you could try is…
  • B: That’s another good suggestion…
  • Model 5
  • A: Well, another useful strategy is…
  • B: Well, you have really inspired me…
  • Model 6
  • A: One last word of advice…
  • B: Yes, I will… I am full of ideas…
3. Group discussion: Talk with your group of classmates about the changes in eating habits. The following aspects might be included in your group discussion.
  • 1) changes in the variety of good available
  • 2) changes in the choice of goods
  • 3) changes in the ways of cooking
  • 4) changes in the eating style
  • 5) changes in the ideas about the purpose of eating