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GEF Ozone Programme

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GEF Ozone Programme. Links with the Montreal Protocol. GEF is an operational response to the Montreal Protocol in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan (Art. 2)

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links with the montreal protocol
Links with the Montreal Protocol
  • GEF is an operational response to the Montreal Protocol in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan (Art. 2)
  • GEF keeps track of decisions/new developments taken by the Montreal Protocol (related to MDIs/HCFCs/ODS destruction) and reacts to those
phasing out hcfcs and strengthening of capacities and institutions
Phasing out HCFCs and Strengthening of Capacities and Institutions

Objective:Assist eligible countries in meeting their HCFC phase-out obligations under the Montreal Protocol, and strengthening capacities and institutions in those countries that still are faced with difficulties in meeting their reporting obligations.


  • ODP adjusted tons of HCFCs phased-out from consumption (GEF-4 replenishment target: HCFCs: 50-70 ODP tons);
  • percentage of GEF-funded countries that meet their reporting obligations under the Montreal Protocol.
future work under the gef
Future work under the GEF:
  • HCFCs (regional UNDP/UNEP/WB project)
  • Support Institutional Strengthening (IS) projects
  • ODS destruction (MOP requested ExCom of the MLF to start such studies)
  • CFC-based Metered-dose inhalers (MDIs)
what are pops and their effects
What are POPs and their effects

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are organic compounds that are resistant to environmental degradation

POPs remain intact in the environment for long periods, become widely distributed geographically, accumulate in the fatty tissue of living organisms and are toxic to humans and wildlife.

The chemicals reach increased levels in upper food chains, especially in fish, predatory birds, mammals, humans.

During pregnancy (development of fetus’s foundational systems) and breastfeeding POPs are often passed on to the next generation damaging the immune and endocrine (growth and development) systems. Chemicals change reproductive systems as well.

Article 6 Stockholm Convention:
  • Develop appropriate strategies to identify (1) stockpiles consisting of or containing chemicals (Annex A+B) and (2) products, articles in use and wastes consisting of, containing or contaminated with chemicals (Annex A, B, C)
  • Identify these stockpiles
  • Manage stockpiles in a safe, efficient and environmentally sound manner
  • Take measures that the wastes are:
      • Handled, collected, transported and stored in an environmentally sound matter
      • Disposed of in such a way that the POPs content is destroyed or irreversibly transformed
      • Disposed of in such a way that may not lead to recovery, reclamation, direct or alternative uses

- Endeavour to develop appropriate strategies for identifying sites contaminated by Annex A+B+C chemicals. Now attention: If remediation of those sites is undertaken it shall be performed in an environmentally sound manner

eligibility for submitting medium sized or full sized projects
Eligibility for Submitting Medium Sized or Full Sized Projects:
  • Country must have ratified the Stockholm Convention
  • Country must have developed and submitted its National Implementation Plan (NIP)
pops gef 4 strategic programs
POPS GEF-4 Strategic Programs

(1) Strengthening capacity for development and implementation of National Implementation Plans (NIPs)

(2) Partnering in investments needed for NIP implementation

(3) Generating and disseminating knowledge to address future challenges in implementing the Stockholm Convention

1 strengthening capacities for nip implementation
1: Strengthening Capacities for NIP Implementation

Objective (1)NIP Development: The GEF will continue to support eligible countries in meeting their obligation to develop and submit a NIP under the Stockholm Convention (enabling activities).

Objective (2)NIP Implementation: The GEF will strengthen and/or build the capacity required in eligible countries to implement their Stockholm Convention NIPs in a sustainable, effective and comprehensive manner.

2 partnering in investments needed for nip implementation
2: Partnering in investments needed for NIP implementation

Objective:The GEF will partner in investments needed for NIP implemen-tation to achieve impacts in the reduction of POPs production, use and releases, and reduce the stress on human health and the environment caused by POPs


- POPs phased out from use (tons and cost per ton per compound);

- POPs phased out from production (tons and cost per ton per compound);

- POPs destroyed in an environmentally sound manner (tons and cost per ton per compound and mode of destruction); and

- Reduced exposure to POPs, measured as the number of people living in close proximity to POPs wastes that have been disposed of or contained.

3 generating and disseminating knowledge to address future challenges
3: Generating and disseminating knowledge to address future challenges

Objective (1). Demonstrations: In order to meet the future challenges that lay ahead, the GEF will support projects that demonstrate and promote the replication of environmentally sound, alternative products to POPs, or the substitution of materials and processes to prevent POPs formation.

Objective (2).GEF will support a limited number of targeted research activities where this would increase the quality and effectiveness of a significant portion of on-going and future GEF-funded POPs activities.

mpu portfolio in the region
MPU portfolio in the region
  • EAs: Albania, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia
  • Currently implemented follow-up projects: Latvia, Slovakia

Depending on a country’s priorities:

  • Stockpiles management (PCBs, pesticides)
  • No remediation of contaminated sites