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e + e - Linear Colliders. X-Ray SASE FEL . Flat Beam Production.

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e+e- Linear Colliders


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Flat Beam Production

In 1998 Y. Derbenev invented a linear optics device for transforming a beam with high ratio of horizontal to vertical emittance (flat beam) to one with a vortex motion (rigid rotor). After injecting such a beam into a matched solenoid this vortex motion can be canceled to create a magnetized beam with equal emittances in the transverse degrees of freedom (round beam) (UM-HE-98-04).

In 1999 R. Brinkmann, K. Flottmann and Y. Derbenev proposed to reverse the process: obtain a flat beam from a round beam produced from a cathode in a magnetic field: A Flat Beam Source for Linear Colliders (TESLA-99-09)

In 2000 H. Edwards and the A0 collaboration have seen the first flat beam from a photo-injector.

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Clockwise rotation

Identity matrix in x

90o phase advance in y






By choosing b=1/k, particles end up with equal displacement and angles in x and y

This is a flat beam 45o inclined.

D. Edwards

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Flat Electron Beam Production from A0 Photo-injector

Round beam image on fluorescent screen

Flat beam image on fluorescent screen

Flat beam measurements

Fermilab/NICADD Photoinjector Laboratory (FNPL):

Demonstrated large emittance ratio (50:1)

with small emittance 0.9 mm-mrad @ 1 nC

Beam image through slits for emittance measurement