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Dwarka L Zone a Popular Property Investment Option PowerPoint Presentation
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Dwarka L Zone a Popular Property Investment Option

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Dwarka L Zone a Popular Property Investment Option
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Dwarka L Zone a Popular Property Investment Option

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  1. Dwarka Dwarka L Zone a L Zone a Popular Pro Property Investment perty Investment Option Popular Option In the last 40 years, the demographic structure of India has very vastly changed. Major shift of the population from villages towards cities in search of better living and career opportunities has been experienced in the country. The poverty and stagnation at rural places have forced rural population to migrate to urban centers to search the better avenues for living and sustenance. However,this phenomenon of urbanization is not new to India and is simultaneously occurring, globally. The most obvious reason behind migration to cities is their being center of growth, employment, health and other facilities.According to the 2001 census, about 27% of India's population lives in cities with an urban to rural ratio of 39 and that is on the rise, constantly. India has become a home to some of the largest cities of the world on account of its rapid urbanization. At present, Mumbai is the third largest urban city in the world with overall population of 20 million. The national capital Delhi not far behind is a densely populated urban center with an estimated population of 16 million.

  2. As big are these cities as difficult, it has become for the authorities to manage them. Urban planners both in Mumbai and Delhi Master Plan 2021 are facing problem in managing the cities and providing better quality of life to their residents. People living in densely packed pockets in these cities are facing problems like housing, waste management, slums, transportation and others. Another major problem at these urban centers is overall effective utilization of the land. To offer solution to such urban problems authorities from time- to- time devise a complete development strategies for the cities with a forward looking vision. L Zone Delhi, therefore, is the planning suggested to provide an answer to urban problems in Delhi NCR. Dwarka L Zone Property is the part of MPD 2021 under which Delhi has been divided into several administrative zones with individual plans for each of the zone. The main focus of Dwarka L Zone is the major change in the land acquisitions policy in Delhi. In the newer Land Pooling Policy under the Delhi Master Plan 2021, the provisions are made that private builders would also actively participate in urban planning in Delhi along with the government planners. The entire urban planning project termed as MPD is a public private partnership venture, where, both the public and private parties will work in coordination with each other for procuring land as well as developing residential units in Delhi.