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The smart city will be with all the international amenities as per the DDA Lzone master plans. Get the complete information about the best facilities at Iramya heights.

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Dwarka l zone iramya com

Iramya Heights, a well known name of trust in the market of real estate development

companies. The company found that there is a brand abuse by a few companies of the brand

name. They are following the PPC to promote their brands. Click to know about

Found the Misuse of Brand Name of Iramya Heights

Iramya Heights, the name of quality construction and trust, among the real estate development

companies. As our name is the only to bring the trust in the mind of the people to put their

investment in their dream homes. The brand name of our company is found to be abused by a

few companies to promote their company. Legally, this is incorrect to use any company’s brand

name.Though knowing the rules the brand name of our company “Iramya Heights”is being

used to promote their brand by PPC.

Our company want to pass a message to all the brand owners to use high cost effective

strategies.The misuse of brand designation also happens when a brand name is not registered.

Any business can look for both the use and misuse of the brand if it is engaged with a monitor.

Always a wise owner of the brand will try to know if any third party is trying to seek in his

registration verification and also whether it is discussed on the social media sites like the

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others. A company, if it armed with the knowledge it can easily

pick the fight against the such organizations.

Brand Protection Strategy

Today to start a brand protection, the path is made more scary because of the tactics and the

technologies that multiplied in the past few decades. The owners of the brands are waiting and

expecting a magic bullet that will provide a projection to their brand. So there are a few

strategies, combing few technologies like to understand the difficulty, measure the urgency,

plan for a multi-disciplinary method and a few others that will help in the protection of your

brand. To stop any brand name misuse, the companies to develop a brand protection strategy.