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Trailer analysis

Trailer analysis

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Trailer analysis

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  1. Trailer analysis Contagion Louis Eastwood

  2. Genre: Contagion is a dramatic post-apocalyptic film with themes of science/ disease and healthcare • Narrative: A bird related disease has been contracted to humans and is very deadly and contagious. The film singles out a man who has lost family members and is now only left with his daughter. It shows his struggle to keep both of them safe and healthy.

  3. Unique selling point: The film shows the truth about germs and infections and how easily spreadable they are, e.g. from touch and breath. This film also shows how important the gap in power and social class can be if a country would come across somewhat of a disaster. • Target Audience: the Target audience for this film is very wide attracting both sexes and age groups from 15+. • Music: The music starts off very slow and supernatural, connoting that something bad is going to happen. In the middle part of the trailer the music becomes a lot louder and a lot heavier, which is shown with lots of different action related shots. Towards the end of the trailer the same sound track is used from the introduction and is used with very empty shots, connoting everywhere is deserted.

  4. Shot types: there is lots of close ups showing how germs can be contracted e.g people touching things and people talking to each other. There are lots of wide shots showing different locations and also showing the evacuation of cars and helicopters. • Pace: the pace is generally quite slow in comparison to most trailers, but speeds up towards the end when shown with lots of fast shots, connoting the disease is also speeding up. • Dialogue: The dialogue mainly shows cases of disease and how it has effected certain people, eg “ your wife is dead” • Voiceover: people mainly talking about the development of the disease, “ it’s figuring us out quicker than were figuring it out” “it’s mutating”

  5. Special effects: Animated imagery of organisms and the spreading of these. There is a shot with loads of other little shots within it, showing different people’s faces, who all look very ill. There are lots of little flashes throughout the trailer, also there is non diegetic sounds like the smashing of glass and gunshots. • Credits and inter-titles: The titles are shown within the animated organism scenes. The font is silvery and very long and sharp. Towards the end the text is spreading and mutating like the disease itself.