risk infrastructure organization n.
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Risk Infrastructure Organization

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Risk Infrastructure Organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Risk Infrastructure Organization. Risk Infrastructure Organization Chart. Risk Infrastructure Organization Stephen Mongulla. Program Planning & Re-Engineering. Program Delivery Mgmt. Risk Systems Integration & Support. Risk Information Delivery ]. Program Planning & Re-Engineering

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risk infrastructure organization chart
Risk Infrastructure Organization Chart

Risk Infrastructure Organization

Stephen Mongulla

Program Planning & Re-Engineering

Program Delivery Mgmt

Risk Systems Integration & Support

Risk InformationDelivery


  • Program Planning & Re-Engineering
    • Provide coordination and integrated view into BAU, OneHSBC, and any Global Initiatives in which we might lead or engage
    • Provide integrated view into deliverables, dependencies and critical path modeling across projects
    • Develop and execute program tracking and monitoring strategy and mechanics to enable assessments of velocity, timing "on-track, off-track" analysis across different projects.
    • Develop \ integrated deliverable and documentation templates
    • Provide program level issues management and delivery risk monitoring
    • Provide relevant GSM, FIM, audit, regulatory related research and resolution as needed.
  • Program Delivery Management
    • Develop, execute and evolve program management framework to improve risk infrastructure
    • Drive analytical, process, functional and integration requirements into feasible architecture, design and or development alternatives with respect to scope of work, resource, timing and infrastructure constraints.
    • Articulate, evaluate and direct program management, development, implementation and testing priorities results based on a balance of many factors represented by the various disciplines and groups represented above.
    • Provide integrated program and people management, system and data management, and risk management skills.
    • Develop and enhance pro-forma program delivery methods, plans, milestones and approaches
  • Risk Information Delivery
    • Includes delivery of Risk MI, Basel II and other data \ information required by the risk organization
    • Production management and control of inputs, process and outputs for reporting
    • Provide \ consolidate BI and MI risk information architecture, strategies and requirements
    • Information quality analytics across inputs, process and outputs for reporting
    • Monitoring and drive improved process control and data quality at RCM, Finance and business units
    • Develop and drive strategies that assist business units to anticipate and resolve data and process control issues before they happen (e.g. impact of acquisitions, segment modifications, introductions of new products \ sub-products, etc).
    • Identify, anticipate and resolve data and process control issues proactively at RCM and Finance
    • Operational timeline, capacity, economics and quality improvement across risk information delivery inputs, processes and outputs
    • BIRO management and coordination
  • Risk Systems Integration & Support
    • Implementation strategy and business architecture \ design for risk systems integration and consolidation
    • Implementation strategy, business design and implementation management for OneHSBC real time and offline decision systems
    • Develop, deliver education and training for decision systems
    • Manage world-wide roll-out, product improvement and process improvement for decision systems applications, implementation and usage
    • Maintain focus and momentum on SMG3 and other decision systems implementation priorities.